The awkward rejection letter recieved by artist Andy Warhol

This video details a rejection letter received by pop art icon Andy Warhol, after he submitted a drawing of a shoe to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Warhol sent the piece to the museum as a gift in 1956, but the Director of Collections decided not to accept it and told the artist that he could pick it up it at his convenience.

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BH Cosmetics Pop Art Brush Set Review

Hello loves,
I’m OBSESSED with this brush kit and i wanted to leave you a review.

I washed these brushes and out of ALL of them there were MAYBE 15 bristles that fell out of the brushes. They are JUST as soft after washing them and they work just as well also. I am SO impressed 😀

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Der russische Street-Art-Künstler Pavel | Euromaxx Atelier: Strasse

Der Graffiti-Künstler Pavel wird von der internationalen Presse als russische Antwort auf den Weltstar “Banksy” gefeiert. Pavel, genannt “P183”, ist derzeit Russlands angesagtester Street-Art-Künstler. Bereits mit elf Jahren malte er selbst geschriebene Gedichte auf Moskauer Mauern. Seit er 14 ist, mache er “seriöse Street-Art”, sagt er.


Kirk Hayes, “The Artist Declares Victory”

Kirk Hayes,

at the Horton Gallery

"On the surface, Hayes’ compositions appear to be collages of torn paper, corrugated cardboard, yellowing masking tape, or scraps of plywood, however these illusory scenes are created by the artist’s hand through a self-taught process of using oil paint to imitate collage.

Both formally and conceptually the works in this recent exhibition are some of the artist’s most complex pictures to date. As a clever and darkly humorous culmination of Mr. Hayes’ masterful process, they also offer a sly commentary on the studio practice intertwined with the emotional contours of the artist’s personal narrative.

Kirk Hayes is a find…Bearing titles like “Float for the Cynically Melancholy” and “Rule by Fear,” Mr. Hayes’s works are more than just feats of clever craftsmanship. With their flat areas of muted color, varied textures and rectilinear designs, they are handsome formalist compositions. And while intimating bittersweet, obliquely autobiographical narratives, they slyly comment on modern art’s love of the raw and the naïve. – Ken Johnson, "KIRK HAYES: Launched To Sink." The New York Times, October 23, 2008.

Hayes’ oil-on-signboard paintings present themselves as collages of torn paper and cardboard on plywood or metal supports, and the trompe l’oeil effects are so convincing that many viewers leave his exhibitions assuming that that is just what they have seen. The often humorous tableaux are populated by characters that obey the rules of modernist assemblage; we easily read their roughly "torn" components as arms, legs, bodies and heads. Hayes favors matte, dry colors, and he makes great use of pink, foamy green and gunmetal blue. Each false tattered edge, painted shadow, smudged scrap of paper and rusted piece of sheet metal is a visual delight. – Charles Dee Mitchell, Art in America, March 2000.

Hayes’ trompe-l’oeil is instead a droll mockery of artistic media. You may think you’re looking at the raw wood of his signboard surfaces, but Hayes has covered the real surface with smooth paper before deftly re-creating the same texture in oil paint…And from there, you can trust that nothing is as it seems — not the look of metal, of fluid, of anything. He’s not hiding the technique of painting, but highlighting the illusionary character of art itself and driving his angst-ridden points home by doing so. Hayes’ version of tromp l’oeil owes more to graphic design and pop art than to older aesthetics, in the end looking like collage and packing the extra wallop of emotional baggage. – Christina Rees, "Master of Illusion," The Dallas Observer, October 14, 1999. "

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1/2 Sir Peter Blake – What Do Artists Do All Day ?
First broadcast: Aug 2015.
Episode 21/22 Often described as the godfather of British pop art, over the past sixty years artist Sir Peter Blake has enjoyed a celebrated career. Famous for his Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s album cover, he has produced a vast body of paintings, collages and album covers. In 2015, aged 82, Peter was commissioned to produce his largest work to date, the re-design of a Mersey ferry. In this film, we spend time with Peter at work in his studio and follow the process of the ferry’s pop art makeover, from Peter’s early drawings to the launch in Liverpool, revealing an iconic British artist still as active today as he ever was.


NYX Avant Pop Art Throb Palette Review and Swatches!

Hey Everyone! I hope you enjoy my review of the NYX Avant Pop Art Throb Palette. I am in love with this palette. An eye tutorial using only this palette will be up on my channel soon!

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Thanks for Watching!!

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POP ART WAYANG | TOP 30 NYX FACE Awards Indonesia 2017 | Dian Dananjaya

Please, help me to continue to the next Top 15 Face Awards Indonesia, i’ll show you even more amazing makeup if you let me, simply by vote me 3x in a day from May 11th – May 15th 2017, on this link:

Watch my NYX Face Awards Indonesia 2017 Entry:

Hi everyone!
Thankyou so much for watching, my name is Dian Dananjaya. In this video i’ll show you how i create this fun special effects, face body paint, and artistry makeup for my NYX Face Awards 2017 Entry Indonesia, i also shows you how i made this crown headpiece, shoulder piece, DIY SFX Pointy Elf Ears, and the wooden puppet control. Hope you guys enjoy, please subscribe & like this video, it will help me so much.

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Product Used:
– NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil – Milk
– NYX Wanderlust Lip and Eye Collection – Los Angeles
– NYX Liquid Suede – Cherrt Skies
– NYX Soft Matte Lipstick – Los Angeles
– Liquid Latex
– Aluminium Foil
– Flour
– Powder
– Cream Base Face Paint
– Water Activated Face Paint
– Colorfull Eyeshadows
– Sponge
– Brush
– Headband
– Hot Glue Gun
– Craft Foam
– Acrylic Paint
– Plastisine / Clay Medium (Play Doh)
– Cotton
– Scissor
– Black Wig
– Food and Sleep
– Hard Work Attitude
– Fantasy Movies for Inspiration
– Creative Mind, Imagination & Patients
– Water to Drink 🙂

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Camera Used : Sony Alpha a5000
Software Editing : Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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– Dreamy Flashback
– Scheming Weasel