Andy Warhol – Empire ////////
The Empire State Building filmed for 8 consecutive hours from dusk till dawn of the following day, shot on the night of the 25th of June 1964 from the 44th floor of the Time Life Building. «Empire» is an object-trouvé, a ready-made that prefigured todays webcam images. It can also be considered a ‹structural film›: the obsessive repetition of the same image triggers our focus on the act of looking, on the value of the frame and most of all on the film duration. Time of reality and time of cinema are the same.


Baustelle – Gli spietati (video ufficiale)

Regia di Daniele Persica

Pop Art Zombie | Halloween Makeup Tutorial

..Ad anticipare il nuovo album è stato il singolo Gli spietati, denso di citazioni da film e canzoni. Parla della possibilità di vivere felici senza le passioni ha raccontato Francesco Bianconi a proposito del brano il videoclip del singolo è ispirato ad Andy Warhol, con ritratti filmati. Oltre a noi ci sono attori a fare dei cameo: Carolina Crescentini, Valentina Lodovini, Corinne Clery, Vinicio Marchioni. E stato divertente.


Edie Sedgwick – ‘Beyond God & Edie’ by The Silver Brazilians

A garage-psych rendering of Andy Warhol’s factory scene starring his greatest and most beautiful creation Edie Sedgwick.

Now available on Cheremoya Avenue Takedown – The Complete E.Ps…

The Silver Brazilians – ‘Cheremoya Avenue Takedown’ – The Complete E.Ps

The Silver Brazilians released their Complete E.P’s in June 2017 to coincide with the tenth anniversary of their debut gig, supporting The Charlatans. It was at this show that the Brazilians met Joe Strummer’s daughter Jazz, resulting in the band’s appearance at The Strummerville Charity bash at Safari Sam’s in Hollywood the following year.

The Silver Brazilians received heavy rotation on ‘Sopranos star and Springsteen guitarist’ Little Steven Van Zandt’s New York radio show ‘Little Steven’s Underground Garage’ on which their track ‘Kate Winslet’ was deemed ‘Coolest Song in the World!’

The band released four E.P’s, gigged extensively in the U.K and Europe and played their final show at Alley Cats in Denmark Street, London in 2012.

The Complete E.Ps is available on iTunes and Amazon and includes bonus tracks.

There may also be a vinyl release. Watch this space. ;}

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