ZAP! is a new series, created in honour of Pop Art, which originated from the 19…

ZAP! is a new series, created in honour of Pop Art, which originated from the 1950s post-war consumer boom. The movement was flashy, young, free: a big contrast to the mainstream of the time. Most particularly it was important that text and image where closely linked to the significance of the message, which was to criticise society and its mass consumption in a slightly ironic and cheerful approach. The neon writings in this series are specifically made in memory of Roy Lichtenstein, wh…

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Negative or Positive Art

It is the right of every human being to breathe, and live his/her life with freedom of speech and respect for religious preferences. As a member of a society and a Nation, it is the responsibility of every individual to respect one another in all ways possible.

For a free society to live in harmony and peace, respect for all races, respect for all religions with out discrimination, is the path every individual needs to tread to bring about world peace. It is the ground work for creating equilibrium in every free society.

The Power of the Arts

Why do we make our energies do things that may harm other humans? Why

produce acts against humanity through negative art and create violence in our World?

Art is so powerful and we are using it not to promote Peace and Harmony, but to destroy them.

So if we take a more focused look, we can say that art can and does

affect the life of an individual. Why not use art in its good and

positive perspective as it is given to us by God? Why not use Art’s

Positive Power and heal the World?

This is what I believe. Through my music I always try and give this

message of peace. Music has the power to deliver a sense of inner peace

and harmony within our selves and our world. As this sense of inner

peace grows it is reflected in our outer world as well. Peace is our

world will not come until we find peace within ourselves.

I always give this simple example: A knife in the hands of a killer,

kills. A knife in the hands of a surgeon saves a life. It is not the

knife itself that is good or bad, it is its usage. The same applies to

Art. If it is used in a good manner its effects uplift humanity.

So I see Art/Music as a synchronization tool for souls. Let us

synchronize our souls with one another and work to create a peaceful

world for the upcoming generations. A world where individuals of every religion are given respect. Where the arts are not used in a negative manner. Where there are no political, racial or religious borders.

As artists, we have a big responsibility to use our art forms in a

positive powerful way to heal our world and object to any artwork or

music that may cause emotional turmoil or violence in any way to any

individual. Let us all as Artists unite for Peace.

Muhammad Iqbal Behleem March 8, 2006

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M.I.A. – “Bad Girls” (Official Video)

Watch MIA respond to comments left on this video:


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Our BANG Pop Art Mural Wallpaper is (as its title suggests) a beautiful pop-art …

Our BANG Pop Art Mural Wallpaper is (as its title suggests) a beautiful pop-art inspired design with all the hallmarks of the famous art movement. Brilliantly bold, vibrant block colours contrast superbly to create a mural with that wow-factor! Absolutely guaranteed to turn heads and inject dull walls with some much needed colour. Our BANG Pop Art Mural Wallpaper will look beautiful in any room of the home catering for a range of design aspirations and colour needs.

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The Man Next Door Who Owned One Dollar

I’ll never forget Mr. Emptycup. He was an elderly gentleman who lived next door to me and my folks when I was a boy growing up in a small town in Missouri. He hated his last name, “Emptycup” and wanted everyone to call him Ben.

Almost every day after school, I walked over to help him with chores. His house looked like it had been beaten to death. The harsh storms in the fall had ruined the roof and blown out windows and doors. He was very poor and couldn’t afford to fix it up. The little money he had only went so far to repair his house, which seemed to be hanging together by a few large band aids. Ben never had much to eat. Fortunately, some of the other neighbors pitched in with what they could afford to do for him.

Ben lived frugally, of course. He had very few assets, except for a meager monthly check from Social Security. He had no investments to speak of, or, at least I thought. One day, when I was helping him rake his yard, he asked me to come in to help him move a fairly heavy cardboard box he had kept in a closet. The box looked worn as if it hadn’t been opened in decades. I lifted it up and set it down on a table. It was taped tightly together, but we managed to open it by cutting it with a knife.

