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Everlasting Dance | Judaica | Michael Silverstone Art

Artist Michael Silverstone is a world-renowned ceramic sculptor. His attention to fine detail and his phenomenal ability to convey a story, experience or inspiration through sculpture have defined his uniqueness and afforded him great recognition. Two giant clocks – “Twelve Tribe Clocks” – were hung at both sides of the Western Wall in 2016. The artist’s works can be found in museums, public squares and the homes of world leaders. Every piece is handmade. The gold and platinum plating is intended to highlight details and intensify the viewing experience. Using innovative techniques and methods unique to the artist, he creates powerful 3-D creations, resistant to all weather conditions, handed down through the generations and relating the story of the Jewish people.

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Israel Daily tv interview with Sheva Chaya

Israel Daily tv interview with Sheva Chaya of Sheva Chaya’s Gallery.

Come visit us on ShevaChaya.com to see the artwork, learn more, and schedule a time to see our amazing glassblowing workshop in the breathtaking city of Tsfat / Safed, Israel!

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Favorite Jewish Artists: Alexander Klevan

My South African wife, who came to me late in life, is Jewish, and has spurred many new interests in me, one of which is a fascination with the many awesome accomplishments of talented Jewish artists. Here are some of the lyrical and romantic works of Alexander Klevan. Klevan, born in Russian Siberia in 1950, studied art in the Ukraine, then taught at the Lvov School of Art Design until 1981. He currently lives in Israel.


Speaking of Culture | Turning the World Upside Down, Jerusalem

Visitors at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem cannot miss the monumental hourglass shaped sculpture, of London-based artist, Anish Kapoor.
Reflecting its surroundings and involving the public​, it sits at the top of the promenade leading to the main building, at the highest point of the campus.​
Learn more about the meaning of this magnificent work of art and its special connection to the Israel Museum.

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