Artist Spotlight: Andy Warhol Eats a Hamburger

Rocketboom Spotlight: Andy Warhol

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Ernest P Warhol goes to hell!

Ernest P Warhol goes to hell!

A pop art vector portrait merging Andy Warhol and Ernest p Worrell. Andy Warhol rarely smiled in a portrait and Jim Varney rarely stopped smiling. The names faces and personalities meshed together beautifully.

"Ya know what I mean Vern?"

R.I.P! ūüôā

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Warhol Museum.

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Empire (after Andy Warhol) – clip from 8 hour film

Clip from Eric Doeringer’s 8-hour film “Empire” (after Andy Warhol). Both Warhol’s and Doeringer’s films depict the iconic buliding from approximately 8 pm on the evening of July 25 until a little after 2 the following morning; but Warhol’s was shot in 1964 and Doeringer’s in 2012.

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