All we saw in it were old shirts, pants, shoes that were full of dust. Ben realized the items belonged to him when he was much younger. We decided to take them out to see what else was inside. Then we heard a small metallic thump. We looked around us and we saw a large shiny coin that landed on the floor.

I picked it up very carefully and showed it to Ben. He examined it, but didn’t recognize it. He gave it to me. One side had an image of an eagle with its wings raised. Above it read, “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” On the bottom, it read, “TRADE DOLLAR.” I turned it over and made out the outline of a seated woman holding a branch from her right hand. At the bottom, I read some numbers, “1885.”

Ben stared at it with his mouth wide open. He stared straight ahead and said, “I remember! My father gave that to me many years ago, 1930, I think.” He sat down on an old chair. “My father told me not to lose it. I wonder… “

He stared at me. We were both thinking the same thing: what’s its value?

He got up from his chair and opened the telephone directory under “Coin Dealers”. We only saw two ads. We wondered who was the most reputable. A Dr. Kimble was a well-known coin dealer. He was a member of most major coin organizations. It was late in the afternoon when Ben decided to call his office and arrange to bring the coin over to his store the next day.

It was Saturday and I was out of school. I could hardly wait to see how much the coin might be worth. At 10:00 A.M. Ben and I got in his beat up old ’79 Ford truck and drove to Dr. Kimble’s coin store. Ben had carefully placed the coin in a small envelope.

When we arrived at the Dr. Kimble’s office he saw us walking and unlocked his door. He greeted us with firm handshakes. “Let’s see the coin,” he said enthusiastically. Ben reached into his pocket and gave the envelope to him.

Dr. Kimble took out a pair of glasses and opened a set of magnifying glasses. He carefully opened the envelope containing the coin, and held it by its edges. He studied the coin for fifteen minutes with a disapproving grimace. This was going to be bad news.

Kimble said, “I’ve got good news and bad news. Which do you want first?”

Ben nervously said, “The bad news.”

Kimble grinned. “The bad news is that there are many forgeries of this particular silver dollar.”

“We found that coin yesterday in some old clothes I hadn’t seen it since 1930,” Ben exclaimed.

“Well, that being said, I can give you some good news… very good news!”

“What is it?” We said together.

“This is an extremely rare silver trade dollar in beautiful condition! Only five are known to exist! So, if it’s genuine, we will know there are six in existence. This coin could fetch $700,000 or more at auction.”

Our mouths and eyes opened wide as we looked at each other in complete shock.

“Now, of course, I want a colleague to look at it to make sure this is the real McCoy,” Kimble remarked. “He’s also a dear friend who works at Heritage Coins Auctions. So, if the coin checks out as being genuine, it could be placed in the next auction in two months. We agreed to his ideas and decided to wait two months.

Time passed slowly but two months later, our 1885 Trade Dollar sold at auction for $1,430,000! Ben celebrated in style: not only did he fix his house, he added a swimming pool. He could even afford to hire his own personal staff to take care of his home maintenance, but he didn’t go that far. He paid back all the money that the neighborhood had kindly given him over the years when he was very poor; he repaid everyone with 50 percent interest. Ben even donated a tidy sum to five worthy causes.

Two years later, Ben Emptycup passed away. Of course, I was very sad to see him go. Personally, I think he could have afforded to change his last name to “Cupful.”

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Painting Art For Jake Paul Team 10 House

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MXU: Street art from hell//COLOMBIA//Arte urbano

Song: Savage Heads – Ho99o9
Gracias a lxs chicxs RZT por las tomas, el apoyo y sobre todo la amistad.
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Pop Century Resort – Walt Disney World 2013

Pop Century Resort - Walt Disney World 2013

Stayed for seven days at the Pop Century Resort, was a fantastic value resort for what we were looking for. Very well Themed resort and a great pool overall, food could use some help but it was edible for our stay.

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