Britto and Skynear Exhibit at Skynear Designs Gallery

Artwork by internationally acclaimed Neo-Pop Artist Romero Britto was featured for the first time ever in Washington, DC at Skynear Designs Gallery. Penn Strategies provided event marketing and public relations services for Skynear Designs Gallery’s opening exhibit, “Britto + Skynear.”

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Morning with Teach a Child and ROMERO BRITTO in Beirut

Perfect art is a mixture of talent and humanity and this is a perfect description of world famous artist Romero Britto following our meeting during his latest visit to Lebanon on April 21st, 2017.

Organized by the Abraham Foundation, Britto spent his morning with underprivileged students for whom education is supported by non-profit organization “Teach a Child” and created with them several pieces of art.

Thanks to Abraham Foundation and Teach a Child, Romero Britto’s visit to Lebanon was memorable and it carried hundreds of meanings… a driver to motivation and to spreading the spirit of all Britto’s art: HOPE & HAPPINESS.

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Mickey & Minnie Disney by Britto

Romero Britto beeld.
Hoog: 17,5 cm
Breed: 18 cm
Diep: 7,5 cm
Polystone. Handbeschilderd.

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De wereld van Haddon Hall
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077 390 5049
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U bent van harte welkom op:
Kaldenkerkerweg 3, Venlo (5913 AB) (voor navigatie: niet Tegelen)
Grote showroom – Gratis parkeren op eigen terrein
Dinsdag t/m zaterdag: 10.00 – 17.00 uur
Eerste zondag van de maand: 12.00 – 17.00 uur

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Romero Britto Inspired Custom TOMS

These were custom made for a elementary school teacher. She wanted penguins in a romero britto-esque style. These are the outcome!

Please visit me online: [thats with a zero, not the letter ‘O’]

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Disney Pop By Britto # 1

Pour cette première vidéo je vous présente une partie de ma collection de figurines Disney revisitées par l’artiste Romero Britto.

Caractéristiques des figurines :
* En résine
* Peintes à la main
* Couleurs intenses

Bon visionnage …