Greenvurcel Judaica היודאיקה של גרינוורצל

Jerusalem artist, Yaakov Greenvurcel working on his art.
Greenvurcel designs and makes Jewish Ritual Objects that breathe new life into ancient forms.
His works of art, such as Hanukah Menoras, Shabbat candlesticks, Havdalah Sets etc have been exhibited widely and are represented in many private and public collections including Museums in Israel and abroad.
His awarded work of art is shown and sold in Greenvurcel Gallery in Jerusalen, 27 Yoel Salomon St. and in Greenvuecel Gallery in Tel Aviv, 54 Hei Be’iyar St.
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האמן, יעקב גרינוורצל – תהליך יצירה
יעקב גרינוורצל, אמן ירושלמי, עטור פרסים, מעצב ומבצע את כלי הפולחן היהודיים שלו ומפיח בעבודותיו רוח חדשה, אבל בל נטעה, כל העבודות נעשות לפי ההלכה.
החנוכיות, הפמוטים ושאר כלי הפולחן שהוא מעצב, מוצגים באוספים פרטיים וציבוריים בישראל וברחבי העולם.
תוכלו להתרשם ולרכוש את עבודותיו בגלריה גרינוורצל בירושלים, ברחוב יואל סלומון 27 או בגלריה גרינוורצל בתל-אביב, בהי באייר 54.


Welcoming the Shabbat – Judaica fine art oil Painting

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Welcoming the Shabbat -Judaica fine art oil Painting

– Reproduction
– 24″ x 30″
– This is a Museum quality, hand painted oil Painting.
– No prints or computer work
– Just Real Art
– Hand painted with real oil paint on canvas.
– Artist: Elena Flerova
– This a reproduction and not an exact copy of Elena Flerova work – you will notice minor changes

This ark work can be purchased as unframed and stretched or framed



Let us introduce you to one of the top Israeli artist, Shuki Frieman, who’s illuminated art is displayed in the museums and galleries worldwide.
Years of work, thought, imagination and creativity along with very artistic and skilled work was put into each piece, making every detail no less than perfect and the overall finish splendid!
These 2 art-pieces (seder plate & Haggadah) were hand made by Shuki approximately 10 years ago and made only once!
It took a total of 6000 hours to complete each piece with their details.

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