d. 1988-2018 samo SAMO ON BALCO Jean-Michel Basquiat DEAD. Kevin d. blanch Ph.D. the ARTIST BLANCH

https://www.gofundme.com/sdc76s blanchblanch2@gmail.com . Kevin d. blanch Ph.D. the ARTIST BLANCH From Bernard De Voto to Fawn McKay Brodie to kevin d. blanch Ogden Utah PUBLISHED, Nude descending down stair case, dead nude found in purple elevator, dead nude found on lower man hatter, New York City 10 street bench in front of a tomato soup can Andy Warhol’s warning shot not heard ari around the world over consumption obey lower Manhattan apartment, 1988 August 12 2018 , from 1988 I don’t fucking believe what I juST LIVED;;

formally known as AML CANCER inmate # 137;; is THE CULTURAL Anarchist.. I DON’T Believe WHAT I just fuckiNG lived;; It was 30 years ago today the BAND FORGOT how TO FUCKING PLAY;; December 8 1980; John Lennon took a hard left on Central Park Blvd., imagine that ,, the country took a hard self-righteous right a yoko imperialism Samo samo theme 1774;; 1914 right to Want-ABE Monarchy debtors good pheasants under glass sheep, Aug 12 1988 samo Salmon Jean M. B. Dead, I don’t fucking believe what I just saw the obey consume on BALCO to hell Barry bonds number retired last night in the old Beatniks place , who now counts the money under Neath the bar drove a shiny car into my plastic fucking Guitar , now their eating bars, to many Stars, Fu Fuktonium Star here at Fukushima Japan where I slept last night under the dead fucking pines where the sun from Fukushima yoko ono Imperialism neo dada hell it always fucking shines, for all living things the Un sprouted unborn the Un hatched the self-righteous Great American t.v. Fox conn news fucking fools,, now they go to space and want to eat fucking stars,, to many fucking cars let’s get water from mars, because ours yours is toxic from clean green earth water boiling nuke energy lies, from liars Fuktonium sky, Fuktonium fires, made by nuclear energy imperialism Fucking LIARS,, , PUNK this you fake fucking anarchy’s,, kevin D. Blanch taking down the culture 1 fucking video at a time samo does not cause cancer in lab rats, but it does in sheep olé,, samo samo on fucking BALco;; anti neo Yoko dada fuck the isms all of them,,,imagine this no heaven no hell no wars no boarders, humans did it for 13 thousand years here, in Ogden American
Amerigo Vespucci
fools boarders map maker the Great American experiment a fucking failure that killed the ECOLOGY Stupid,, mission accomplished on chemo on balco, samo samo on CHEMO ;; Jean died 30years ago today on a Andy Warhol New York 112 degrees heat index bench, the soup can was toxic then,, now it is atomic, Death from the depths of fucking nuclear energy imperialism hell,, samo Samo,, kills fools, sheepole and dogma Snuggie dogma burger earthling eating slurping fainting goats,, kevin D. Blanch the former cancer inmate did a 7 year stent in my fucking bone marrow transplant center jail cell, the artist BLANCH,, August 12 2018. 8-12-2018 I think about her all the time she is my fantasy,, anyway anyway what do I have to do Million mask march my Post Ignorance army we are the cultural anarchy’s anarchist, kevin D. Blanch the Post Ignorance army is the resistance…….. Fucking……
Cultural anacrchist


Video A Britto

ENTREVISTA DE EL AMAGUE-PERÚ. Alfredo Britto, ex dirigente de la FPF, declara sobre Oviedo, Oblitas y Matute. Ve a” Edwincito” yendo a su casa o a Piedras Gordas. Imperdible.


Pop Art Part I – Lichtenstein

Pop Art – After we have drawn our pop bottles in correct perspective, we will use hatching lines to create value. These pop art bottle drawings used a benday dot background. Students were required…


2009 Frameline Film Festival, Castro Theater, Crowds/Lines for “Little Joe”

He forever changed male sexuality in the cinema.” — John Waters

Everyone knows Joe Dallesandro. He’s best known for his roles in the Andy Warhol films Heat, Trash and Flesh and for his involvement in the late sixties Factory scene as one of Warhol’s superstars. Over the years, Joe has appeared in many diverse acting roles. He was a gangster in Francis Ford Coppola’s Cotton Club and played a comic role as a religious fanatic in John Water’s Cry Baby. Little Joe casts a large shadow over popular culture. His naked torso graces the cover of the first album by The Smiths, and a famous photo of his lower torso not so concealed in a pair of tight jeans caused a sensation on the cover of the Rolling Stone’s Sticky Fingers album. Remember the verse dedicated to Joe in Lou Reed’s 1972 song, “Walk on the Wild Side”? “Little Joe never once gave it away …”


Pop-Art Christmas Nails

I had a few request for some festive pop art style nails and I was totally in a red, yellow and green mood so…

I have a few more Christmas designs to upload. I’ve been finding it difficult this year to think of something original. It’s coming though… I can feel it 😉

Thanks for watching 🙂
Love you guys

Acrylic paints are just normal water based acrylic paints that you paint pictures with.
Small brush is just like, a really small brush I found at a craft store. It washes with water because I only use it for acrylic paints.
Dotting tool is also from my local craft store. You can find pretty much everything on eBay though, for those of you who live a thousand miles away and don’t know which way to turrrrnnnn…

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Everything in this video is owned by me and if anything looks dodgy then you’re just being a drama queen because it’s actually fine.

Music Credits:
Song name: Deck The Halls
Artist name: Kevin Macleod
Website: http://www.incompetech.com


“Hair” Bad Hersfelder Festspiele – Premieren-Schlussapplaus 03.08.2018

Schlussapplaus der Premiere von “Hair” bei den Bad Hersfelder Festspielen am 03.08.2018.

»Hair« von Galt MacDermot, Gerome Ragni und James Rado, mit Songs in englischer Sprache und deutschen Dialogen von Frank Thannhäuser & Nico Rabenald

Bad Hersfelder Festspiele
Premiere: 3. August 2018

Regie: Gil Mehmert
Musikalische Leitung: Christoph Wohlleben
Choreographie: Melissa King
Bühne: Jens Kilian
Kostüme: Dagmar Morell
Kostüme: Dagmar Morell
Lichtdesign: Ulrich Schneider
Sounddesign: Jörg Grünsfelder

Claude: Christof Messner
Berger: Riccardo Greco
Sheila: Bettina Mönch
Jeanie: Martina Lechner
Hud: Victor Hugo Barreto
Woof: Nils Klitsch
Crissy: Ruth Fuchs
Dionne / Huds Frau: Gina Marie Hudson
Claudes Mutter: Kerstin Ibald
Claudes Vater: Thorsten Krohn
Ben / General: Ben Cox
Carolin / Jacky Kennedy: Carolin Schönemann
Hannah: Hannah McDonagh
Eva / Electric Blues Trio: Eva Zamostny
Giovanni / Jimi Hendrix: Giovanni Menig
János / Andy Warhol: János Harót
Jens / General: Jens Petter Olsen
Karen / Electric Blues Trio: Karen Müller
Lara / Supreme: Lara de Toscano
Jane / Supreme: Jane-Lynn Steinbrunn
Marides / Napalm Girl: Marides Lazo
Matteo: Matteo Vigna
Juriaan: Jurriaan Bles
Tamara / Electric Blues Trio: Tamara Pascual
Yael / Pin-up: Yael de Vries