[Spray Paint Pop Art] Kylo Ren from Star Wars! (Character Recreation #3)

Spray Paint Character Recreation #3 (Kylo Ren from Star Wars!)

Sadly due to school, I have to take a month long break from videos, due to not having access to all my spray paint tools. However I will be back in October with temporary WEEKLY videos to make up for it. Hope you enjoyed this quick video!

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Elementary Art – Romero Britto Drawing

This is an art project I like to do with different grade levels. I will go as young as kindergarten with it because it teaches so many different concepts, but of course the older students can have fun with it too and they will of course get a more polished result. Students start by drawing a cartoonish animal. I like requiring them to draw animals because it is a complex challenge for them but also brings in a little bit of the cute factor to make it engaging. One of the foundational skills all kids need is learning to draw complex designs as a collection of simple shapes. Cartoon imagery is great for practicing and developing that skill. Next, they add lines and shapes to break up the drawing giving it the fragmented appearance of a cubist piece although my younger students seem to make a better connection to something like a puzzle. Finally, they color one small shape at a time putting different colors and patterns into each shape. As a final step, I recommend students outline with black. It helps make the picture look neater and tends to make the colors pop a little more.


Trailer for Pop-Art Stenciling with Perry Milou

American Pop Artist Perry Milou brings art to everybody with his easy to learn stencil art technique. By creating stencils, you will create your own templates that will allow you to create several paintings fast in many unique styles. Immerse yourself in a world of art and energy where Milou teaches you how to recreate his famous Lady Liberty art and make stencils of your own. Get great results very fast; it’s every artists dream!

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Peter Art Gallery – Fine Art Prints, Paintings, Photos, Posters For Sale

Welcome to the Peter Art Gallery, offering a great collection of American paintings, drawings, illustrations, digital artworks, photos, collages, cartoons, oil paintings, watercolor paintngs, landscape paintings, Pop Art, Fantasy Art, Surrealism, graphic artworks and other images.

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POPART – COMIC ✧ Makeup Tutorial | Merce Dosis

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Holi!! Soy Merce, apasionada del maquillaje y la magia que se puede hacer con él. No soy una profesional pero aquí dejo con mucha ilusión una muestra de lo que puedo empezar a ofrecer.

En este primer vídeo he querido hacer un maquillaje de fantasía que siempre me ha llamado la atención, ya que transforma por completo el rostro. Es una buena opción para Halloween o Carnaval!

Este es el primer granito de arena de un proyecto que tenía muchas ganas de comenzar.

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POP-Art Inspired Makeup Tutuorial

So I am entering into a contest and POP Art is the theme so I decided to do a fun little video of me putting the makeup on. This was so much fun and easier than I thought. I looked up some ideas but really made it my own. I hope you all enjoy and sorry there’s no voice, I didn’t want this to really be a tutorial but more so just have you watch along while I do this. I hope you can get some inspiration to be creative. Have Fun and please subscribe.
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Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh

Lone Star Rocker’s vlog July 12th 2018. Had to stop by the Andy Warhol museum and I’m glad I did, Wow! An incredible collection of screen prints, drawings, early designs and commercial art and photography by one of the most influential artists for Pop art of the 20th century. He makes me want to buy a wig.

Andy Warhol museum – https://www.warhol.org/

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