5 Fabulous B’s for the Happiest You!

Sure it sounds easy… “Be happy.” Let’s face it there is a little art and a lot of personal measures you can take to reveal true and lasting happiness. Happiness is not just a series of warm fuzzies. It’s a combination of simple know-how and energetic effort that starts from within.

1. Believe in Yourself. Know who you are. Strive to love yourself for all of your unique, exceptional and distinctive qualities. Embrace your right to be happy! Get in touch with all the small, silly and substantial things that make you smile. They are uniquely yours. You have your own blissful happiness support system deep inside of you.

2. Be Open. Try new stuff. Discover more people, places, ideas and activities that delight and amuse you. There is no end to the supply of wonderful, beautiful, pleasurable, enlightening, tranquil and exhilarating experiences just waiting in the wings to dance with you! Play with the possibilities and be open to finding lots more happiness that’s personally yours… more ideas await you at [http://www.shesite.com].

3. Be Active. Actively seek out happiness and take small actions to sustain you. If you were hungry, you’d seek out food. Until and unless you get up, decide what you want to fulfill your happiness and take action to bring it into your life, your happy hunger won’t be satiated.

4. Be with Others. People are powerful magnets that can help pull you toward your vision for happiness. Find people who share your common loves. Share small happiness miracles and blessings that pop up around you daily. Be thrilled when friends and family members around you feel happy. Celebrate it with them! The more happiness you give the more you will receive. See the infinite possibilities of seeking, sharing and spreading happiness.

5. Be Attentive. Wrap all of the above B’s with a bow of attention! Know each and every feeling, action and reaction that feels good and supports you. Be mindful to add more into your life. The more happiness you are willing to add, the more it compounds and sinks deep into your soul.

Think of your happiness as interest bearing bank account… the more you mindfully collect and deposit, the greater the compounded value. Invest in simple pleasures and redeem priceless returns. Your spot for simple happy essential ideas is waiting for you at [http://www.shesite.com].

C’est qui Andy Warhol ? – 1 jour, 1 question

C’est qui Andy Warhol ? – 1 jour, 1 question propose de répondre chaque jour à une question d’enfant, en une minute et trente secondes. Le commentaire explicatif est toujours drôle, le dessin est léger et espiègle. L’intention est d’aider l’enfant à construire son propre raisonnement et à obtenir les clés qui lui permettront de se forger sa propre opinion.
Découvre l’actu à hauteur d’enfants sur http://1jour1actu.com/


Maquillaje de Halloween (Minnie Pop Art)

Hola Chicas les dejo mi segundo video de Halloween¡¡¡¡ una Minnie Pop Art. Espero Les guste¡¡¡¡

Productos que use:


Rimmel London Stay Matte Premaquillaje para el rostro.
Avon Ideal Face Base de Maquillaje Cobertura Perfecta tono Golden.
Avon Mark Correctores líquidos Tonos Medium y Chesnut
Oriflame The One Polvos sueltos Tono Tráslucido
L´bel Polvos Hidratantes tono Medium 5
Essence Shape Your face Counturing Palette Tono 10 Ready Set Peach.
Cyzone Rubor Tono Hottie
Essence Wild Craft Tono 01 Let´s Get Wild
Brillant Aqua Colors Maquillaje para caritas pintadas Tonos Rojo Negro y Blanco


Essence Prebase de sombras I Love Stage
Coastal Scent 88 Warm Palette
Cyzone Sombras Jumbo Tonos Glacyer Light y Metalcy Black
Cyzone Sombra Metálica White Russyan
Cyzone Twelve O´clock Lady Midnight
Oriflame The One Wonder Liner
Color Trend Delineador Blanco
Esika Delineador Tono Negro Khol
Cyzone Delineadores Líquidos Tonos Negro Artístico y Blanco Pop
Esika Mascara de Pestañas Efecto Extensiones
Avon True Super Up & Curve Mascara


Color Trend Bálsamo de Labios Durazno
Avon Delineador Retractil Tono True Red
Oriflame The One Lip Sensational Matte Mousse Tono Red Velvet


Street Art in Haiti

This is the side of Haiti you don’t often see on TV – the AWESOME part!
http://kenbelafoundation.org follow and be part of the story here

THE DANCERS – Haiti dynamic Hip-Hop generation
& Rosan ”Chiclets” Logis
AYIKODANS – Jeanguy Saintus, Linda Isabelle François
Vox Sambou, DJ Boo, Kenbe La & Nomadic Wax


Jerry, Jimmy, Mame, Ash and all the boys from Delmas 32

Kenbe La


Wonder Woman Popart Makeup

Hey guys! So I was inspired by NikkiTutorials to do this cool take on Wonder Woman! Since she posted hers, I have seen a few other MUAs do the same thing and I was obsessed. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Music: EpidemicSounds.com

Products Used:
Black Liquid Liner
Naked 3 Palette- Mugshot, Factory, Darkside
Tarte- Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara
Becca x Chrissy Teigen- Hibiscus Bloom, Beach Nectar
Kat Von D Shade+Light- Subconscious
Rimmel x Kate-
Mehron Black water activated paint
Mehron Clown White
Flutterlashes- Intoxicating