Andy Warhol x Billabong – The Warhol Surf Collection

Warhol Surf showcases Andy Warhol’s little-known fascination with surf culture and is rooted in a mutual desire to challenge convention – a driving force found in both Warhol’s work and Billabong’s product innovation. The collection features a range of surf-inspired products for men and women including boardshorts, swimwear, tops, tees and accessories, born as a result of combining Andy Warhol’s iconic art with Billabong founder Gordon Merchant’s original designs and signature silhouettes.

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Song: Short Wave Communication by Cosmonauts

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Coke Side of Life: Coca-Cola Art Remix

Coke Side of Life: Coca-Cola Art Remix


It’s a beautiful summer day. An incredible blue sky, the sun is shining. Like Bob Marley sang: "The weather is sweet, yeah, make you wanna move your dancing feet". Celebrate! Dance on a table, play frisbee, make ice cream, eat watermelon, drink an ice-cold ‘Coca-Cola’, run through a sprinkler, walk through the grass barefoot, blow a dandelion, smile at a stranger, twirl until you’re dizzy, catch a firefly, splash in a creek…
Enjoy this most glorious of seasons. Hmmmm!

ROCKANDROLL AGENCY is a full-cycle communication agency offering marketing services, strategic development and art direction. RockAndRoll Agency was founded in 2003 by Jean-Philippe Noterman and Wouter De Coster. Jean-Philippe studied philosophy/anthropology, Wouter has a background as fashion designer. Before starting RockAndRoll Agency, they worked already together for 5 years in the publishing and communication business.

RockAndRoll Agency is dedicated to the production of visual identity design, graphic animation and websites. As art buyers and curators, RRA is always looking for artists with strong ideas and an individual voice. Contact:

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Press Conference with Andy Warhol, Nico and Gerard Malanga (May 1966)

Footage from late May 1966 with reporter Carlton Cordell featuring brief scenes from a press conference in San Francisco with Andy Warhol, Nico and Gerard Malanga.

(A special thanks to Alex Cherian for this video)

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Introduction to POP ART

A dynamic overview of the Pop Art movement which emerged in the mid 1950’s in England and realized its potential in New York City in the youth-dominated, rebellious and turbulent 1960’s. Pop Art focused attention upon familiar images of the popular culture: billboards, comic strips, magazine advertisements, television, and common supermarket products. The artwork by such artists as Jasper Johns, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Peter Max, and Andy Warhol appropriated images from the Beatles, politics, consumerism, technology, popular music, and the fads and fashions of a period that epitomized a generation in history and produced an indelible mark on twentieth century art.


Andy Warhol’s Race Riot

Andy Warhol’s Race Riot, 1964, is a powerful statement on the historical oppression of African-Americans, and it remains as compelling and relevant as ever.

On the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, Christie’s offered this painting in its May 13 Post-War and Contemporary Art auction in New York.

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