Jewish Wisdom for Business Success by Rabbi Levi Brackman

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Jewish Wisdom for Business Success by Rabbi Levi Brackman and Sam Jaffe

A: The idea for the book came after a class I was giving. One of the participants was a man called Sam Jaffe.

He said the ideas in one of the teachings inspired him and helped him start his own business and that I should write a book. Sam used to write for The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. I said I would do it if he would partner with me on the book.

Q: What was that teaching?

A: It was about how to overcome fear.

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Estate of US Navy engineer, inventor, tinkerer. Huge Collector/Hoarder.
Approx. 10,000 Books (Many are large/coffee table type books and approx 99% are hardcover) Mainly nonfiction: Travel, Nature, Astronomy, Science, Engineering, Entertainment (TV, Movies, etc), Judaica, Anthologies, Art, History and much more..
Approx 2000 Prerecorded VHS tapes (movies, tv, documentaries) with index card catalog.
Vintage/Antique Items Great for decorating bars , restaurants, steampunk art amongst many other things.
Coffee Grinders, Blow Torches (Plumbers Torch), Fire Extinguishers, Safety Razors, Stroppers, Cameras, Movie cameras (Bell and Howell 16 mm Filmo, kodak, keystone, Bolex/Paillard, more), tripods, drafting equipment, meters, clocks (schatz,, schatz mariner, electric flip numechrons, jefferson golden hours, secret hours, mastercrafter, linden) , travel clocks, plumb bobs, seltzer bottles, old motors,military optic items, graphing/measuring/testing equipment, kite string reels, check writing machines, adding machines, Bunsen burners, scientific glass flasks and vessels and test tubes, time /punch clocks, medical tools, dentist drill, lanterns, hand bells, desk bells, glass and ceramic electric insulators, mortars and pestles(porcelain, glass, brass), singer sewing machines, davis sewing machine., Wilcox and Gibbs Sewing Machines
Hand tools, Drill Press, Milling Machine and bits tools and more tools

Glass art / paperweights (approx 100), hundreds and hundreds of marbles, china, teacup sets (wedgewood, beleek, much more), figurines, alot of Royal Holland Pewter, ceramic collectible teapots, sake sets, ceramics, porcelain, bric a brac, over 100 pr of candlesticks and menorah (mostly brass), small ceramic / stone/ metal/wood jewelry (trinket) boxes, miniature collectibles (owls, thimbles, etc)
Large parrot cage with wheeled base, aquarium/fish tank, nishijin pachinko machine, a myriad of puzzles and games
Large boxes of carnival beads, costume jewelry (bangle bracelets,beaded bracelets, wood bracelets, post earrings, clip on earrings, necklaces, pins, tie tacks), chain and beads for making jewelry, keychains
Glass art / paperweights, warwick china, approx 30 teacup sets (wedgewood and more), resin figurines, bric a brac, minerals,
rollator (elderly wheeled walker and seat), wheelchair
Furniture: Danish mid century table , 4 leather and wood mid century chairs , mid century dresser/bureau, matching bureau with “secretary draw”, matching vanity, Old wooden chest, bookcases/shelving, mid century wall unit, “Country” white washed (shabby chic) bench,
Photos taken prior to set up ..

This is a partial list, more to come.

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