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Noah Ark Mezuzah Case

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Judaica or Jewish gifts refers to an array of objects used by Jews for ritual purposes. Because enhancing a mitzvah by performing it with an especially beautiful object is considered a praiseworthy way of honoring God’s commandments


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David Roytman – Set for Talit & Tefillin – King David

David Roytman Luxury Suitcases & Accessories


These original bags for Talit and Tefillin are made with silver accessories and jewelry letters work. All the fittings and the letters are cast in silver old-fashioned way. To better preserve the appearance of silver, we put a protective layer of rhodium on it. The interior of the bag is made from the finest suede. The outside is made from Italian leather that is also laser embossed with our house design. The bag is structured in away that makes the compartments easily accessible. You can find everything you need fast and easy.

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