Dry Masturbation 411 – To Lube or Not to Lube?

Most anyone who was asked to write a list of words to describe sex would come up with adjectives like: intense, fun, pleasurable, intimate and so on and so forth. A word that would not commonly appear on the list is: dry. Yet many men find enjoyment in the act of dry masturbation i.e., masturbating without the use of lubrication or lotion. While it may seem like any action that allows a man to reach orgasm is A-OK, certain types of stimulation may actually be harmful to the penis. Learn more about dry masturbation and why a man should try to drop the habit now in order to keep the penis healthy for many years to come.

What is dry masturbation?

There are two definitions of dry masturbation. Some men use the term to refer to masturbating without the use of pornography, but more commonly it refers to an absence of liquid, lubrication, or lotion while masturbating. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where the name for this type of stimulation came from.

Why would a man prefer to dry masturbate?

To each his own, right? Dry masturbation tends to feel rougher and more aggressive compared to a smoother stroke of a well-lubricated shaft. The rough sensation feels more desirable to some men who desire that type of friction. Alternatively, some men grew up masturbating in this fashion – either because they did not have knowledge of lubricant, or access to it – and it is not uncommon for the body to become trained to respond most positively to the type of stimulation one is first exposed to, as that is how it was learned. Another example of this phenomenon is men who enjoy fast and furious quickies – either with a partner or solo – because growing up as a teen they had to do it as quickly as possible to avoid getting caught.

Is there any harm in dry masturbation?

Well, it is not going to make a man go blind or anything, but it could certainly lead to a sore and irritated penis. Men who tend to engage in dry masturbation may find the skin of the penis becomes red and irritated. This happens because without the presence of lubrication, the hand creates a lot of skin on skin friction, which can cause microscopic abrasions and tears. Dry masturbators may also find they are prone to little dry patches of skin on their Johnson, which may flake or itch. Dry skin can certainly be annoying – and unsightly – but a bigger concern to the dry masturbator is the chance of damaging the tissue of the penis. This excessive friction may burst the tiny blood vessels under the skin, damage the tissue, and even cause plaque buildup to develop on the penis. Overtime, this tissue damage leads to the development of scar tissue, which gradually shortens the penis on the areas where it builds up, as scar tissue is not as elastic as healthy skin. Unfortunately, this scar tissue also causes the penis to curve in the direction of the scar, so now the penis is shorter than it used to be and curved! Talk about a lose-lose situation! The condition is known as Peyronie’s disease, and while it has many factors that contribute to it, too rough and aggressive treatment of the penis – which may occur during dry masturbation – may accelerate the condition.

How to keep the penis healthy

There is obviously not a direct and immediate cause and effect relationship wherein dry masturbation instantaneously leads to a shorter, curved penis. However, given the risks of this type of activity, it may be wise to add some lubricant to the old masturbatory routine – at least most of the time. Men who simply can’t get enough dry masturbating may be able to engage in the behavior on occasion without serious repercussions, but should consider trying to retrain their penis to appreciate a nice lubricated touch. For men already noticing dry, irritated skin, the daily use of a penis vitamin lotion (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can reverse the damaging effects of dry masturbation. Selecting a lotion with Acetyl L Carnitine and alpha lipoic acid can also help to heal the unseen damage of dry masturbation by healing the penile tissues and repairing the cells to help avoid the dreaded penis curve.

The Top 7 Largest Crystal Chandeliers In The World

The growing popularity of crystal chandeliers has really take its toll and from its popularity in which have reached all over the world. Let me give you the Top 7 Largest Crystal Chandeliers in the world. You want to know the prices of it? Well even I can’t compute, so without further a do here it is:

Going at the 7th place is the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet, Illinois.

The smallest-biggest chandelier in the world, the chandelier in the Theatre is known as the ‘Duchess’ took two years for ‘her’ to be born, and cost one and a half million dollars before her birthday. That was one and a half million, back in the 1920s, when you could buy a house for a person’s weekly wage nowadays. Now let me see you do the math on that one.

#6 on the list can be found at The Jai Vilas Palace houses two chandeliers, each one weighing 3.5 tons. To test whether the roof would take their weight, ten elephants were used to stamp on the roof, to make sure, now that is what I call durability, don’t you think? The palace was designed by a British colonel during colonial times in India, and has survived until now. The gold paint used in the room the chandeliers are in, is estimated to weigh 58 kg. Now how much would that be?

