Andy Warhol Style pop art self portraits

Andy Warhol Style pop art self portraits

when you mess up the coloring on a picture, colorize it!

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Pose @ RVA Street Art Festival (April 12 – 15 , 2012)

The RVA Street Art Festival will bring together more than a dozen national street artists to create an outdoor gallery along Richmond’s James River Power Plant Building and Floodwall. The Festival will be centered from the Power Plant building and Floodwall near Vistas on the James and Pipeline Overlook. Invited artists will create their art on gigantic 18′ x 32′ murals.

The festival’s goal is to show the creative power of street art, liven up an other wise drab floodwall, and attract people and tourists to the outdoor art gallery that will showcase the Canal Walk and Shockoe Bottom neighborhood. The murals will remain in place for two years time when the festival will become a biennial event.

The festival will begin with an event at the VMFA with artists on stage discussing their work and the work of the collaboration.

The festival on Friday through Sunday will be centered between the Canal Walk Turning Basin and Power Plant building where spectators can come and watch the artists create their art.

The festival on Saturday, April 14 will feature the best of local Richmond with local breweries, food, music, and art on hand. View full schedule›

This festival is produced by Ed Trask and Jon Baliles, in association with Venture Richmond and the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce and Altria.

Richmond Virginia Street Art Festival – April 12 – 15 , 2012

Filmed and edited by

Music used with permission by: Charlie P.
Song: Sometimes I Still Miss Her


How Long to Wait Before Applying Decals on Newly Painted Walls – Can Wall Decals Be Re-Applied?

Question: I just painted my walls. How long should I wait before applying my new decals?

Answer: First, it will depend on what type of paint you used. Latex paint takes up to 30 days to cure, although we’ve put wall decals on walls that have been painted less than a week. However, in our professional opinion, it would be better to wait 30 days.

If, on the other hand, you are using an oil-based paint (not common in most areas nowadays), you can apply vinyl graphics or decals or stickers within a week or so, as oil paints dry from the outside in.

When making signs using vinyl letters and logos, we always use oil-based paints as they last longer. But if you’re applying wall stickers to a wall in your home or business, it is unlikely in the modern era that you’ll be using oil-based paints.

So, while you may get away with installing vinyl wall stickers on your latex painted wall a week after it has been painted (yeah, we know it’s hard to wait!), it would be more ideal to wait a full 30 days.

Question: Can I reuse Wall Decals after I take them off the wall?

Answer: Wall Decals may not be reusable IF the vinyls used are very thin.

Using thin vinyl doesn’t mean that they are low quality, though. Do note that we don’t sell this brand of decal, but we’ll vouch for them that the thinner the vinyl, the better the quality is. Likely they are using “cast” vinyl, which doesn’t shrink like “calendared” vinyl will.

Most of the time if you remove a wall decal, you will stretch the material, thus decreasing the adhesion of the stretched material. If you put it on a textured wall, often it will lift paint flecks and plaster when you remove the sticker, also decreasing the adhesiveness of the vinyl.

On a general note, vinyl decals are rarely re-useable. If you get a removable decal or a static cling decal, these can be removed and re-used to some degree, although adhesion will tend to decline after the first usage.

Static cling decals particularly loose elasticity over time, and the thinner the static cling material, the sooner it will lose the ability to be re-applied. Static cling materials use plasticizers to maintain a soft and supple surface that will adhere to glass, acrylic, or very smooth painted surfaces. Over time, static cling material loses this suppleness and hence its re-usability as well.

On the other hand, repositionable decal adhesives are also available. The degree of removability varies from 6 months to 3 years. Some decal materials are employed only for interior use, and some for both. Obviously, any decal that can be used out-of-doors can also be used indoors.

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Crayola Pop Art Pixies

Pop Art Pixies is a fun, fanciful environment for kids to express themselves through creative activities and to share their creations with others online.

Pop Art Pixies feature exciting customizable projects for you to create and collect!


Pop Art Polymer with Lisa Pavelka

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