Copa Judaica Ancient Airplane Menorah for Chanukah – for Standard Hanukkah Candles – Old School
Copa Judaica Ancient Airplane Menorah for Chanukah – for Standard Hanukkah Candles – Old School Flying Machine Menora Style – 7″ Tall x 11″ Wide
CREATIVE JUDAICA A unique and fun design for all to enjoy our realistically shaped fantastic flying machine menorah will make your holiday experience so much brighter and exciting
Soar above the rest with this unique and creative old school flying machine shaped menorah from Copa Judaica With a choice of beautiful fun and classic Chanukiyas to choose from you are sure to find one that suits your personality FEATURES BENEFITS Made with Premium Grade Materials Includes 8 Lights Plus 1 Shamash Fits Most Standard Chanukah Candles and Oil Cups Great Judaica GiftCELEBRATE IN STYLENothing beats celebrating the holiday of Hanukah Sitting with the family eating latkas and donuts as the light of the menorah shines brightly Having the right menorah helps enhance that sense of warmth and family Whether your choice is a novelty menorah that makes everyone smile or a classic menorah that gives everyone a heartwarming feeling of nostalgia Copa Judaica s menorahs are sure to take your holiday celebrations to the next level ANCIENT TRADITION MODERN STYLEThe festival of Hanukah marks the wondrous events that occurred millennia ago While we think of the Maccabi warriors so many years ago as we kindle the flames there is no reason the menorah itself can t have a modern twist Every menorah in our collection both hearkens back to days of old while displaying a beautiful modernday aesthetic that never looks out of place in your home Whether you light this menorah in the window or the doorway everyone who sees it is sure to love its intricate design and beautiful style THE PERFECT HANUKKAH GIFTIf you are looking for a Chanuka or Judaica gift your search is over With so many beautiful novel and traditional options to choose from whether it is a host or hostess gift housewarming present or gift for a Jewish friend or colleague a classic menorah is the way to go ABOUT USPurveyors of fine Judaic gifts and art Copa Judaica features a unique collection of Jewish lifecycle holiday and traditional item from artists around the world You may also be interested Alphabet Circus (Rock ‘n Learn) 2019


Emanuel Judaica New Products 2013

Emanuel Judaica New Products 2013

We wish you a Happy New Year!!!
May this be a year of prosperity and success, of peace, security and health.

For the New Year we are pleased to introduce to you the
New collection of products for 2013.
Our new products: spectacular Shawls , Sabbath candlesticks, Havdalah Sets and Sets of Kiddush caps, Pomegranates, Bags, kitchen products, Menorahs, Challah covers and Paper Mache plates.


Judaica Dubrov 1

Judaica ,Dubrov Boris ,art ,Boris Dubrov is a famous Israeli artist, working in the field of judaica painting. His paintings, highly appreciated by art lovers, are exhibited in the most well-known art galleries both in Israel and abroad. Many of his works can also be found in private collections. According to art experts, Dubrov’s paintings reveal his dazzling skill with paint and are undoubtedly of great artistic value.


Denver Judaica – Denver Kippah and Yamulk Store

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Crocheted Kippot – Russian Bocharian, Suede, Frik, Satin, Bulk Synagogue Kippot – Black Fedora Hats, Ladies Kippot and much more

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What is a Kippah: 2993


VIN News Interview With Jonathan Greenstein – Antiques Judaica Auction House

Cedarhurst, NY – After being expelled from a Brooklyn yeshiva when he was 14, Jonathan Greenstein attended public school, where the days ran shorter so the so-called “problem child” picked up a job at an antique store that kick started his passion for collecting Judaica (Jewish religious artifacts).

“Old ladies would bring in their antiques to the store and while the owner wasn’t Jewish, he knew they shouldn’t be melted down,” said Greenstein, now a Cedarhurst resident. “That was 28 years ago and while I’m not really a collector anymore, I still have all the stuff I collected as a kid.”

Greenstein opened a Judaica auction house in Cedarhurst, J. Greenstein & Co., in August and said the biggest challenge is weeding through the fakes and forgeries. He explained that his 28 years of experience handling Judaica helps him distinguish the genuine from the imitation and that in order to tell if a piece is real you need to pay attention to the aging of the silver, the inscriptions, general style, quality of silver and the company the piece came from.

Cedarhurst was chosen as the location for Greenstein’s auction house because he has lived in the Five Towns for the past 15 years and wanted to open a store dedicated to Judaica.

“There’s no place like it in America where you can but antique menorahs and candlesticks,” Greenstein said about his auction house. “I wanted to share my love and passion for Judaica with others and Cedarhurst is the appropriate neighborhood to do that in.”

Abe Kugielsky, who serves as the director of J. Greenstein & Co., said he got involved in Judaica through his father who was a Judaica dealer for 35 years. “Jon knew my father and when he decided to open his own store, I asked if he needed help,” Kugielsky said. “I found the history and art behind Judaica so interesting and working with Jon is great because he’s honest, straight like an arrow and the right person to work in this line with.”

J. Greenstein & Co. has a large presence on the Internet and Greenstein said their clientele is very diverse and that there are currently 800 people on their mailing list. Kugielsky said he is in charge of following up with the clients both through telephone and email, uploading pictures of new pieces the auction house receives on the company’s website,, and dealing with the various Judaica dealers.

“I’m quite busy,” Kugielsky said. “We have a very widespread clientele all over the world.”

Greenstein said the top item he recently sold was a Silver Ner Tamid (eternal lamp) to Temple Beth Elohim in Wellesley, Mass. “The token item provides such continuity from generation to generation and we have actively been searching for something like this for three years,” said Harriet Warshaw, the immediate past president of the temple. “It is a perfect representation to add within the new contemporary temple we have built to link our history in Europe.”

Despite the fact that Greenstein was self-taught, he said if anyone is interested in Judaica they should start with important, resell able, authentic pieces and find a mentor. “Unfortunately 75 percent of Judaica pieces are fake,” he said. “So unless you know what you’re doing, you’ll get screwed.”


Beautiful Judaica Art from Israel – Mezuzah Cover Collection by Sarah’s Tent Art Gallery in Tzfat

These are some of the beautiful handmade Mezuzah cases that we sell in our art gallery in Safed. They are all completely handmade and crafted by our silversmith Efim Levin. Made out of Brass, Copper and Silver and containing precious Jewels – each one is completely original and one of a kind in the world.

Please contact us through our website to order or to find out more:

Thank you!

Sarah’s Tent Art Gallery Tzfat