How To Make Zigzag Lampshade Idea With Recycled Pop Sticks | Art And Craft

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How To Make Zigzag Lampshade Idea With Recycled Pop Sticks | Art
And Craft

TOP 7 DIY Popsicle stick craft compilation I Popstick crafts project I Creative Diaries

Lamp Shade:Do it Yourself | Easy Decorative ideas with Popsicle Stick

in this project, i will show you, how to make beautiful night lampshade with recycled ice cream sticks at home for home decor.

very easy and simple art and craft ideas.

watch the full project.

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How to Draw Food Illustrations | Desserts & Fruit | POP ART

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DIY Pop up Scrapbook Album | JK Arts 1346

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DIY Ice cream sticks || Flower Basket || The Blue Sea Art

Make this cute little basket from popsicle sticks to place the flowers and decorate your room.

Materials Required:
Popsicle Sticks / Ice-Cream sticks
Hot Glue / Glue

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How to create a Pop Art Pixel Design in GIMP

How to create a pop art pixel design. ****EASY***

Lip Stock:
search for (lip) located on the second page

Save as a .pat

Computer-Program Files-Gimp-share-2.0-patterns

COMPUTER NAME-Library-Application Support-GImp

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Pop Art Makeup Tutorial

So for today’s video I have some Pop Art! This face and body painting was inspired by a self portrait that I did that was inspired by Lichtenstein’s art, which was inspired by comic books. The circle of life is complete. 😀 Anyways, so if you happen to see me looking off to the side a lot, it’s because I was looking at my drawing for a reference, which is completely okay. Every great artist knows to use a reference, and silly ones don’t. You won’t believe how much it helps out when you’re drawing, painting, or building anything really. Well I hope that y’all have a wonderful and safe Halloween! Any questions that can be answered by reading the description box, or by watching the FULL video will be answered as such. “Please read the description box or watch the entire video.” Thank you.

The paint that I use in this tutorial in cream body paint, it’s cheap and not that good. If I were to suggest a better face paint, I would get Snazaroo, which I purchased at my local Michaels Craft Store. I only use this paint because I hate wasting anything so that’s why I use it in my paintings.

Products Used to Make this Video Happen
– Sony Handicam & Windows Movie Maker
– Listening to Offenbach while editing 😀 Couldn’t help but use this music in the video.
– PAINTS: Red, White, and Black Cream face paints
-POWDER: NYC Translucent face powder and powder puff from my local beauty supply store
– BRUSHES: Black handle brushes from ELF, colorful handled brushes are crummy ole cheap craft paint brushes, Bamboo Handle Brushes from Precision Beauty
– EXTRAS: MYX Matte Black Liquid Liner, Rimmel London White Pencil, NYX Jumbo Eye Crayon on Milk, CoverGirl Clump Crusher Waterproof Black Mascara (Love all of these products!!!)
– WIG from:

I take requests INTO CONSIDERATION, but only for MAKEUP and NOTHING ELSE. Please don’t be upset if I take my time getting around to doing it, or decide NOT to do it, because of constant begging or harassing.

Any rude/mean comments or people will be removed/blocked. Please think before you type and be kind to one another.

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Pop Art Painting Tutorial WOMAN SUNGLASSES. How to paint in acrylics step by step

Come and learn how easy it is to paint this great Pop Art painting of a woman with mirror sunglasses.
Easy painting tutorial in acrylics for beginners.

Artist Vered Thalmeier shows step-by-step how to create this beautiful acrylic painting. Easy instructionsans perfect for beginners and artists of all ages.

The colors you need are:
Acrylic Paints:

Oxide Black
Red Vermilion
Yellow cadmium
Light Oxide Red
Flesh Color
Primary Blue

POSCA white marker

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