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Sir Luke Fildes: A collection of 54 paintings (HD)

Sir Luke Fildes: A collection of 54 paintings (HD)

Description: “Fildes was born to a nonartistic family in Liverpool, and started modestly with evening classes in art and design in Chester, where he spent his youth. He then studied design at Warrington, and then turned completely to fine art, moving to London and enrolling at the South Kensington Schools in 1863. In 1866 he gained admission to the Academy Schools, and from 1867, while still a student, he earned his living by drawing on wood. When The Graphic started in 1869, he was invited along with others who became the important painters of the plight of the poor – Herkomer, Holl, Walker and also Pinwell – to contribute. In this magazine appeared his The Casuals, which later became the famous oil painting. Among various good things for the magazines and books, he illustrated Dickens’s last work, Edwin Drood.

Fildes’ first picture at the Royal Academy was in fact a Marcus Stone-like picture of lovers on a boat with accompanying swans called Fair, Quiet and Sweet Rest. In 1873 he exhibited Simpletons, and in 1874 Applicants for Admission to a Casual Ward, which was the picture of the year, and required a rail and policeman to keep back the crowds of onlookers. In 1875 his Academy picture was Betty, ‘a buxom milkmaid’, but in 1876 came another important social picture, The Widower.

In 1877 Fildes moved into the artist’s district centred around Leighton’s house in Holland Park, with a house in Melbury Road designed by Richard Norman Shaw (who built a house for Marcus Stone in the same road). In 1879 Fildes was elected ARA, one year after Frank Holl and a year before Herkomer, and in 1887 he became RA (his diploma picture was The Schoolgirl).

Fildes took great pains to make sure that his pictures were authentic and of genuine people from the streets, and for example for the painting The Doctor (1891), recreated a whole poor bedroom in his studio. He was much praised for the ‘Dickensian study of character’ of his work.”



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Shrine Workshop, The Sacred Geometry of Shrines, 2006

Coeleen Kiebert (M.S., UCSC) begins with a lecture of what she has learned of the archetypal meaning of building shrines, temples & cathedrals and how we project our own sacred geometry into these creations.
In part 2, she leads her students to gather individually meaningful images for a collage, which are then transposed into shrines, first from paper, then in clay.
Coeleen demonstrates building a shrine of clay from these personal images. And we finish with a candlelit collection of finished shrines.
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Painting like the Group of Seven – TIME LAPSE

In today’s video I am attempting to paint in the style of the Group of Seven. They are known for their interpretive pieces that almost have a cartoon like quality to them. Lawren Harris is the artist that I chose to follow the closest out of the group. His snow covered mountain landscapes are breath taking!


切画 風祭竜二の世界 Japanese Paper Cutting Art

Ryuji Kazamatsuri was born in 1944 in Yokohama.In 1974 he drew recognition in the mass media as a Kiriga-artist, and was head illustrator for the book published by Shueisha, Wicked St Sermons by Kon Toko. Later he created his unique artistic world through the development of original Kiriga techniques(intricate cuttings of a single material, often paper) and garnered frame abroad as a “Japanese Kiriga Artist”.


Michael Godard: Rock Star of the Art World

“Rock Star” artist Michael Godard’s animated olives are internationally recognized, currently appearing on more than 4,000 products worldwide ranging from surfboards to vodka.

Learn more about Michael Godard through Park West Gallery: