Judaica Dubrov 1

Judaica ,Dubrov Boris ,art ,Boris Dubrov is a famous Israeli artist, working in the field of judaica painting. His paintings, highly appreciated by art lovers, are exhibited in the most well-known art galleries both in Israel and abroad. Many of his works can also be found in private collections. According to art experts, Dubrov’s paintings reveal his dazzling skill with paint and are undoubtedly of great artistic value.


Romero Britto | Artist

Brazilian artist, Romero Britto is incredibly talented in so many different genres of artwork including paintings, sculpture, mixed media, prints, etc. A visit to his art gallery on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach is a must.


CES 2013 LG Ultra HD Britto TV’S

CES 2013 LG Ultra HD Britto

At CES 2013, LG is showcasing the vibrant neo-pop artwork of Romero Britto on its stunning lineup of Ultra HD TVs in the Ultra HD Gallery Zone. Consistent with LG’s Life’s Good motto, Britto’s uplifting paintings are visual expressions of pure happiness and hope for humanity. LG’s next-generation picture technology conveys the artist’s dynamic vision with complete fidelity. The Ultra HD Content Zone will show CES visitors just how serious LG is about securing top quality, next-generation “4K” content. The company has already formed a 4K content agreement with Korea’s top broadcaster, KBS (Korea Broadcasting System) and is actively initiating relationships with other global content providers. Please Like And Subscribe

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Romero Britto Style Painting

In this lesson we observe the style of Brazilian pop artist, Romero Britto. His style takes a pop art image, such as a character, person, or object, and turns that into a focal point in his colorful and patterned pieces. Andy Warhol, pop artist, became famous for painting every day items such as soup cans. In this video, we paint a pineapple in the style of Romero Britto, creating black-outlined sections that are filled in with bright, colorful patterns.