Figure Out Your Arts And Crafts Style To Save Money!

When you are trying to live a more frugal life and you enjoy being creative then it is important to set up a craft budget. Crafts and supplies can be very expensive but by learning your personal arts and crafts style you can better distribute your craft allowance.

Craft or Art?

Many who do crafts believe that they are an art form and some who produce art call it their craft. Generally, a work is considered a craft when there is a set of rules you follow and when others follow those rules they end up with a similar product. Art is more distinctive. If you give a group of people each a lump of clay the end products may look nothing alike.

This may not help you know where to place your money but it will help narrow down what your arts and crafts style is. Also, do not be surprised if you enjoy doing a little (or a lot!) of both crafts and art.

One style or multiple styles?

Some people only do one arts and crafts. They may only cross-stitch or only draw. Most people who are creative have many outlets in which they enjoy creating things. If you have only one creative interest then it is very easy to decide what craft to put your money towards but what if you quilt, paint, knit, decoupage, cross-stitch and whatever else you come across?

If you have multiple craft and art interests then you have to be even more cognizant of how much money you are spending. What arts and crafts style do you enjoy doing the most? Can you narrow your interests down to one or two that you do more often than the others? Your craft budget can be allocated to allow more for that one craft you enjoy the most. You can then allocate a portion of your craft budget to projects that you complete only when you can find cheap craft supplies.

How much do the arts and crafts supplies cost?

If you do not have a large arts and crafts budget then you may have to choose your creative outlet based on how much cash you have to work with while you save for bigger purchases. If you cannot afford a sewing machine then instead of hand sewing large quilts perhaps you could make some pillows instead and while it may not be as comfortable as painting on a sturdy easel you can spread an old sheet on the floor and paint away.

Selling your work

If you believe that others would like to buy what you are making then you may be looking into ways to sell your work. This can be very expensive, such as the costs associated with producing a large quantity of work and renting a booth at an arts and crafts fair, or hard to break into, such as selling your work in an art gallery. It is also important to realize your arts and crafts style so that you know where to try and sell your work. A contemporary painter or sculptor may not do very well at an arts and crafts fair while you do not tend to find crocheted afghans in galleries.

If you are looking to see if there is a market for your work then you might try starting on a smaller scale. or are excellent ways for you to sell your product. You can produce only one or two items and try to sell them before spending the money to make large quantities.

By asking yourself these questions you can get a better idea of your arts and crafts style which can help you when you make up your arts and crafts budget.

Shoe pickup & on feet: Jordan Son of Mars Pop Art Colorway

The Jordan Son of Mars Pop Art Colorway. Just a short review with on feet footage for you guys to see what they look like.

Release Date: 03.03.12
Retail: $160
Color Description: Grey/Varsity Maize – Dark Charcoal – Cool Green – Laser Blue – Black





Beat the Stress – Laugh at Short Funny Jokes

Stress is a staple part of life. Contrary to popular belief, stress can actually come from almost every situation whether they bring excitement, happiness, sadness of anxiety. What makes this a thing of complexity is that stress actually differs from person to person. On the other hand, no matter how complicated the math of stress may be, the mere act of laughing at short funny jokes, expressing feelings, and smiling could release one of the perils of stress.

Stress’ effect on the body is contingent upon its intensity. In small quantities, stress can be a source of productivity and motivation. However, too much of it could yield adverse emotional, physical and mental effects for a person. In fact, experiencing too much stress could result to depression, heart disease and infection. It is also said to be one of the causes of overeating, alcoholism, and drug abuse. Fluctuating emotional states, low blood sugar, heart diseases, and overactive thyroids are also believed by science to be some effects of stress.

The fast-paced world clouded by the pressures of work and the demands of living compounds stress. This is why spa and sauna businesses have been a booming industry in the recent years because people are made to believe that availing their services is the only effective means to de-stress. However, there is no need to go on a money splurging activity to relieve stress. Here are some simple ways by which you could deal with stress without having to burn some cash.

1. Learn to smile.

Don’t undermine the power of smiling. Take every opportunity to flash that million dollar smile. As surprising as it may seem, smiling could actually lighten a very unpleasant situation.

2. Talk about what stresses you.

Talking about problems and sources of anxiety is a great way to release the burden of having to deal with a stressful day. It doesn’t only relieve stress; it also enriches your social life and keeps you in touch with friends and family.

3. Keep a journal and write about your feelings.

There are some people who might not be that comfortable sharing their emotions to others no matter how close they are to the person. When such is the case, journal writing is the way to go. Writing about what happened during the day is a manner of cleansing oneself of all the anxieties during a hard day at work.