At Dolmabahce palace in Istanbul, Turkey The #5 ranked largest Crystal Chandelier is found. A 4.5 ton chandelier resides at the Dolmabahce palace in Istanbul. It contains 750 lamps, and is made of Bohemian crystal. It was a gift from Queen Victoria of Britain, to the Ottoman Empire in the late 1800s. The building also houses the largest collection of Bohemian and Baccarat chandeliers in the world, with even the staircases being made of Baccarat crystal, imagine that much royalty in one home.

In Knokke Casino in Belgium us where the #4 ranked resides. Well Knokke is a seaside resort close to the Dutch border, and is home to one of Belgium’s ten casinos, and also one of the world’s seven biggest chandeliers. The Belgians are so fascinated by their chandeliers that they even have a word for ‘chandelier room’ which is Kroonluchterzaal, I can’t say it, no matter how hard I try. The chandelier is made of Venetian crystal, 22,000 pieces of it to be exact, and includes 2,700 lamps creating light for the crystals to refract. It has a diameter of 8.5m and a height of 6.5m. The entire structure weighs 6 tons. Well how about that.

#3 on our hit list is at the Palais Garnier Opera, France. The chandelier in the Palais Garnier in France, a country known for its fascination with things beautiful, objets d’art, also weighs 6 tons. It is in a fitting setting. The building, which is home to France’s traditional operas, is very ornate, decorated with marble friezes, columns, and statues around its interior. Napoleon began its construction in 1858, and it stands even today. The huge chandelier is actually in the auditorium where the operas are played out. So when you watch operas in the theater for sure you’ll be fascinated with its chandelier as well.

The #2 rank is at the Kocatepe Mosque in Ankara, Turkey. God has always been the source of man’s greatest inspiration to create so many beautiful cathedrals and churches have been designed and created for religious purposes and the chandelier at the Kocatepe Mosque, in Ankara, Turkey, holds to that tradition. It weighs 7.5 tons, is 5.5m in diameter, and has 32 sidelights and 4 corner lights. The mosque is used by around 80,000 worshippers, and the building itself, along with the chandelier, is considered one of the great triumphs of Turkish architecture.

The undisputed #1 rank goes to Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Oman.

The largest chandelier known in the world, and weighs 8.5 tons. The actual chandelier is made of Swarovski crystal, has gold-plated metalwork, and hangs down for a length of 14 metres. It has a diameter of 8m to go with this height, making the size of the chandelier comparable to a five-storey apartment block or block of flats. It contains staircases and platforms necessary for maintenance, and has 1,200 dimmable halogen lamps triggered by more than 36 switching circuits. Well talk about high maintenance there.

Staging an Open House

Houses for sale will receive more offers when an open house is staged correctly. The reason that this works so well is that clearing out the homeowners personal things potential buyers can see their things in the houses for sale easier. To stage a correct open house and receive more offers for the home, there are steps that you must take.

Step one

Look at your home with a buyer’s eye and see what turns you off about the home that can be fixed for a small amount of money and little time. One thing that is an easy fix it change unattractive paint colors. It is best if you choose neutral colors or some shade of white. This makes it easier for a potential buyer to picture the walls done in their favorite colors.

Step two

Once you have any paint issues taken care of look at any fixes that need to be dome to the outdated or dated areas of your home. For example, in the kitchen the cabinets can be updated by just changing the hardware. If they have been painted and the paint is peeling, you should scrape the paint off and either paint them again or varnish them. Although it could be expensive and time consuming if the floor is tile or linoleum and it is stained or cracking you should replace it. No potential buyer wants to walk into a room and see stained, cracked flooring. This goes for the bathroom also. In the bathroom, make sure that if there is tiling around the tub or the shower you need to make sure it is clean, mildew, and mold free. You also need to make sure that the carpet is clean and odor and stain free.

Step three

Many houses for sale have small repairs that will need to be repaired before hosting an open house. Take time to check out every room for any repairs such as loose floorboards, a missing railing on the staircases, cracks in the walls, electrical sockets that do not work, or burnt out lights.

