Timelapse popart drawing for a friend

Hello again!

This is the first drawing I finished in 2018.
It took me a total of around 4-5 hours to finish.
I use pencils, pens and markers.

Thanks for watching c:

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Marilyn Monroe pintura pop art con moldes de papel.

Hacer dibujo artístico fácil, usando moldes (planchas o stencil) fabricados con papel y revista plastificada.


En este link puedes descargar moldes (stencil o planchas) en formato PDF, para imprimir.
Al hacer click sobre este enlace, se abre la pagina de MEGA (Nube para almacenamiento y descarga), al descargar hay que descomprimir.


Sixties gemeentemuseum (1).jpg

Sixties gemeentemuseum (1).jpg

Last weekend we visited the art exposition The Sixties in Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. This exhibition consists of an art portrait of a decade in the twentieth century: the 1960s. It includes work by international stars like Bill Copley, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Hamilton, Robert Morris, Dan Flavin and Andy Warhol. But also dutch artists from this era like Ger van Elk, Daan van Golden and Jan Schoonhoven. The combination of art, fashion, films, photography and design gives a look on how politics and society have influenced the arts. The explosion of events in the 1960s – from student riots to the first man on the moon and the Vietnam war – had a huge impact on artists and designers, triggering the emergence of a host of new movements. Created by the ever more influential art trade, movements like Pop Art, Minimal Art, Fluxus and Happening all came on the scene at this time.

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