4. Reading a book that interests you.

Reading a good book increases your knowledge, and do well for your overall health. A really inspiring book can elicit a feeling of lightness and motivation in a person. Sometimes, it can even encourage a person to act on life-changing decisions.

5. Laughing at short funny jokes.

Studies show that 40% of people who have heart diseases are less likely to be inclined to laughing. As funny as it may seem, laughter might just be the cheapest and easiest way to relieve stress. Joking around with friends, watching funny films or TV shows and reading funny comics are cheap and fun solutions to de-stress.

Stress may be part of everyday living, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to letting it through and take over. Accentuating the positive is a solution to deal with it. After all, stress is not what occurs; it’s how one reacts to it.

Source by Joel Owens

Check This Out! Kobe Bryant #24 Los Angeles Lakers Pop Art Painting By Robert Holton

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Kobe Bryant #24 Los Angeles Lakers
Pop Art Painting By Robert Holton

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KiDULT – illegalize Graffiti ( Quand le street art prend tout son sens)

A l’heure où le graffiti devient à la mode… Kidult fait bien de nous rappeler que le graffiti, à son essence, s’oppose formellement à la mode. Le graffiti est un art qui né de rien, si ce n’est de la créativité de quelques Hommes victimes du rejet social et vivant dans la pauvreté. Ils s’opposent à ceux qui ont tout, et démontrent qu’avec rien, on peut arriver à faire quelque chose et de grandes choses.

Le graffiti n’a réellement de sens que si il dénonce, et que si il n’est utilisé dans un but subversif. Voila pourquoi il est né, et voila pourquoi il continuera de grandir ! 🙂


Top 10 Zombie Graphic Novels and Comics

Check out your favorite television show about the undead and in most cases, it will probably based on zombie graphic novels. These fictional creatures have not only multiplied but they have also mutated depending on which top zombie movies you are presently watching.

The top 10 zombie comics list will give you a good grasp of the different types of zombies in your midst whether they have been based on zombie books or comics:

1). The Walking Dead

Just the fact that The Walking Dead is at the top of the list shows how hard it is to top this series by Robert Kirkman. This comic book is a hard act to follow especially because it has reached issue number 71. The book tells the story of small town policeman Rick Grimes in his quest to help his family survive a zombie attack.

2). Living Corpse

Is it possible for the undead to regain self awareness and gain memories of his past life? He has just become the hero of this comic book as he tries to struggle between his desire for human brains and redemption of his humanity.

3). Zombie

This marvel Comics production tells the story of bank robber Simon Garth who becomes a zombie with a character and self awareness. He may have transformed into an undead but he is unique because he saves people along the way.

4). Victorian Undead

If Dracula and Sherlock Holmes are our favorite characters then this comic book will turn you on.

5). Jesus Hates Zombies

Alterna Comics seemed serious in suggesting that even Jesus has the capacity to hate the undead.

6). Marvel Zombies

The virus responsible for making monsters out of humans after they die has finally infected the superheroes. Marvel Comics has published this to warn people to run as fast as they can since no one can save them now.

7). Zombie Tales

This short story collection started out as a one-shot deal but ultimately grew into 12 issues. No matter what issue of the zombie book you decide to read, you will be entertained with tales of the undead all the way.

8). Zombie Highway

The four lead characters in this zombie comics started out as a hilarious bunch until they became the target of a zombie attack. It’s your turn to see how a pregnant zombie looks like.

9). ZombieWorld: Champion of the Worms

The undead, headed by Azzul Gotha, is faced with a group of scholar adventurers who will try their best to thwart his scary efforts to sacrifice humanity to the worm gods.

10). Living With Zombies

This publication combines horror and comedy with Poop Dog as a bonus. These two friends have spent their entire life watching undead movies and finally they were proven right.

Whether you are a fanatic or new to the world of the undead, there is a collection of zombie books and zombie comics online. Check out the zombie graphic novels on the Internet and get your fill of horrific stories of the flesh-eating creatures.

Source by Vincent Ward

Απλό Pop Art μακιγιάζ για Halloween/Απόκριες | i Mikri Ollandeza

► TODAY: Μετά την 28η Οκτωβρίου έρχεται άλλη μια παραδοσιακή εορτή στη 31 Οκτωβρίου που δεν είναι άλλο από το Halloween! Τι κάνεις στην περίπτωση που δεν έχεις τις ικανότητες ή τα υλικά για να φτιάξεις ένα τρομακτικό μακιγιάζ; Φτιάχνεις Pop Art Make Up by Maybelline!
► FUN FACT: Η τελευταία φορά που ντύθηκα για τις απόκριες ή το Halloween ήταν τότε που είχα ντυθεί πάλι Pop Art. Δηλαδή το 2013!

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