Pop Art Andy Warhol Photoshop Tutorial 3 MINUTES!

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This is a screen recording tutorial of me creating an Andy Warhol Pop art image using photoshop.This photoshop warhol tutorial is using very basic photoshop effects, I am not using photoshop cs5 or cs4 I am just using photoshop 7. But i think the tutorial gives you a good warhol effect photoshop taking very little time.


Sir Peter Blake Founder of Pop Art by www.goggleboxuk.com

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Sir Peter Blake the founder of Pop Art exhibits his iconographic historic work at the Belgravia Gallery. The Beatles, Elvis, James Dean, Marilyn Munro, Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan. Mickey mouse, Paramount, Shirley Temple and John Lennon to mention but a few.


Pop Art – Step by Step Tutorial (HD)

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Pop goes the artist!

Andy Warhol made art out of soup cans and cola bottles. Now, pop art is making its mark in India too, and artists are laughing all the way to the bank.


Culture Chatter: Pop Art (Part One)

This is my first episode of what I hope to be a New Ongoing Series called Culture Chatter, where I discuss some sort of subject in Art or Media that I find interesting with my personal semi-intellectual internet-addled nerdspective.

This is part one of Two, covering Pop Artists from the late 50s into the early 70s

This first episode doesn’t use any background music, mainly because I don’t have anything Royalty-Free that seemed to fit the vibe of this particular narration.

Also I apologize for the inconsistent audio quality, I recorded this episode on an improvised system, and I’ve already ordered a nicer quality micorphone for future episodes.

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This Video Contains a Ton of Copyrighted images of works by famous artists, all being used under Fair Use, as this is supposed to be some sort of journalistic effort. All copyrighted materials belong to their respective parties.

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Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein

In life, Roy Lichtenstein was one of the biggest names in pop art. Now, more than a decade after his death, his paintings still get double takes and are worth seven figures. Erin Moriarty reports.