Justin Bieber – Sorry (PURPOSE : The Movement)

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Produced by: BLOOD and Skrillex

Director: Parris Goebel
Producer: Justin Bieber, Scott “Scooter” Braun and Parris Goebel
Animator: John Hwang
Production Company: SB Films and Taktix Films
Choreographer: Parris Goebel
Dancers: The Ladies of ReQuest & The Royal Family Dance Crews from The Palace Dance Studio, NZ

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Lyrics: Sorry – Justin Bieber

You gotta go and get
Angry at all of my honesty
You know I try but I don’t do too well with apologies
I hope I don’t run out of Time could someone call the referee
Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness

I know you know that I
made those mistakes maybe once or twice
And by once or twice I Mean
Maybe a couple a hundred times
So let me oh let me
Redeem oh redeem oh my self tonight
Cause I just need one more shot at second chances

Is it too late now to say sorry
Cause I’m missing more than just your body
Is it too late now to say sorry
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say I’m sorry now
I’m sorry yeah
Sorry yeah
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say I’m sorry now

I’ll take every single piece of the blame
If you want me too
But you know that there is no innocent one in this game for two
I’ll go I’ll go and then
You go you go out and spill the truth
Can we both say the words and forget this

Is it too late now to say sorry
Cause I’m missing more than just your body
Is it too late now to say sorry
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say I’m sorry now

I’m not just trying to get you back on me
Cause I’m missing more than just your body
Is it too late now to say sorry
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say I’m sorry now

I’m sorry (yeah)
Sorry (oh)
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say I’m sorry now

I’m sorry (yeah)
Sorry (oh)
Yeah I know that I let you down
Is it too late to say I’m sorry now


©: 2015 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


La Vie Parisienne – French Chansons From the 1930s & 40s (Past Perfect) Full Album

Various Artists – La vie Parisienne
Released 2006-05-29 on Past Perfect
Download on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0039U3U32?ie=UTF8&tag=finetunesne08-21
Download on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=Various+Artists+La+vie+Parisienne&c=music&PAffiliateID=100l3VM
Buy CD on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00005MJA8
Buy CD from Past Perfect: http://www.pastperfect.com/Detail.aspx?itemid=64

1. 00:00:00 Edith Piaf La Vie En Rose
2. 00:03:12 Charles Trenet Boum!
3. 00:05:49 Yves Montand Clopin-Clopant
4. 00:09:10 Josephine Baker Si J’etais Blanche
5. 00:11:57 Jean Sablon Rendez-Vous Sous La Pluie
6. 00:14:37 Maurice Chevalier Toi Et Moi
7. 00:17:36 QHCF Ultrafox
8. 00:20:59 Edith Piaf Monsieur Lenoble
9. 00:24:29 Tino Rossi J’attendrai
10. 00:27:27 Jean Sablon La Derniere Bergere
11. 00:30:33 George Ulmer Pigalle
12. 00:33:34 Yves Montand Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves)
13. 00:36:58 Josephine Baker J’ai Deux Amours
14. 00:40:14 Charles Trenet Le Retour Des Saisons
15. 00:43:27 Edith Piaf Les Aimants De Paris
16. 00:46:42 Jean Sablon Un Baiser
17. 00:50:04 Maurice Chevalier Bouquet De Paris
18. 00:53:10 Tino Rossi Poeme (In Your Eyes)
19. 00:56:19 Charles Trenet Vous Etes Jolie
20. 00:58:39 Lucienne Boyer Parlez-Moi D’amour
21. 01:01:41 Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli My Sweet
22. 01:04:39 Charles Trenet La Mer
23. 01:08:02 Yves Montand C’est Si Bon
24. 01:10:38 Edith Piaf C’est Merveilleux
25. 01:13:46 Jean Sablon Cette Chanson Est Pour Vous (Life Is A Song)

© Past Perfect Limited
℗ Past Perfect Limited


M.I.A. – “Bad Girls” (Official Video)

THE POP DIASPORA OF M.I.A.: http://bit.ly/1pFnExp
Watch MIA respond to comments left on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fweHtun3LY


For the best viewing experience, watch in 1080p (HD).

M.I.A. OFFICIAL SITE | MIAUNIVERSE: http://www.miauk.com


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Painting Art For Jake Paul Team 10 House

Huge shout out to Team 10 for having me out. Pumped to have some of my work being displayed at the new house!

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Acrylic Portrait Painting Tutorial of a Boy with Dark Skin Tone or African Child by JM Lisondra

Acrylic portrait painting techniques and tutorial for beginners. In this tutorial you will learn on how to paint portrait of a child with darker skin color or African boy in a step by step easy and basic lesson for beginners and advance artists. You can learn on adding flesh colors, shades and highlights. Please hit like, add some comments and subscribe for more videos.

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Welcome to the Festival of Glowing Giants

Asako Kitamura never set out to break any barriers. She simply grew up wanting to become a master nebuta maker, just like her father before her. She spent years perfecting the art of building nebuta, giant paper floats built to take on the shape of warrior gods. This year, Mitamura made history as the first woman to win first place at Japan’s 300-year-old Aomori Nebuta Festival.

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Patrick Parker Collage – Pieces Falling Into Place – Part 4 – Van’s Triple Crown Original

9thWAVe Gallery is proud to present the final chapter of Patrick Parker’s “Pieces Falling Into Place.” For the past three years Pat’s collage style has culminated into, him being chosen as the featured Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing Artist for 2016-2017. As a local resident living on the north shore of Oahu, this is one of the highest honors an artist could ask for. During the 11/11 Thank You Festival hosted by 9thWAVe, Pat premiered the original art work for a very receptive audience in Haleiwa during the contest. The piece titled, “Proving Grounds” turned out to be exactly that, a proving ground. Here’s a behind the scenes look at Pat’s process and growth in achieving a life long goal.


Virtual Self – a.i.ngel (Become God)

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CUPHEAD! Polymer Clay Tutorial

DIY Mugman, Cuphead, King Dice, Cala Maria & the Devil Polymer Clay Charms. I hope you guys enjoy it & always feel free to leave me recommendations for videos in my comment section. It gives me ideas of what to make next ;D LOVE YOU GUYS! BYE!

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[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Hallelujah – Pentatonix


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