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Yair Emanuel’s beautiful tallit sets are an exquisite and unique work of art, adding an extraordinary addition to your spiritual ritual. Emanuel’s tallit sets are manufactured by various techniques, including hand embroidery, machine embroidery, cotton, raw silk applique’, dyed pure silk, velvet and lace.
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The tallit sets are characterized by extraordinary designs and by a unique colourfulness. The variety of tallit sets is intended for the all ages and tastes, general public, for a Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah, and there are also tallit sets especially designed for women. Most of our tallit sets include a matching bag and a kippa. you can purchase Tallit clips separately.


Judaica jewelry

Jewish jewelry
Located in the heart of Jerusalem near Mamilla we pride ourselves in finding and delivering unbeatable collection of fine Jewish jewelry and Judaica Art.
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Ancient Jewish artifacts in the Israel Museum

(6 May 2012) AP Television
Jerusalem – 3 April 2012
1. Pan across Israel Museum””””s Hanukkah collection
2. Close-up of Hanukkah lamp
3. Mid of Torah shields
4. Pan right to left Torah scroll cases from Iraq
5. Close-up detail of Torah shield from Turkey
6. Mid of Rachel Sarfati, curator at the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Wing for Jewish Art and at Jerusalem””””s Israel Museum
7. SOUNDBITE (English): Rachel Sarfati, curator at the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Wing for Jewish Art and at Jerusalem””””s Israel Museum:
“Judaica is the ritual objects that were made for Jews during the years to help them to do their ritual Jewish festivals or during Sabbath. They need the Hanukkiah for Hanukkah, the Hanukkah lamp; they need the candlesticks for Sabbath; they need to bless on the wine with (a) special goblet.”
8. Close-up Elijah cup from Germany (a type of wine goblet)
9. Close-up detail floral ornament on wine goblet
10. Tilt-up spice-boxes from African, Western Europe and Middle East countries
11. Close-up Hanukkah lamps from Yemen (they””””re situated next to the Syrian collection, hence the writing you see on the right)
12. SOUNDBITE (English): Rachel Sarfati, curator at the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Wing for Jewish Art and at Jerusalem””””s Israel Museum
“We said ””””one custom and different forms””””. The reason is the story of the Jewish people: since the destruction of the Temple, Jews lived in different places all over the world and they got their inspiration to their ceremonial art from the surrounding company, the surrounding art. So in Eastern lands, in Islamic lands, they adopted the floral or geometrical motives that (is) typical to Islamic art. In Western Europe they adopted the styles and motives that are typical to the objects of the Christian””””s art.”
13. Tilt down from ceiling of reconstruction of Tzedek ve-Shalom synagogue
14. Close-up candelabra inside reconstruction of Tzedek ve-Shalom synagogue
15. Close-up Hanukkah lamp branches and view outside of window
16. Wide Israel Museum””””s exterior with group of young children in foreground
17. Mid of child inside Judaica store inside Mamilla Mall
18. Mid of store visitor looking at items
19. SOUNDBITE (French): Hadassa Abitbol, French visitor:
“I””””m very attracted by everything that””””s Judaica, by all ritual objects because I think it””””s very beautiful, to honour the feasts.”
20. Close-up Judaica objects and children inside shop at Mamilla Mall
AP Television
Kfar Daniel, Israel – 3 April 2012
21. Wide Aviv Shkeren, visitor at Hazorfim factory store, with his children
22. SOUNDBITE (Hebrew): Aviv Shkeren, visitor at Hazorfim factory store:
“Once in a while we visit Hazorfim and we buy all type of items with a distinguished Jewish flare, like Passover seder plate, Hanukkiots (Hanukkah lamps), candlesticks.”
23. Close-up pure silver
24. Tilt-up from silver leftovers being melted
25. Close-up silver leftovers being melted
26. Zoom-in cast silver being poured onto machine
27. Close-up silver tray model
28. Close-up silver being pressed on candlestick model
29. Zoom-out tilt-up candlestick parts being pressed on model
30. Close-up candlestick parts being assembled
31. Mid of candlestick parts being assembled
32. Various close-ups candlestick parts being assembled with blowtorch
33. Mid of worker engraving details on wine goblet
34. Close-up of engraving
35. Wide pan right of laboratory
35. Mid of candlesticks on tray shelves
37. Mid of Naora Ofarim, Hazorfim export administrator, holding candlesticks
38. SOUNDBITE (English): Naora Ofarim, Hazorfim export administrator:
39. Close-up silver Hanukkah lamp

