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प्यार के नाम पर कदम कैसे नृत्य करें कला केवल एक व्यक्ति द्वारा बनाई जा सकती है फोर्टनाइट में सड़क रोशनी के नीचे नृत्य कैसे करें
शादी नृत्य नृत्य वॉल्ट नृत्य नृत्य टैप नृत्य टैंगो नृत्य स्विंग नृत्य साल्सा नृत्य प्रदर्शन कला थिएटर प्रदर्शन कला केंद्र आधुनिक नृत्य गीतकार नृत्य रेखा नृत्य नृत्य करना सीखना लैटिन नृत्य बच्चों नृत्य नृत्य जैज़ नृत्य कैसे नृत्य करें हिप हॉप नृत्य स्कूल हिप हॉप नृत्य चालें हिप हॉप नृत्य कक्षाएं हिप हॉप नृत्य फ्लैमेन्को नृत्य ठीक कला फोटोग्राफी ठीक कला अमरीका नृत्य मेरे साथ नृत्य नृत्य ट्यूटोरियल नृत्य शिक्षक नृत्य स्टूडियो नृत्य स्टूडियो नृत्य शो नृत्य स्कूल नृत्य कार्यक्रम नृत्य चित्र नृत्य प्रदर्शन नृत्य पार्टी गाने नृत्य संगीत नृत्य मिश्रण नृत्य लोगो नृत्य सबक नृत्य आप के लिए नृत्य फिटनेस नृत्य अभ्यास मेरे पास बच्चों के लिए नृत्य प्रतियोगिता नृत्य कक्षाएं नृत्य कक्षाएं नृत्य कक्षा नृत्य कोरियोग्राफी नृत्य शिविर नृत्य कला नृत्य फिर से नृत्य अकादमी समकालीन नृत्य बॉलरूम नृत्य बॉलरूम नृत्य सबक बॉलरूम बैले स्कूल बैले नृत्य बैले कक्षाएं बैले आरी समाचार लाइव आर्ट थेरेपी कला शिक्षक कला स्कूल कला उद्धरण कला परियोजनाएं युद्ध कला कला कला कला कला कला कला कला कला कला कला कला आईसी कला संग्रहालय कला प्रेरणा कला विचार कला इतिहास कला गैलरी कला फिल्म कला प्रदर्शनी कला निर्देशक कला कॉलेज कला वर्ग कला blakey कला घंटी

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Artist & Critic with Don Gray, “Robert Scull, Art Collector”

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Artist & Critic with Don Gray was a television show that aired in New York on Manhattan Public Access during the 1970’s and 80’s.

These videos are brought to you by the Don Gray and Jessie Benton Evans Gray Art Trust.
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Robert Scull (1917–1985) was an American art collector, best known for his “world-famous collection of Pop and Minimal art”. Born in New York to Russian immigrant parents, Scull dropped out of high school and had various jobs until he and his wife inherited a share of a taxi business. When this thrived, the couple started buying abstract art and later pop art.

Mr. Scull rose quickly to art-world prominence in the 60’s by virtue of the well-publicized zeal with which he and his first wife, the former Ethel Redner, bought works by such upcoming artists as Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol and James Rosenquist. They were encouraged by the dealer Leo Castelli and by Richard Bellamy, whose innovative Green Gallery Mr. Scull backed for the five years of its existence.

In 1973, the couple was castigated by some artists and critics for the sale -in an auction that drew $2.2 million -of 50 of those works, which had been acquired at comparatively little cost. The auction broke records for contemporary American art in several categories. At a news conference afterward, the artist Robert Rauschenberg accused Mr. Scull of ”infidelity” and the auction house of encouraging ”profiteering.”

The Sculls’ collecting activities began in the field of Abstract Expressionism, and by 1965 they had acquired some 30 works by Willem de Kooning, Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko, Franz Kline and others. Their first auction sale, of a dozen works, was held in 1965. Its purpose was to raise money to encourage unknown artists, and the proceeds went to establish the Robert and Ethel Scull Foundation.


