DIY: Caixa de Presente Inspirada nas Obras de Romero Britto

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Olá pessoal!! Personalizei essa caixa de presente inspirada nas obras do artista Romero Britto para embrulhar o presente da minha amiga secreta do grupo Beauty Secrets. Clique nos links acima ↑↑↑ para saber mais sobre o sorteio e aproveite para participar e concorrer a uma linda paleta da Sephora de 130 cores. Beijinhos


Training In Artistic Fields Of Your Choice

If you have decided to choose the field of art for your career goal, you will find there is a large area to pick from. To be serious about this goal it is going to require specific training in the area of choice. There are a number of scholarships offered by places such as museums, galleries and other locations, who are anxious to have people trained in these areas.

Another place for scholarships is newspapers and specialty magazines. Many hire people with training in art journalism. In addition, a number of scholarships are offered with no particular subject in mind but rather is to help with school costs.

Applications for scholarships should begin in high school but are not necessarily restricted by age. There are some that specify something such as ‘woman over 35 years of age’, or a certain race or religion. Some, on the other hand specify a certain career aim, such as film/video art. These restrictions are usually applied to upper grades, such as community colleges.

In searching for a career in this field it is always good to look up ‘careers in art history’. That will provide a wide range to choose from that can fit exactly what you are looking for. Many people are especially interested in fashion design. In addition, any experience you can obtain, while in high school, by volunteering, at a place where you think you might enjoy working, is a big plus when applying for a scholarship.

The results of careers in this field are evident in shoes, purses, jewelry, and all forms of attire. Many people who specialize in the fashion field have developed a following and have become quite famous in their designs. A look at the Internet will show many examples of their work.

Going to school is not an inexpensive undertaking. However, with the many scholarships available, a great deal of this expense can be reduced considerably. People who have become known early for their artistic skills, in such things as exhibits and competitions, are sometimes able to finance their entire art education via scholarships. Many of the positions require a B. A., M. A. Or PhD. Degree however, this degree can be earned while studying the art subject you have chosen.

One way that has proven quite advantageous in looking for scholarships is using the Internet. For example, with art journalism you can check the websites of employers and professional associations. In this particular career, the Internet lists three different sources for scholarships. Art Gallery Manager has a list of five different places to apply while Museum Careers offers four sites.

Source by Susan Bean

Pop Music – The Best Approach To Ease Your Tensions

Music has always been the best way to revivify your sense and soul. No matter what tension is troubling you, a good clip of music can easily reduce your tensions and soothe your life. The music is also known as the best curer for any of your problems. There are numerous categories in the field of music. However, the Pop Music is one of the most beautiful part of modern music. A significant characteristic of such harmonies is that anyone can easily enjoy it in comparison to the melodies that call for edification or pact to appreciate. Arty concepts such as multifarious musical form and visuals are not a matter in the inscription of pop songs. The main aim of such rhythms is the listener’s satisfaction and commercial conquest.

Even though the aim of this music is to get maximum sale, it does not have need of any wide commendation or viable triumph. There are numerous bad and bogus pop songs too. Originally, this type of music was better known as the “popular music”. Gradually, in the early years of the decade 1950, it was developed to convey a new musical category. The stylistic geneses of pop music are folk, jazz music, R&B, rock and roll, and traditional pop. The distinctive instruments, which are included in this branch of music are electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drum kit. The Pop type of melodies got their popularity in the decade 1960. In the decade of 1980, the first pop music video was launched and it got huge success.

The pop music contains songs which are generally less than of five minutes duration. The instrumental arrangement can vary from an orchestra to an individual singer. Pop songs are usually characterised by their heavy musical elements, a conventional approach and traditional compositions. There are lots of famous pop albums in the world of music. However, some of the most appreciated albums are Hot in Here, The Way You Move; Hips Don’t Lie; Whenever, Wherever; the Sweet Escape; Candy Shop, Unbreakable and lots more.

Nowadays, there are many websites available on the Internet which are dedicated to this genre of the music. These websites have links that allow you to listen to pop music. You can also buy you favourite pop music CDs from these portals.