Painter Emilia Flevora’s Jewish Life

The works of internationally honored artist are displayed on this short video about Jewish Life. Emilia Flevora was born in Moscow, USSR in 1943 where she graduated with honors from the prestigious Surikov Fine Arts Institute in 1969. She currently works and lives in Brooklyn New York. Her oil paintings reflect museum quality works of art and are available for sale at the Judaica Artist Gallery as well as many other galleries. The theme song “Fiddler on the Roof” is played by the London BBC Orchestra. For more information contact:


Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a Pop Art Portrait!

Photoshop tutorial showing how to create your own Andy Warhol pop art portrait of Lady Gaga.

NOTE: I revised this tutorial to make it simpler and quicker. Turn on your YouTube annotations. After my into animation, you’ll see a clickable link to bring you to the revised tutorial.

You can also go to my YouTube channel & click on the magnifying glass icon (next to “About”). In the “Search Channel” field, type in, “pop art portrait”.

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Jewish Judaic Paintings by the Masters

Collection of Judaica art and paintings by Rembrandt, Isidor Kaufmann, Maurycy Gottlieb, Itshak Isaac Holtz, Alois Heinrich Priechenfried, Felix Nussbaum, Marc Chagall, Zvi Malnovitzer, Elena Flerova, Zvi Raphaeli and more.



Sharing Art: Pop Art

Through visits to northeast Ohio art museums and schools and conversations with local artists, Sharing Art demonstrates real-world applications of techniques taught in middle and high school art classes.

Pop Art: Chris Yambar uses photographs, copy machines, transparencies, glass, acrylic paints, and spray paints for his tools. He uses reverse painting, blotting and scratching techniques to produce his art. The school project uses the computer lab and similar techniques to make student portraits. Produced in 2001.

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