The Rembrandt House Tour (Part 2): The Studio

Park West Gallery Director, Morris Shapiro, and Park West Gallery President, Marc Scaglione, visit The Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam.

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Founded in 1969, Park West Gallery offers works of art through its galleries in Michigan and Florida and at art auction events across the country. Park West Gallery also holds art auctions at sea on cruise ships internationally. The Park West Gallery’s art collection includes the works of some of the most famous artists in history, including Picasso, Dalí, Rembrandt, Renoir, Miro and Chagall.

Park West Galleries also features the work of some of today’s most talented living artists, including Peter Max, Yaacov Agam, Anatole Krasnyansky, Linda Le Kinff, Itzchak Tarkay, Romero Britto and Thomas Kinkade. Park West Gallery’s collection also includes an array of sports memorabilia and animation art.

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ArtResin Spotlight – Idiot Box Art

Welcome to our series, ArtResin Spotlight, in which we profile a variety of contemporary resin artists. Here, in these short but intimate documentaries, artists share their creative processes and inspiration in their own words.

In today’s episode, we feature West Hollywood pop art duo Idiot Box Art, who share why you need to shut out the noise and focus on creating art that makes you happy.

Enjoy 🙂

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Trending Artists of the 17th Century

Have you heard of Italian Baroque artist Artemisia Gentilschi? Find out why her popularity, and that of other artists, has risen dramatically since the 1970s. And vote for America’s favorite novel here!:

Chart the frequency of mention of any artist, maker, genius, et al, through the Google Books Ngram Viewer:

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ANDY WARHOL – WikiVidi Documentary

Shortcuts to chapters:
00:03:02: Early life and beginnings 1928–49)
00:06:31: 1950s
00:08:44: 1960s
00:14:05: Attempted murder (1968)
00:16:44: 1970s
00:18:26: 1980s
00:20:45: Death
00:24:01: Foundation
00:26:03: Paintings

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Licensed under Creative Commons.
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Takashi Murakami, Japan’s Andy Warhol

Most artists struggle to break into mainstream culture. Takashi Murakami is not one of them. His work has been featured on Louis Vuitton bags, in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and on the cover of a Kanye West album, and are prime examples of Superflat – a modern art movement pioneered by Murakami that merges pop art and anime with fine art techniques. Serena Altschul talked with Murakami at an exhibition at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, that pairs Murakami’s creations with traditional Japanese art.

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Duncan Hannah | Twentieth-Century Boy

Artist Duncan Hannah and Vanity Fair’s Jim Wolcott talk about life in New York’s Downtown art and music scene, as chronicled in Hannah’s new book “Twentieth-Century Boy: Notebooks of the Seventies.” Buy a copy here:

Duncan Hannah came to New York in the 1970s as an art student and promptly entered the world of seedy parties, enticing girls, captivating music, and the best the city’s underground had to offer a newly arrived fledgling. During these formative years he kept a series of notebooks, documenting his actions in this alluring and intimidating time, capturing anecdotes of a life spent walking the fine line of carving out an identity as an artist while risking self-destruction from his own dangerous antics. Across his New York saga, Hannah crosses paths with the likes of Patti Smith, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Andy Warhol, and dozens of other night clubbers of lesser fame.

DUNCAN HANNAH was born in Minneapolis in 1952. He attended Bard College from 1971 to 1973 and Parsons School of Design from 1973 to 1975. In the seventies, he became associated with New York’s avant-garde and glam and punk rock scenes, acted in a number of underground movies, and showed several of his figurative portraits in 1980’s infamous Times Square Show. His work is in numerous public and private collections, including the Metropolitan Museum and the Minneapolis Art Institute. He lives in New York with the designer Megan Wilson.

JIM WOLCOTT is a journalist and cultural critic for Vanity Fair and contributes to The New Yorker. He had his own blog on Vanity Fair magazine’s main site which was awarded a Webby Award in 2007. Wolcott has been a columnist on media and pop culture for Esquire, Harper’s Magazine, The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, and New York Magazine. Wolcott has written several books, including “The Catsitters,” “Attack Poodles and Other Media Mutants,” and “Lucking Out: My Life Getting Down and Semi-Dirty in Seventies New York.”

Recorded March 14, 2018