Step four

Rent storage unit and move personal accessories and unneeded furniture to the unit. This can include small or large pieces of furniture that does not need to be in the home, personal collections, and family photos. You can make the rooms look more spacious if you keep the furnishings down to the basics. Make sure that every room serves a purpose like a family room, bedroom, etc. You can add accent pieces but not more than is necessary. These pieces can include plants, artwork, and pottery. Make sure that the lawn is mowed.

Following these tips for a successful open house will get more offers on houses for sale.

Playing Guitar, How to Learn Fast

When you first decide to pick up a guitar to learn a tune that you heard it may be all that’s on your mind. Although you want you want to learn guitar just to play that song, its not that simple. If you learn to play the guitar the right way you will be able o play song after song with no hesitation.

Here are a few newbie tips to help your learning process go as smooth as possible.

1. There is an old adage that says “practice makes perfect”, but it should be rephrased to “PERFECT practice, makes perfect”. The truth is that you can practice all day but if you and practicing the right way then you are really just wasting your time. 

2. When most beginners start playing the want to play a song all the way through without hesitation. Learning anything is progressive, you have to learn the basics first and then combine what you’ve learned with something new. Speed is a byproduct of accuracy. You have to play accurately first before you can rip it. 

3. There are literally thousands of scales, and thousands of chords. Do not try to learn all of them. This will cause your head to overload and frustrate you. A best practice when playing guitar is to learn just a couple of chords, and learn the variations of them. 

4. Do not forget why you started playing in the first place. Have fun. Once you get to that limit where you have had enough practice for the day because nothing is going right. Just stop, go do something else with your time.

Planning a Hollywood Vacation? Visit Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

No Hollywood vacation tour is complete without visiting the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. It is located at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood. This movie theatre was commissioned in the year 1927 by a partnership headed by Sid Grauman. The theatre looks like a giant Chinese pagoda, a huge dragon in the front and two stone lion-dogs guarding the entrance. Over two million visitors visit the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre every year.

The most attraction here is the Grauman’s Forecourt where Hollywood stars have been immortalizing themselves by implanting their hands and feet in cement. Every major Hollywood star has had their hands & footprints embedded in the Grauman’s Forecourt. It is open free to all visitors and can be visited at any time but the facade is pretty at night. At present the forecourt adds prints only once or twice a year due limited space.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre was opened on May 18th 1927 with the premiere of Cecil B. DeMille’s The King of Kings. The theatre is a popular spot for movie premieres and therefore every visitor can see the forecourt filled with cameramen, technicians, lights and carpets. It is therefore better to arrive there at early morning to avoid disruption by the movie peoples.

The theatre has hosted the annual Academy Award ceremonies also. It has appeared in some movies like “Singing in the Rain,” and “Speed.”In a recent film, the “Mighty Joe Young,” a giant gorilla climbs up the side of the theatre and perches atop its roof. In another TV show, “I Love Lucy,” there is a scene when Lucy stealing the cement block of John Wayne’s footprints at the forecourt. Long back the theatre was renamed “Mann’s Chinese Theatre” after it was purchased by Ted Mann but later it regained its original name.

Even after seven decades the interior of the theatre is in still in good condition. The theatre’s interior is a dazzling blur of exotic Asian motifs. The lobby has elaborate wall murals and a colossal Chinese chandelier. The vast auditorium has 2,200 red seats with red carpeting kept in a good condition. The balcony has been divided into four private opera boxes for visiting celebrities. Anybody can see the interior of the theatre and watch the well maintained furniture and costumes for the price of a movie ticket.

The theatre offers 70mm projection and THX sound system. The Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is located at the northeast corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Orange Drive. Guided walking tour is available at the theatre for a small charge. The tour takes guests inside the theatre and the guide tells about the history of the theatre, about the footprints and handprints in the forecourt and about the world premieres that have been held there. The Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is a must see in any Hollywood vacation package.

Different Types Of Exotic Cowboy Boots

I’m sure you are aware that most of the cowboy boots out there are made of calfskin. You can also find those that are made of pigskin, horsehide and even kangaroo skin.

But there are some exotic boots out there that are made from special kinds of skins. They usually have their own features and characteristics which make them really unique. If you are tired of wearing the same old boots and if you are looking for variations in style, then this might be what you are looking for.

