► Friendship Bracelet Tutorial – Beginner – Pop Art Diamonds

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(Second Part) Pattern Repeat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p64Q5geu27k )

☼ Pattern Info: http://friendship-bracelets.net/pattern.php?id=10546


Material: Six Stranded Embroidery Floss

You will need: Full strands of (3) different colors.

Each thread should be 55-65″ (inches) long and then folded in half to form a beginning loop.

• String Setup Guide •

1- Black
2- Blue
3- Green

Pair up your threads so you have them set as:
1 2 2 3 – 3 2 2 1

For *EVEN Rows Leave out the First and Last strand.

Row 1: FK FK BK BK
* Row 2: FK FK BK
Row 3: BK BK FK FK
* Row 4: FK FK BK
Row 5: BK BK FK FK
* Row 6: BK/FK FK FK/BK
Row 7: FK FK BK BK
* Row 8: FK FK BK
Row 9: FK FK BK BK
* Row 10: BK FK FK
Row 11:BK BK FK FK
* Row 12:BK FK FK

After completing * Row 12: start again from Row 1: to stack the pattern.


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The Artist Wilde Animated Pop Art.mov

Check out and sample the original animated and cartoon pop art from Wilde the rock’n’roll cartoonist. Beatles to Smiths, Roses to Stones. Canvas prints, sketches, animation, acrylic paintings. Cards and caricatures VISIT www.thebeatlesinmanchester.co.uk OR Contact wildecartoons@btinternet.com


Pop Art Comic Book Makeup Tutorial

Pop art/comic book inspired makeup for Halloween or any other weird occasion you might use this for. Also, If you guys want to see me do more cool makeup tutorials like this one let me know what you want to see in the comment section below! 🙂

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DIY: Owl “Pop Art” Wall Decor || Roomspiration

DIY MOTIVATION WALL ART http://full.sc/157Ug7c
DIY MERMAID BEACH WAVES http://full.sc/14qB7wO

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Halloween Pop Art Zombie Makeup Tutorial – BONNIE CORBAN SFX

HEY EVERYONE, WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANNEL! In this video today i recreated my friend Ash’s work that she did on me while i was her model at Sydney IMATS in 2015. I learnt many new techniques and wanted to show you them in this video. If you would like to follow Ash her instagram is @pastelpegasus .



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Maquillaje pop art zombie

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DIY Stenciled Pop Art Blazer

Inspired by Andy Warhol? Turn a plain old blazer into walking pop art! This is an easy fun tutorial to help spruce up your wardrobe! What do you think? How did yours turn out?
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Közeledik a Halloween/Farsang így eljött az idő, hogy kreatívkodjak egy kicsit, és elkészítettem nektek ezt az egyszerű Pop Art sminket.

ELŐZŐ VIDEÓM: https://youtu.be/r_zCMtTbUA4

HASONLÓ VIDEÓK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR89NI7LqLw&list=PL9iDu-pxe4FZNUpxrCRfr7aj2XOli_9RC&index=7

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Ceruza: aden matic eyesharpener – black
L’Oréal Hippies szempillaspirál
essence eyebrow stylist set
essence szemöldökceruza – blonde
NYX dream catcher paletta
NYX Mat Rouge á Lévres MLS10 perfect red rouge parfait
Maybelline master ink white
NYX jumbo eye pencil

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[MAKEUP “ARTIST”] POP ART / Déguisement ORGINAL de dernière minute

AVANT TOUT: je vois bien que mes yeux sont un carnage, mais je suis pas forcément équipée, et pas douée non plus =)
Mais le rendu final en face to face claque bien =)
Lance-toi !!!

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Popart zombie makeup tutorial

Introducing the google eyed pop art zombie with a fantabulous hair.

In this episode we take on something that has been done by almost every sfx artist out there. The only difference is that we have a slightly stranger approach to the concept of the eyes. We went for big, fat google eyes to give the pop art zombie a unique look. Since body painting in general isn’t our strong suit we also incorporated some 3d elements using the classic cotton and latex method.

Another cool thing with this pop art zombie look is that the eyes are detachable. Perfect if you plan on riding the bike to the costume party. No need to worry about hitting oncoming traffic on your way there.

Since we had totally run out of blue cream based colours we actually did most of the paint job on the pop art zombie using only lipstick and a brush. The intense pigments of the lip stick actually made the look pop a little extra. So take what you have there at home. Sometimes the solution is right there in front of you.

If you like how this pop art zombie came out you might want to take a closer look on our World of Warcraft Murloc tutorial. It’s another perfect example of how to create an epic monster with huge crazy eyes.

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