Andy Warhol Eats a Hamburger

A response video to a response video to Andy Warhol eating a hamburger.

The source for this response:

See also, Joanne eating a burger:

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Flesh Trailer

The original trailer for “Flesh” (U.S.A., 1968) – Paul Morrissey’s directorial debut. “Flesh” stars Joe Dallesandro as a N.Y. hustler sent to work the streets by his lesbian wife who needs money to finance her girlfriend’s abortion.


David Bowie Andy Warhol sub

“Toda pintura es un hecho: las pinturas están cargadas con su propia presencia”. Warhol dixit

“Dress my friends up just for show , see them as they really are” ( lines lyrics) very, very Wildetown

David Bowie Andy Warhol
Hunky Dory ( 1971)
video y traducción propios
imágenes tomadas en Internet
En la intro subitulos entre parántesis corresponde a lo que habla el ingeniero de sonido Kent Scott.

….en el futuro todos podrán tener sus…4 minutos de fama..( 15 es ya una eternidad)