Yitzchok Moully. Pop Art Rabbbi on i24 News Israel TV

Yitzchok Moully the Pop Art Rabbbi being interviewed on i24 News Israeli TV talking about the Jerusalem Biennale and the group show Popthodox / Black Humor.

About the show:

Curator: Noa Lea Cohn

Participating Artists: Ilan Atlan / Shai Azoulay / Shahaf Ben Shaya / Yom Tov Blumenthal / Dan Groover / Anshie Kagan / Ezra Landau / Yiddy Lebovits / Judith Levi / Etzion Mizrahi / Yitzchok Moully / Mendy Pellin / Esther Malka Seruya / David Baruch Wolk/ Marcelle Tehila Bitton

The exhibition is called Black Humor after the Israeli slang expression for the ultra-Orthodox, who are called “blacks” for the dominant color of their clothes, and exposes for the first time a new pop art genre called Pophoddox. The exhibition deals with the identity and appearance of the Orthodox Jew and his ability to deal with a two-way view: interior and exterior. The exhibition’s artists stand on the watershed: on the one hand, they use introspective, inner humor that belongs to the public in which they belong to the thin nuances within it. On the other hand, humor enables them to direct an external critical eye on themselves – ‘the self-conscious stranger.’ This pioneering exhibition is a contemporary seismograph of the sociological and ideological processes taking place in ultra-Orthodox society (under its various factions) under the radar.

Venue: Beit Hasid. Jerusalem Israel


Battlestar Judaica.mp4

Under dailly threat of annihilation from Iran, Israel is abandoned by it’s one friend… The United States of America.

Fear not. We’ve got another friend who is even more powerful…


Israel Art – Jerusalem Art

Jerusalem Art – “Hutzot Hayotzer,” that is “Artists Lane,” suggesting to the visitor a place to meet the artists face to face. The artists were selected by a professional committee and include internationally-known artists who have won worldwide awards, as well as awards from the Israeli Museum of Judaica.


Rabbi to Bibi Netanyahu: Do Something to Hasten Moshiach’s Coming

Rabbi to Bibi Netanyahu: “Do Something to Hasten Moshiach’s Coming

Sheikh Imran Hosein: a Pax Judaica world-order is about to replace Pax Americana. The passage from the second to the third and final ruling state in the master-plan is again taking place through a series of strange wars. Israel would soon replace USA as the ruling state in the world and when that occurs, a Jew would eventually rule the world from Jerusalem and claim to be the true Messiah! But he would not be Jesus the true Messiah. Rather, Prophet Muhammad explained that he would be Dajjal the false Messiah (Anti-Christ).

We are now very close indeed to the culmination of that devilish master-plan that has been ominously unfolding ever since the small island Britain startled the world a few centuries ago by becoming the first ruling state in post-Biblical history (i.e., since David and Solomon created the world’s first ruling state).


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The original Nesting dolls – Bottle cover with a picture of the “grandfather – a rabbi.”
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ERETZION :: Jewelry Judaica Store :: presents New Shabbat Candlesticks & Hannukia by Ben-Zion David

ERETZION :: Jewelry Judaica Store :: presents New Shabbat Candlesticks & Hannukia by Ben-Zion David
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