Desi Pop Art/Comic Book Makeup

Hi, here’s another Halloween look based on the Pop Artwork of Hatecopy, check it out at – I love the witty captions that deal with quintessential Desi situations in a tongue-in-cheek manner without trivializing the problems prevalent within South Asian communities.

It was tricky to pull this look off on my skin tone, and I had to use more pigmented shades to get a similar effect, comment below and let me know your thoughts.


I N S T A G R A M:
T W I T T E R:
T U M B L R:
F A C E B O O K:
S N A P C H A T: Madah_J


fine art of hip pop girl || so realest skectch with [pencil]

hii freinds,welcome to all on my channle sketch of realities..
in this channle you get all of you several types of illustrated more over styeslish Art.drawing..
mainly sketch;overall creating with pencil and other basic thing,such as sketch knowledge etc’

and than you can seen realities look;please subcribe and share my channe


Andy Warhol The Last Decade at The BROOKLYN MUSEUM

James Kalm was given full access to record this walk through of Andy Warhol: The Last Decade, and wishes to thank the Brooklyn Museum of Art for the privilege. It’s been nearly a quarter century since Andy’s death, but his visage within the art world has never been more prominent. As one of the most influential artists of the Twentieth Century, he’s been credited with everything from the founding of Pop Art to social networking to developing self promotion to the highest of art forms. This massive show is loaded with documentary artifacts and presents many never before seen works from Warhol’s late “abstract” series and his collaborative works with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Francisco Clemente. The exhibition was organized by the Milwaukee Art Museum




I have been meaning to set myself the Lichtenstein make up challenge for a long time now. Obviously not a wearable natural look… (but hey, you were the one who searched for Lichtenstein make up on here weren’t you? lol ;D) Had a bit of fun with this so I hope you had fun watching to.

It’s hard to copy another persons Lichtenstein look so here are some tips I would give…

1. Make sure your dots or evenly horizontal and level with eachother… not randomly scattered because, particularly if you have red dots you will just look like you’ve got the chicken pox! 😉

2. Do your own research, look at Lichtenstein’s girls and see where he puts all his lines himself. Each Lichtenstein girl is different.. be your own Lichtenstein girl.

3. Make sure your face is asymmetrical. Don’t have the same length lines on the left side to the right.

4. No blending. Lichtenstein’s girls were all about bold strong colours

5. SUBSCRIBE TO ME…. but ofcourse you already knew that. 😉

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