Amazing black and white Street Art Painting 3D Pictures

Street artist sprays a beautiful picture in high speed.
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Pop Art Makeup ❘ Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Everything I Used! (In ORDER)
MUFE Aqua Gel Liner
Anastasia Waterproof Creme Color “Honey”
Absolute New York White Pencil (For Waterline, Face Outline, Filling in Tears)
Too Faced Sketch Marker (Black)
Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadow “Dragonfly” (on lid)
Kat Von D Trooper Liner (for tears, as well as lip lining & face lining)
Makeup Geek Full Spectrum Eye Liner Pencils (Nude & Mint for the tears)
Sephora Collection “My Boyfriends Jeans” for the tears
Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadow “Neptune” for tears
Absolute New York Pencil for the dots
NYX Face & Body Paint “Red” for the dots
Coloured Raine Cherry Blossom Liquid Lipstick
NYX Liquid Liner (White)
NYX Face & Body Paint (Black) for Face Shading
NYX Glitter “Blue” for tears
Eye Kandy Cosmetics “icing sugar” (for eyes) & “Cherry Bomb” (for lips)
Lashes are Lena Lashes “Naomi” (I changed them)

Jordan Hanz super helpful video! :

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joel gluck judaica art

Joel Gluck -judaica Art

Joel Gluck is a rising star in the world of judaica art, born and raised in a hasidic family, ” he is living the life of his paintings in the modern world of today” , his deep conviction and love for his religion and way of life are reflected in his paintings,
Joel Gluck’s paintings are a window to the life of jews in the european shtetlech ,with deep luminescent colors, Joel Gluck brings to life the characters that are portrayed in his paintings ,with great skills he integrates his subjects into the background of his paintings, thereby producing a memorable work of art.
Joel Gluck comes from a family that has always appreciated art and artists. in fact still in europe meny members of his family were known for their artistic skills, Joel Gluck has learned his artistic skills by studying with famous contemporary artists, he studied with famous portrait artist Paul McCormack president of the amarican china oil painting artist league (acopal), and Garin Baker famous painter and muralist of carriage house art studios.


Best of 3D Street Art Illusion – EPISODE 4



Gimp Tutorial: Pop Art

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Requested by Jadesdaddy1999.

How to produce Roy Lichenstein style Pop Art from your photographs.

This is based on several Photoshop tutorials, but is ‘translated’ for the Gimp, which doesn’t have the ‘new adjustment layers’ or ‘filters-sketch-halftone’ options that the Photoshop tutorials rely on.

Handy shortcut keys:
ctrl+m = Merge all visible layers
[ = brush decrease size
] = brush increase size
p = paintbrush tool
shift+e = eraser tool
o = eye-dropper/colour picker tool

Remember to save your project as an .xcf file as you go along, in case you lose your work.


Crazy Performance! Street Musician Playing Water Glasses! Epic Talented Street Artists…

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POP ART Creator PRO – Andy Warhol’s Marilyn [Photoshop Action]

Download the Photoshop Plugin here:
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2. Colors []
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French РFran̤ais

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