Lemmon printed Shirts – DIY (Pop Art, Andy Warhol style)

In this video I show you how to print lemons into a shirt with textile paint. It’s an easy diy project. You can just do it from your kitchen table or any other convenient place. All things we need for this project are:

🍋 Lemons

You can buy those in the grocery store.

👚 T-shirt

You can get it here: https://amzn.to/2CD33sX

🎨 Textile paint

You can get it here: https://amzn.to/2yw0y98

Furthermore I use some household basics like: tissues, cardboard, a knife, and an iron.

As the print doesn’t come to precise it’s also a cool project to do with your kids.

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How This Latino-Inspired Pop Art Is Made To Empower

M. Tony Peralta is a graphic designer that creates Latino-inspired pop art. His art, called the Peralta Project, is inspired by Andy Warhol and Frida Kahlo. The cultural flairs to his designs show pride in being a Latin American. You can buy his work online or at his store, Taller Peralta, in NYC.

See more of his work: https://peraltaproject.com/

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c.1988-2018 samo SAMO ON BALCO Jean-Michel Basquiat DEAD. kevin d. blanch Ph.D. the ARTIST BLANCH

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Cultural anacrchist


Silver Clouds App (iOS)

Full review: https://arcritic.com/2282/silver-clouds-app-review-ios/

Silver Clouds uses augmented reality to allow you to recreate Andy Warhol’s famous site-specific installation piece in digital space. It’s a fascinating little AR app that uses advanced image recognition technologies that results in a very interesting and engaging AR display that many of you might haven’t experienced before, including visually impressive dynamic reflections, You really have to try it out.


ART IN FUSION TV _ Inauguration Ceremony _POP ART & POP MUSIC

The ” Pop art and Pop music ” exhibition organized by the city of Bormes les Mimosas _ South of France

Inauguration on the July 21st and will be open untill October 3rd, 2018 at the museum of Arts and History.

This exhibition , orchestrated by the Collector Jordi Casals ,Will present from 800 items (parts,plays) of Collection representing the links between the Pop art and the Pop Music.
Bormes Mimosas will pay a vibrant tribute to the artists, painters and sculptors of the “pop culture”
The museum will show many rare items in “limited edition”, the main attraction being the clone sculpture of Michael Jackson “the king of pop” created by Jean-Baptiste Seckler and Adrien Saada.
The walls of the museum will be covered with old issues of iconic magazines like “Times”, “Look”, “Rolling Stones”, “Paris
Match”, “Beaux Arts”, “Interview”…
More than 200 pictures ,engraving, lithography’s , screen-printing’s and paintings from the main artists of the 60’ and 80’,like Erro, will give the beat to this very Pop exhibition.
The exhibition will show the different faces, aspects of the artists who influenced and immortalized this era.
The visitors will be “rocked” through the heartbeat of this singular exhibition with the music and the videos that will be played in the museum, creating this “pop” feeling.
Encart : This event celebrates the 90th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s birth, the 60th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s birth as well as the 50th anniversary of May, 1968.
Aerial view by : Greg
Philobates production

find more at the BORMES VILLA website


John And Yoko’s Imagine Film To Be Re-released

The film Imagine, which John Lennon and Yoko Ono codirected and costarred in, will return to theaters this fall with extra footage. It also features restored footage and a newly remastered soundtrack mixed in Dolby Atmos by Paul Hicks, who has won Grammys for his work on the Beatles’ box set and Love soundtrack. The screenings will take place around the world on September 17th.
The couple made the film, not to be confused with the similarly titled 1988 film, in 1971 at their home in Ascot, England and released it the following year. It features pre-MTV–era music videos made from amateur footage for the entire track list from Lennon’s Imagine LP along with a few songs from Ono’s Fly. The film also includes segues of everything from the Beatle on a toilet to scenes of the couple entering a room to regal horns. In addition to the couple, several notable people make appearances in the film, including Andy Warhol, Miles Davis, Fred Astaire and George Harrison.
“The people who all worked on Imagine were Peace People and it was so enlightening and exciting all the way through to be one of them,” Ono said in a statement. “Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world.”
The screenings will include 15 minutes of never-before-released footage of Lennon playing “How Do You Sleep?” and “Oh My Love” with his band, which featured Harrison, Rolling Stones pianist Nicky Hopkins, Yes’ Alan White and bassist Klaus Voormann. It’s presented in a “raw” studio mix that aims to replicate how it would have felt to be in the center of the room while they were recording. Tickets are now available.

John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ Film Returning to Theaters With Bonus Features


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