1. Ostrich And Alligator Boots

Let’s start with the two most commonly used exotic boots first and they are the ostrich boots and alligator boots. Both of these boots are durable. While alligator may require some proper care if you want them to last long but ostrich boots are very strong and sturdy. Ostrich boots can last very long with very little care and maintenance.

2. Lizard, Rattlesnake And Others

Apart from ostrich and alligator, the other common type of exotic boots you can find are the lizard and the rattlesnake boots. As the name implies, they are made of lizard skin and rattlesnake skin. They are better known for their flexibility. The rattlesnake skin is tanned in a special way, and because of that, cream and polishes are not necessary to maintain its shine and natural beauty.

Other boots that come under this category are the ones that made of stingray skin, eel skin and python skins.

All these boots come in different sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and designs. If you are interested, some of the manufacturers you can check out are Dan Post, Durango, Laredo, and Dingo.

A Brief History of Rock Climbing and Climbing Equipment

Rock climbing is said to be one of those sports which gradually evolved from necessity, emerging from life in the alpine regions of Europe where the simple act of travelling from one place to another could mean a sharp ascent or descent using some sometimes tricky terrain.

As a sport it is believed to have begun conterminously in three areas of Europe during the last quarter of the nineteenth century – in the Elbe Sandstone mountains in Saxony, in the Dolomites in Italy and in our very own Lake District in the North West of England.

One early example of the sport having been practiced in the United Kingdom was the ascent of Kem Knotts Crack in 1897 by O.G. Jones. Kem Knotts lies on the southern flank of the Great Gable mountain in the Lake District. During the last years of the Victorian period as many as sixty or more enthusiasts would gather at a time at the Wastwater Hotel during the holiday periods.

As the sport developed, a more scientific and organised approach to it was devised in order to measure and compare the respective performances of climbers at different locations and on different peaks, and this heralded the introduction of a number of grading systems. There are a several contributing factors when assessing the relative difficulty of a climb, including the level technical ability needed to affect the ascent, the amount of strength and stamina required, the level of commitment, and the logistical demands of protecting the climber from possible danger.

The evolution of rock climbing equipment and accessories

Just as the nature of the sport and of the rules governing it, such as they are, have evolved over the past century and a quarter, so too has the specification of the rock climbing equipment used to participate in it. From ropes, hooks and harnesses through hats and cooking utensils to waterproof clothing and footwear a climber’s portfolio is carefully put together at the start of each climb to ensure that each eventuality and every conceivable difficulty is planned for.

Rock climbing equipment is today a specialist industry, with companies, high street shops and online stores dedicated wholly to its manufacture and retail. Suppliers such as Patagonia, La Sportiva and Mammut, as well as many more, each offer the climber specialised products to make his or her adventure as safe, comfortable and as productive as is humanly possible.

Mind Control Techniques – The Art & Science Of Passive Coercion

There are many mind control techniques that are based on specific actions or language patterns. These are popular, because they are easy to try out. Examples of active coercion techniques are putting somebody in a hypnotic trance, using “yes bridges”, pattern interrupts, and so on. It is kind of “talking someone into something”.

However, there is another kind of mind control technique that can be just as effective when it comes to manipulating other people: passive coercion.

Passive coercion doesn’t require you actually doing something – rather, it is about setting up an environment through which your target will have to pass through – and the simple act of passing through this environment will influence his or her behavior.

This might sound rather strange, but it is actually a quite common experience. In fact – whenever you walk into a large shopping mall, you experience it first hand.

The art and science of passive coercion is a multi-billion dollar business. There isn’t a single modern shopping mall in the world that has not been designed with the help of passive coercion specialists. If you want to experience passive coercion in an even more sophisticated environment, visit a Las Vegas casino.

The reason why passive coercion is so effective is partly because it is invisible – we are not aware that this particular environment is very specifically designed to make us perform certain actions, think certain thoughts.

Shopping malls – as well as casinos – have surveillance cameras everywhere. Our usual understanding is that this is simply for security purposes – but these materials are carefully and meticulously analyzed by highly specialized psychologists whose aim is to better understand, and alter consumer behavior. They do this with the help of scent, sounds and light. They create an architecture that influences you to spend more time – and money – in the shopping mall. Even the flooring is designed to create the wished for effect – not just the colors, but also the softness or hardness of the floor has a subtle, but nonetheless very measurable effect on our behavior.

