Vinil (part 4)

Beginning of the fourth part from Vinil (The Healing Section). Vinil (2007) is a remake of Andy Warhol’s film Vinyl (1965) based on Anthony Burgess’ novel A Clockwork Orange.


BODEGA /// Warhol live from Cologone May 2018

This is the philosophy of A. War.
This is the philosophy of A. War.
Andy said the best artist was businessman.
And the best businessman is a cold blood killer.
So it follows that the best artists are killers too.
If you see a man dying note the color of his blood and snap a picture.
Snap a picture.
Yeah you can snap a picture.
Form against everything.
Everybody hurts and is against everything.
Shape against everything.
Have you heard of free? well then I guess you’ve heard of everything.
Form against everything.
Everybody hurts and is against everything.
The scroll is against everything.
You search for stimulation playing dumb against everything.
Yeah you could snap a picture.

Live in Cologne, Germany at Sonic Ballroom


David Bowie – Andy Warhol – live Hartford 1995 (audio)

Setlist: (Bowie part)

1.Subterraneans and Scary Monsters (together with NIN)
2.Reptile (together with NIN)
3.Hallo Spaceboy (together with NIN)
4.Hurt (together with NIN)
5.The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
6.The Hearts Filthy Lesson
7.Breaking Glass
8.I’m Deranged
9.A Small Plot Of Land
10.Joe The Lion
11.I Have Not Been To Oxford Town
13.We Prick You (end of video missing)
14.Jump They Say (beginning of video missing)
15.Andy Warhol (video missing)
16.The Man Who Sold The World (video missing)
17.Teenage Wildlife (beginning and end of video missing)
18.My Death (only 35 seconds video footage available)
19.Nite Flights (video missing)


Andy Warhol on Pop Art with text

Andy Warhol was legendary for his interviews.
Perfect video for learning to animate type in After Effects.

Andy, do you feel that the public has insulted your art?
Uh, no.
Why not?
Well, I hadn’t thought about it.
It doesn’t bother you at all then?
Uh, no.
Well, do you think they’ve shown a lack of appreciation for what Pop Art means?
Uh, no.
Andy do you think that Pop Art has sort of reached the point where it’s becoming repetitious now?
Uh, yes.
Do you think it should break away from being Pop Art?
Uh, no.
Are you just going to carry on?
Uh, yes.


Interview Magazine, Founded By Andy Warhol, Shuts Down

“Interview Magazine, the fabled publication originally founded by Andy Warhol, is closing up shop.

News that the magazine will fold on Monday trickled out in a series of reports, which were eventually confirmed by staff members on Twitter.

“After 10 months at my dream job at @InterviewMag, today is sadly my last day as the magazine has closed,” tweeted Trey Taylor, the senior online editor at the magazine.

Ezra Marcus, an editor at Interview, confirmed to CNNMoney in an email that the magazine is “folding both web and print effective immediately.” He said staffers were told at an all-hands meeting on Monday that the company is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

It’s a painfully familiar story these days for those working in news media, where layoffs, cutbacks and outright closures have become commonplace.

In the case of Interview, it represents the end of an era and a sobering reminder of how once-mighty media institutions have fallen hard.

Meredith Corp., which bought Time Inc., is currently in the process of selling off several of the old company’s iconic brands, including Time Magazine.

Interview was founded by Warhol in 1969, and was bought by the billionaire Peter Brant from the late pop artist’s estate in 1989. The magazine relaunched in 2008 under new editorial leadership.

Earlier this month, the magazine was sued for $600,000 by a former editorial director who claims he wasn’t paid by the magazine.”

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