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Israel Holy Land Art • Jerusalem Names • Christian & Judaica

Seventy Names of Jerusalem
ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/142671075153
The “Kotel HaMa’aravi,” Western Wall of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount stands as a testimony to yesterday, today and tomorrow, bound by centuries of tears, fears, dreams and hopes absorbed into her ancient walls. Echoing timeless prayers, her sun drenched stones glitter with the golden hues of sunrise and sunset in this rendition of Ellen Miller Braun’s “Seventy Names of Jerusalem.” Shining eternally gold, “Jerusalem” glows warmly over this holy site. The “Jerusalem” in this design is created using Jerusalem’s 70 names, which so eloquently describe her many vibrant and spiritual qualities.*
The number 70 is significant in a number of ways in Judaism and its teachings:
HaShem, G-d, has 70 Names.
70 Nations descended from Noah.
70 languages emerged after the Tower of Babel.
The Torah was translated into the 70 languages of the Nations.
The Torah has 70 names.
The Torah was transmitted to 70 elders.
The 70 sages of the Sanhedrin safeguarded the Torah.
The Torah was engraved on 70 stones after Joshua crossed the Jordan.
Israel has 70 names.
There were 70 people who went down to Egypt with Jacob.
The Jews celebrate 70 holy days per year, 52 Sabbaths and 18 festivals (including all the days of Pesach and Succot)
During Succot, there were 70 sacrifices offered for the 70 nations.
The Temple was built with 70 pillars.
The Holy City of Jerusalem had 70 names. (Midrash Zuta)

The Seventy Names of Jerusalem is an enchanting deviation from Ellen Miller Braun’s other micro calligraphy illustrations, as this piece combines paint on fabric, embroidery and finally the eternal Jerusalem written in micro calligraphy using Jerusalem’s 70 Names. These spiritual names embody the strength of Jerusalem and the beauty of her centuries old religious significance. The first in a continuing series, Ellen created this gift for her second son-in-law creating a special satchel for his prayer shawl. The choice of colors, matching the sunrise and sunset at “the Kotel” came from the wedding invitation which Ellen also created for the new couple.
*70 names: Yerushalayim; Shalem; HaShem Yirah; Yivos; Gilad; Levanon; Tzion; Kiseh HaShem; Ir HaShem; Yaffe Nof; Har Tzion; Yirkhetei Tzafon; Kiryat Melech Rav; Meshosh Kol HaAretz; Chaftzi Ba; Efrata; Sadeh Ya’ar; Menucha; Ariel; Har Mo’ed; Ravti Eem; Ravti BaGoyim; Sharti BaMidinot; Ir Sh’chavrah La Yachdav; Ir Lo Na’azvah; Beit Tefillah; Migdal Eder; Mitzudah; Moriah; Gan HaShem; Har G’vohah; Ir HaYona; Kriyah Ne’emana; Ir HaTzedek; Gey Ch’zion; Givat HaLevona; Dlatot HaAmim; Har HaKodesh; Har Chemed; Nachalah; Ir David Yam; B’ulah; Even Ma’amasah; Yafeh; B’tulah; Kallah; Eishet N’urim; Yedidut; Drushah; Gilah; Eden; HaShem K’doshim; Akrah; Bamot; Ir HaNegev; Bashan; Chadrech; Ramah; Golah V’surah; Gan E-lokim; Har Darom; M’kudeshet; Morha; Carmel; Har Merom Yisrael; Klilat Yofie; HaShem Shamah; Armon; Tavor HaAretz; Rachel. (Midrash HaGadol 46:7)


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