How To Draw CS GO Karambit – FANART OASIS Skin Pop Art

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Paper size : 50*35 cm
Technic : markers
Real time : 2 hours

song : Different Heaven – Far Away (Phantom Sage Remix) [NCS Release] [non_copyrighted]

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How To Make a Pop Art Portrait !

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4 Easy steps for making a pop art portrait with tape.
All you need is a photo, a cardboard, a pencil, scissors and lots of tape.
Further requirements are a creative mind, perseverance, a bit of fantasy and some luck.
I always liked making portraits but I hated the messiness of oil paint and the pale colours of watercolour, so a few years ago I invented this technique myself.

Music: The Velvet Underground – I’m Sticking With You


Pop Art / Comic Girl Makeup ♡

*Watch in HD!*
Super fast and easy Pop-Art girl!
Not to be confused with pop tarts.
Shoutout to my sister Tori for being so pretty even when she’s sick so she could be my model!! ♡ ♡ ♡
We started with her normal makeup she wore for the day and worked on top of that. If you are starting with a bare face, do your makeup as you normally would, then start pop-ifying it! 🙂

Products Used:
ColourPop Exit Pencil Liner
NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner
Anastasia Ice Blue Cream Color Base
MAC Kelly Yum Yum Lipstick (Candy Yum Yum works too!)
ColourPop Exit Cream Liner
MAC #7 Lashes
ColourPop Swerve Pencil Liner

Foundation Routine:

Brow Routine:


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Camera: Canon Rebel t5i
Editing Program: Final Cut Pro

Music is MATD Blue

Loves, Mirella

P.S. No haters! YouTube is for fun.


Mudja I Cale – Crtež Drawing GTA V Pop Art

Skicu uvijek radim prvo jer bi video trajao preko 10 minuta.

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Paper size : 45*35 cm
Technic :pencils and marker
Real time : 4 hours

song : JJD – Halcyon [NCS Release]non_copyrighted
song link :

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How To Paint A Pop Art Puppy Dog – Budd the Whippet Pet Portrait Timelapse by Artist Jessica Marie

This is my dog Budd and the making behind his Pop Art Puppy Dogs pet portrait. See how my paintings come to life with as much personality and individuality as the dogs that feature in them – and trust me, Budd has both of these qualities in abundance!

See more of my work at and get in touch if you are interested in a pop art painting of your pup. Email


Ron English POP artist art NYC New York

you can watch my free videos on Ron English extra footage from the well claimed documentary about NYC artists ” Welcome to the Real World ” from the infamous Director Daryl Grantyou can watch my free videos on