Westport Auction- The Peter Ehrenthal Judaica Collection Video Preview

After nearly 60 years, Moriah Galleries is closing. Founded by Peter Ehrenthal in 1957, the gallery has been devoted to the acquisition of Jewish ritual objects and art, developing what is considered to be the largest and finest collection of antique Judaica offered for sale. Based in New York City, the gallery took part in the formation of important and well-known Judaica collections, among them the Furman and Steinhardt collections. Over the years, rare ritual artifacts from the gallery were presented in museums around the globe. Westport Auction is pleased to bring over 400 lots from this collection to sale on October 27th, 2015. Please visit www.westportauction.com for a photo catalog.


Inside The Art Studio – Durix

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Andy Warhol is being interviewed on his creation process and aspects of his life. Here are some of his answers:

“I paint anybody, anybody that asks.”
“I try to make people look good, I try to make great simple designs, mostly”
“I always think that I don’t do the first one good so I try to do more, in portraits.”
“I got this great camera called Polaroid Big Shot, and it just takes the face of the person, I haven’t learned the body yet. Takes the picture just of the face and there’s something that makes the person look just right, takes their head shots.”
“I usually take at least 200 or maybe more.”
“It’s usually a colored picture and I turn it into a black and white photograph an then from there I blow it up to the size (40×40). And then I paint over in a silk screen and try to get the right colors.”
“I use mostly artificial color.”
“I like them (my pictures) in closets. Because people collect and then put them away. At least they have them.”
“I like doing the same thing over and over again.”
” always want somebody to do 30 or 40 pictures of them.”
” always liked opera, I used to go when I was really young.”
“Liza Minnelli (who he enjoyed painting the most), because I was able to do the painting the way I used to do years ago. Just had the right look and the right colors.”
“I don’t believe in feelings and emotions but I do have them.”
“The important thing in life is getting by.”
“Time goes by us. ”
“I’m old, they call me granny.”
“I like everybody, that’s affection.”
“I really try not to dislike people.”



Andy Warhol Eats a Burger King Whopper→ http://youtu.be/Dsmp5gwniuw
David Bowie on Andy Warhol → http://youtu.be/tXq372Mp9Tw
Warhol’s Screen Test of Bob Dylan → http://youtu.be/peEtStgHEXM
Andy Warhol Interview at Villa by Barton G. in Miami → http://youtu.be/6C3equa_kzs



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How To Draw A Really Cool Anime Girl! | Pop Art Under Ground Style

I was jamming out to some rock music, An I thought to myself.. “man, It would be kind of fun to draw an anime Girl while I’m jamming out”
This took me 2hrs. Im not to sure why it took that long, but after It was done My mind is at peace and clear as day!

Perhaps I needed some therapy, Thanks right side of my brain for always shutting up the left side!

I finally got sketchbook pro 7! so my next videos should be better then the last! (well, thats my goal XD, not sure how it’ll play out) Thank you guys for being to supportive and nice! love my artist people you know who you are!




Paint With Me – Art For Anxiety Vlog – Planets of Pain – Speed Painting – Abstract Art

Paint With Me – Art For Anxiety Vlog – Planets of Pain – Speed Painting – Abstract Art

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Please watch: “Petri Dish Pain 03 – Fluid Art – Petri Dish Art – Ink & Acrylic Paint IN REAL TIME”



Romero Britto Inspired Nail Art

Remero Britto Inspired Nail Art! Hey guys ! In today’s nail art tutorial , i’m going to be showing you how to create a really easy nail art design.

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Octopus Sculpture, Part 1, Polymer Clay Art in Time Lapse

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Watch me sculpt an octopus using polymer clay.
Part 1 of the sculpt.

Observez moi sculpter une pieuvre en pâte polymère.
Ceci est la première partie de la sculpture.
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