Pop Art-Graphic Clown Make-Up Tutorial – Its Liam

Hello, Its Liam! Today’s tutorial is, of course, another clown look, but I like to think of it more of a Pop-Art-Meets-Traditional-Clown look. It focuses on make-up and face paint. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Maybelline Fit-In Foundation Stick (Classic Ivory)
Mehron Foundation Stick (Eurasia)
Wet ‘n’ Wild Duel-End Contour Stick
Wet ‘n’ Wild H20 Liquid Eyeliner
Chi Chi Stay-On Eyeliner
Meis Eyeshadow Pallette
5 School Face Paint (White)
Glitter Paint (Red)

Track: 2SCOOPS – Donuts [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Watch: https://youtu.be/lc4Tt-CU-i0
Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/DonutsYO

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How To Draw A Really Cool Anime Girl! | Pop Art Under Ground Style

I was jamming out to some rock music, An I thought to myself.. “man, It would be kind of fun to draw an anime Girl while I’m jamming out”
This took me 2hrs. Im not to sure why it took that long, but after It was done My mind is at peace and clear as day!

Perhaps I needed some therapy, Thanks right side of my brain for always shutting up the left side!

I finally got sketchbook pro 7! so my next videos should be better then the last! (well, thats my goal XD, not sure how it’ll play out) Thank you guys for being to supportive and nice! love my artist people you know who you are!




Takashi Murakami, Japan’s Andy Warhol

Most artists struggle to break into mainstream culture. Takashi Murakami is not one of them. His work has been featured on Louis Vuitton bags, in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and on the cover of a Kanye West album, and are prime examples of Superflat – a modern art movement pioneered by Murakami that merges pop art and anime with fine art techniques. Serena Altschul talked with Murakami at an exhibition at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, that pairs Murakami’s creations with traditional Japanese art.

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✄ How to make a pop-up book ✄

wanna read me? 🙂

click here for an awesome DIY ^__^

or here 🙂

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This video shows you how to create a pop up book
i hope you like it :))

song: Don’t Give Up – Auburn


squeaky clean – Slappy ft. aori

——————————-SOME USEFUL METADATAS——————————-

♪ Title: squeaky clean
♫ Artists: Slappy ft. aori
♪♪ Genre: Pop, Moebounce
♫♫ Release year: 2017


► Background art, “Charging”, credited by 前田ミック:

► Render character:

► Listen on Soundcloud:

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| instagram.com/slappyowo
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► Follow aori.

| twitter.com/_aoritsu
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| soundcloud.com/aoritsu /

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We will do our best to help you guys promoting your own tracks :3

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Aquifer – High n low Feat. saaaz

First vocal collab we’ve had the pleasure of working on, hope you enjoy

Available on all streaming services, just search our name and we should pop up.

Singing by: https://soundcloud.com/saaazbristol
Art also by: https://www.instagram.com/fudgefazes/
Go check out her art, she is super dope.

Some days yeah I feel low
And I complain till I get back home
Just stay in, for I’m alone
It’s kinda strange but I get in my zone

Never ever
say anything good bout the weather
Cause it’s raining on me all the time
should know could know
That is be running solo, you know that I
hang low slowest tempo I can rhyme

i feel like i’ve sold my soul
staring at a white wall
wiaitng for a chance
my big break, well arent we all

But too tired to think
my hands reach for a drink
to make the day go faster
cause 9-5’s a bastard

i could smuggle in a flask
and nobody would ask
if i was a bit more relaxed
but im not like that

i dont have time to get addicted
I’m already conflicted
by smoking so much weed that i should be convicted

and then sometimes
its all in prespective
i can see a clear goal,
i can visualise my obectives

But my life’s a joke
So I just take another toke
It’s all green and grey to me
15 shades off a black comedy

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SOFA 2013 Manga Pop Art Liz Mogollon

SOFA 2013 Manga Pop Art Liz Mogollon

Salón del Ocio y la fantasía 2013
Manga Pop Art
Exhibición Liz Mogollón
Manga College

Posted by lizmogollon on 2013-12-02 14:04:50

Tagged: , Manga , comic , anime , sofa 2013 , liz mogollon , manga pop art , manga college , salón del ocio la fantasía , pintura , drawing , cartoon , superflat

3-D Illusion Artwork! Anamorphic Wooden Box

ANAMORPHIC COKE CAN vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SXX6vm05lM
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All music created in GarageBand

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VOLTRON | pop it off

So here’s the full video, and I have to say, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I mean, there’s always some things that could be changed, cause I’m not exactly a professional and I do make mistakes, but for the most part, I like the way it is, and I hope you do too.

Please excuse the messiness of the middle-ish part with the frames, I just had no idea what to do there, so I threw something in so I could finish the video.

And this is also probably my last video of the year since the next few weeks will be hell for me in terms of school and having to go visit family for the holidays. But I’ll be back next year with even more awesome Voltron stuff!


SONG; pop it off (2017 mashup)
ARTIST; trademark
ART; milkybreads
PROGRAM; sony vegas pro 13.0