Of course, when you want to influence somebody to do something, you can not spend hundreds of thousands of dollar creating an coercive environment – but being aware of the fact that the environment can either increase or decrease the effectiveness of your persuasive attempts is worthwhile knowledge in and of itself. Because you can thus choose to meet in an environment that will boost your persuasive position.

Cool Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

While the pile of wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree each year draws oohs and ahhs, the little trinkets stuffed inside the stockings hanging from the fireplace mantle can often be the coolest gifts of the season. This year, there are more options than ever before to give great but tiny gifts to all your friends and family. Many of them are even priced at twenty dollars or less.

If you like to put a little greenery inside the stockings of your loved ones, make the wrapping part of the surprise. The Green Bilz Box is a puzzle into which you can place cash, gift cards, concert tickets or other like-sized items. The recipient of the gift can have a great time trying to get at the interior prize by rolling a ball through a bi-level maze. It’s challenging and fun and two gifts in one!

It is a gift that a grandparent will use and appreciate every day is a Picture Pen. This neat little stocking stuffer is a click pen with a plastic casing into which you can insert a photograph of a grandchild, a pet, or other favorite subject for Grandma or Grandpa. This is a gift that so many people will appreciate, and it’s less than six dollars.

The handy gadget for any friend or family member who is just a little bit hard of hearing is the telephone amplifier. This small device installs easily between the telephone and the handset, and it features fingertip control for turning the sound up to three times as high as normal. It can be used with almost any standard or electronic telephone and makes a really thoughtful gift.

Youngsters in the family will love a Kids Lap Desk. This is a portable desk that children can take with them in the car, to the park or anywhere they want. The hard writing surface sits on top of a soft bottom that rests on the child’s lap. Side flaps with zippered compartments hold all the crayons or other craft supplies they want to take along. This is a gift that gives to Mom and Dad, too, as it keeps their little ones entertained for hours.

Other take-along item that will keep anyone entertained for hours is Pocket Solitaire. This hand-held game device features several classic Solitaire games, a timer challenge, as well as a game-review function. It runs on two AA batteries, so it’s easy to keep it running for as long as the player wants it to go. It’s small enough to fit in a purse or pocket, and it’s a quiet, fun game.

Other fun stocking stuffer for friends, family or pets is the Flying Monkey. Dressed in a cape and mask, this stretchy simian can fly up to fifty feet when you fire it like a slingshot. It even gives out a monkey cry as it flies. Dogs love to chase it as much as kids and adults love to fire it. Made of plush wool, it’s a great plaything.

Speaking of pets, everyone will have fun with the Dancing Pet Speaker. This cool stocking stuffer can be attached to an iPod and many MP3 players. The music comes out of the cat or dog speaker, and both animals dance to the beat. Pose the arms, turn on the music, and everybody dance.

The Electronic Hampster is another fun toy for people or pets.  It’s cute and furry, and it rolls freely around the room when powered by one battery. Watch the kids or the dog chase it around the house-taking care, of course, to supervise. It looks so real that you might even startle your friends when it scurries in front of them.

if practical jokes or gags are your favorite type of gift to give, there are several from which to choose this year. A Car Bandaid Jumbo makes a great gag gift for a friend who tends to ding his car. Frankie the Fish is a perennial favorite, moving his mouth and head while singing “Give Me Back My Filet O’Fish”-it’s great for fishing enthusiasts or anyone who likes a fish sandwich. Give your friends some harmless fun with Racing Grannies-a pair of wind-up old ladies who race each other across the kitchen table. And who wouldn’t laugh when the Singing Toilet Paper kicks off its rendition of “Jingle Bells” as it begins to unroll?

There are plenty of coin banks for the money savers on your Christmas list. Choose a Chocolate Hershey’s Syrup Bank, a variety of Elvis guitar banks, or a Miller High Life Bottle Bank. You can even choose a Customizable Money Jar that lets you put the recipient’s favorite photograph on display. Or give your favorite saver a Coin Counting Bank that will automatically total the contents when they drop in a coin. Each of these banks will nestle down inside a stocking, just waiting to be put to use for next year’s Christmas savings.

Consider these awesome gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season!