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Armenian Ceramics hamsas, Mugs, plates and home decor.
Ceramic handmade Mugs featuring Tel Aviv / Jerusalem / Jaffa / Nazareth / Shalom / Flowers. Wall hangings hamsas, pomegranates, home blessing.
Colourful souvenir. Israeli handmade.
Gifts for Home
Laser cut hamsas, magnets, key holders, Mezuzah.
Artistic design decorated, Armenian Ceramics, made in Israel by artists from the Armenian community.
Each individual item is hand made with ceramic clay and hand painted using metallic and oxidized paint in order to keep its natural colour.
Each item is finished with a fine glazing that gives it its attractive appearance.
Traditional Armenian original products. Hand painted colorful flowers.
From the Old City – Holy Land Israel.
Judaica and Christian motifs.
Gifts for Home


Avi Luvaton Judaica Art

For more than 25 years Avi Luvaton has been able to capture centuries old Jewish traditions and present them in a modern, vibrant, and elegant style of Judaica art and design. His breakthrough style and talents are uncompromising and always evolving.

Avi’s craftsmanship, materials, and designs make his Judaica art unique and sought after. Avi uses the best technologies and collaborates with great art masters from around the world to create his spectacular Judaica pieces. He imports semiprecious stones quarried from around the world and travels to Murano, Italy to create some of the glass pieces for his magnificent Judaica art using the renowned Murano glass blowing studios.

Avi Luvaton’s design and production studio is located in the artist colony of Hutzot Hayotzer. Right outside the Jerusalem old city walls, Hutzot Hayotzer is a site well known for the studios of grand masters in textile, glass, jewelry, woodwork, and art.

Avi’s extraordinary works are presented in museums and collectors homes around the world.

You are welcome to visit the new Avi Luvaton galleries in the David Citadel Hotel, Mamilla Hotel, and Mamilla Mall to see more of Avi’s Judaica art collections

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Father's Day Gifts | Wednesday Wisdom Ep. 22

Welcome to Wednesday Wisdom Episode 22! Father’s Day is coming up, any plans on gifts for Dad? Today we’ll showcase our most popular Judaica gifts that Dad is sure to love.

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We are a small Judaica business that buys items from Israeli craftsmen and craftswomen who create objects that have a piece of the Holy Land in them. These wonderful items help our customers connect with the Land of Israel –


Everlasting Dance | Judaica | Michael Silverstone Art

Artist Michael Silverstone is a world-renowned ceramic sculptor. His attention to fine detail and his phenomenal ability to convey a story, experience or inspiration through sculpture have defined his uniqueness and afforded him great recognition. Two giant clocks – “Twelve Tribe Clocks” – were hung at both sides of the Western Wall in 2016. The artist’s works can be found in museums, public squares and the homes of world leaders. Every piece is handmade. The gold and platinum plating is intended to highlight details and intensify the viewing experience. Using innovative techniques and methods unique to the artist, he creates powerful 3-D creations, resistant to all weather conditions, handed down through the generations and relating the story of the Jewish people.

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The Hebrew Roots Movement – Messianic Christianity

A brief overlook of the Hebrew Roots Movement, what it means and my thoughts on it. Each person has to pray and study on how they feel about this topic.

Jim Staley – Passion for Truth Ministry

Rabbi Michael – AyzTyler


Israel Daily tv interview with Sheva Chaya

Israel Daily tv interview with Sheva Chaya of Sheva Chaya’s Gallery.

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