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This channel is to help you speak English effortlessly like a native speaker. Here you can find free speeches of Masters of language like Steve Kaufmann, Aj Hoge, Olly Richards … which will help you learn language effortlessly.
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Famous Artists Visit The Castellani Art Museum!!!

A year-end Niagara Falls High School AP Art project based on the work of our mentor, Mr. Wayne White. Thank you to Wayne, Mimi Pond, my wonderful students, our extra helpers, and all at the Castellani Art Museum. The students designed and built Andy Warhol, Bob Ross, Vincent VanGogh, Mimi Pond, Jean-Michel Basquait, Salvador Dali and Keith Harring out of cardboard, hot glue and a few other materials. I built a Wayne White head as a teacher example. The song is the legendary early electric music hit, Popcorn by Hot Butter. We found ourselves working to this album many days during the school year and it brought us a lot of smiles.


Now open: Gagosian Art Basel 2018 Online Viewing Room

#GagosianViewingRoom: Gagosian’s first-ever Online Viewing Room is now open through June 20.

A selection of contemporary artworks by Joe Bradley, Jeff Elrod, Katharina Grosse, Takashi Murakami, Albert Oehlen, Jenny Saville, Rudolf Stingel, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, and Christopher Wool are available to collectors anywhere in the world exclusively online.

View the works, alongside full details, pricing, and an informational text, at


Soap Opera

Soap Opera, subtitled The Lester Persky Story, is a 1964 feature-length underground film directed by Andy Warhol, starring Baby Jane Holzer, and featuring Gerard Malanga, Sam Green, and Ivy Nicholson. The subtitle was used by Warhol since he used old television advertisement footage provided by Lester Persky.