Della Robbia: Creative Ingenuity in Florentine Renaissance Sculpture

Hear from Marietta Cambareri, Senior Curator of Decorative Arts and Sculpture and Jetskalina H. Phillips Curator of Judaica, Art of Europe, and curator of “Della Robbia: Sculpting with Color in Renaissance Florence,” how important innovations in the work of sculptors like Donatello and Luca della Robbia inspired painters and others working in a variety of materials, contributed to the flowering of Renaissance art and creative ingenuity.

Marietta Cambareri, Senior Curator of European Sculpture and Jetskalina H. Phillips Curator of Judaica, Art of Europe

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


藝苑掇英 Marisol Escobar 馬里索爾·埃斯科瓦爾 (1930-2016) Neo-Dada Pop Art French

Marisol, in full Marisol Escobar, (born May 22, 1930, Paris, France—died April 30, 2016, New York, New York, U.S.), American sculptor of boxlike figurative works combining wood and other materials and often grouped as tableaux. She rose to fame during the 1960s and all but disappeared from art history until the 21st century.
Marisol was born in Paris of Venezuelan parents and spent her youth in Los Angeles and Paris, studying briefly at the École des Beaux-Arts (1949). In 1950 she moved to New York City, where she studied at the Art Students League and the Hans Hofmann School of Fine Arts. From her earliest, roughly carved figures, she worked mainly in wood.
In New York she made ties with the Abstract Expressionists—Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, and Jackson Pollock, among them. Though she is often associated with Pop art, she incorporated many influences into her work (folk art, pre-Columbian art, Cubism, Dadaism, collage) and thus defies classification. She gained wide recognition in the 1960s for her mixed-media figure groups; the juxtaposition of blockish inert forms and their painted, cast-plaster, or found-object features and accoutrements lend the works a deadpan irony. Many of her works depict variations of the family unit. Her portrait groups of public figures such as Charles de Gaulle and Lyndon B. Johnson (both 1967) are particularly satirical. In 1961 she was included in the Museum of Modern Art exhibition “The Art of Assemblage.” The next year and then again in 1964 she had wildly successful solo exhibitions at the Stable Gallery in New York City. During the 1960s and ’70s, Marisol was firmly situated within Andy Warhol’s social and artistic orbit; she became a close friend of his and earned roles in his films Kiss (1963) and 13 Most Beautiful Women (1964).
In the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s she continued to make portrait sculptures of artists (Georgia O’Keeffe with Dogs, 1977, and Portrait of Marcel Duchamp, 1981) and political figures (Bishop Desmond Tutu, 1988). She also began to address historical events, as in Blackfoot Delegation to Washington 1916 (1993), which makes reference to the Native American Blackfoot tribe’s attempt to negotiate with the United States government for land rights.
In 2014–15 a retrospective and scholarly catalog of Marisol’s sculptures and works on paper (organized by the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis, Tennessee; traveled to the El Museo del Barrio in New York City) helped to reintroduce her and reestablish her name in the history of art.
馬里索爾,(Marisol Escobar),(生於1930年5月22日,法國巴黎-於2016年4月30日,紐約,紐約,美國去世),美國雕塑家的箱形象徵作品結合了木材和其他材料,並經常被歸類為畫面。她在20世紀60年代聲名鵲起,直到21世紀才從藝術史上消失。
馬里索爾出生於委內瑞拉父母的巴黎,在洛杉磯和巴黎度過了她的青春時光,曾在ÉcoledesBeaux-Arts(1949年)短暫學習。 1950年,她搬到了紐約市,在那裡她在藝術學生聯盟和漢斯霍夫曼美術學院學習。從她最早的,大致雕刻的人物,她主要在木材。
在紐約,她與抽象表現主義者Willem de Kooning,Franz Kline和Jackson Pollock建立了聯繫。雖然她經常與波普藝術聯繫在一起,但她在工作中融入了許多影響(民間藝術,前哥倫比亞藝術,立體主義,達達主義,拼貼畫),從而無視分類。她在20世紀60年代因其混合媒體人物群體獲得了廣泛的認可;塊狀惰性形式和它們的塗漆,鑄造石膏或發現物體特徵和裝備的並置使得這些作品具有無懈可擊的諷刺意味。她的許多作品都描繪了家庭單元的變化。她的肖像小組,如戴高樂(Charles de Gaulle)和林登·約翰遜(Lyndon B. Johnson)(均為1967年)都是特別諷刺的。 1961年,她被納入現代藝術博物館展覽“The Art of Assemblage。”第二年,然後在1964年,她在紐約市的Stable畫廊舉辦了一場非常成功的個展。在20世紀60年代和70年代,Marisol牢牢地位於Andy Warhol的社會和藝術軌道中;她成為了他的好朋友,並在他的電影“親吻”(Kiss)(1963年)和“13位最美女性”(1964年)中獲得了角色。
在20世紀70年代,80年代和90年代,她繼續製作藝術家的肖像雕塑(Georgia O’Keeffe with Dogs,1977,Portrait of Marcel Duchamp,1981)和政治人物(主教Desmond Tutu,1988)。她也開始處理歷史事件,例如1916年(1993年)的黑腳代表團訪問華盛頓,該代表團提到美洲原住民黑腳部落試圖與美國政府就土地權進行談判。
在2014-15期間,馬里索爾的雕塑和紙上作品的回顧性和學術目錄(由田納西州孟菲斯的孟菲斯布魯克斯藝術博物館組織;前往紐約市的El Museo del Barrio)幫助重新引入她並重新建立她的名字在藝術史上。


Trending Artists of the 17th Century

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Pastel Tutorial: Summer – using soft pastels on sand paper

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How to Draw mountains with Oil Pastel

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Chalk Pastel Tutorial
learn soft pastel painting easy technique step by step 2018.it is very easy tutorial
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The Great Contemporary Art Bubble BBC Documentary – Artists Around the World

Documentary on Contemporary Art

Art critic and film-maker Ben Lewis spent two years following the contemporary art market, from its heady peak in May 2008 until the crash and burn in October. Now, in a new and updated version of the film first broadcast in May 2009, he returns one year later, in October 2009, to discover a very different market.

The last five years had witnessed an unprecedented craze for contemporary art, in which works of art by Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon, and Mark Rothko sold for record-breaking prices of 30 million pounds upwards. It all climaxed in September 2008, when Damien Hirst sold 111 million pounds’ worth of his art at an unprecedented auction at Sotheby’s – the very day Lehman Brothers collapsed bringing down the financial markets of the western world. The bubble did not burst the night of the Hirst sale – but it proved to be a last hurrah.

The auctions in October and November 2008 were a disaster, and Ben was there too, filming the art world in shock. By early 2009, the contemporary art auction market was down 75 per cent, auction houses had recorded record losses and were rapidly downsizing.

In October 2009, Ben returns to find out what has been happening.

In this inside eye-witness journey into the art world, Ben visits auction houses, art fairs, galleries and the homes of billionaires across the world, searching for the reasons behind the greatest rise in financial value of art in history. He interviews leading dealers, art collectors and art market analysts and discovers an extraordinary world of unusual market practices, speculation, secrecy and a passionate enthusiasm for art.

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Andy Warhol | Artist Spotlight

Andy Warhol: Businessman, con artist, hypochondriac, shooting victim, awesome.

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Lil’ Timmy Rose looks at Alice Neel

In “ARTWORLDGEEK’s INSPIRED BY…,” Lil’ Timmy Rose (avatar for artist Tim Roseborough) discusses a work that inspires his art practice.

In this episode, we’ll look at the 1970 painting, “Andy Warhol,” by the artist Alice Neel.

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