Beauty Pop Art | Maquillaje Tutorial

Hola hermos@s!!! como están!!! hoy comparto este hermoso makeup en estilo Pop Art un maquillaje sobre dimensionado que podría tener dos interpretaciones, uno, un simple maquillaje Pop Art, o un maquillaje que refleja la obsesión que se puede llegar a tener con el makeup con tal de lograr una “belleza” perfecta,.

#HPLOVERS | #HPstylist Video N° 196


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GLAM Pop Art Makeup Tutorial for Women || Biromsmakeup

Hi guys

2 years ago I did this Pop Art makeup tutorial for men:

Now I bring you my version of this style of makeup using glitter, I hope you like it. If I did a mistake with my english please let me know 😉

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Snapchat: Biromsmakeup

If you want me to do an especific look please tell me in the comments section 😀

Thanks so much for watching!!


DIY | Bleached Pop Art Shorts

DIY michael jackson bleach pop art icon shorts
hey guys! so one of my followers tagged me in a photo on instagram of some shorts saying she knows i would kill em! as they were michael jackson…..and DUH im obsessed! with MJ. so i done my research to purchase them BUT they were way to exspensive for my taste! so i thought hold up i can MAKE this so thats exactly what i done! with my OWN twist of course, I aint about to be replicating no ones designs lol. so i hope i inspire you guys to get funky and if you make anything please show me! id love to see.

If you are just not about that DIY life but still want some cute shorts check out dirty ego! they sell the shorts that inspired me and LOTS of other custom shorts

instagram: TootsieJackson
twitter: TootsieTime
Tootsie time


Pop Art Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Only In Ur Mind:

Welcome to Only In Ur Mind. Once more I am collaborating with the very amazing Rex Queen. With Halloween we decided to do the makeup of Pop art zombies. I ready love the very colorful makeup and always love working with Rex Queen. I hope you enjoy!

Rex Queen:

Make-up used
mehron paradise paint: white, light blue, and light pink
Diamond FX: Neon Magenta
Wolfe face: white and red
FAB: lalaland purple and blue
Cameleon: black and Blood red
music by: Zombie Rock by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Artist: For most of the products I use please check out my affiliate link :

Onlyinurmind Creative Soaps:


Pop Art Zombie Halloween Tutorial

Nothing better than a glamorized Zombie girl right?! This was my first Pop Art Zombie and I had lots of fun creating her. I found some inspiration from one of my good insta buddies She is the Queen of Pop Art Zombies! Excited to add this look to my Fancy Halloween. Next up is a Halloween classic! Stay tuned Fancy Peeps!


Mehron Makeup Paradise Makeup AQ paints: White, Black, Orange, Pink, DK Pink, and Lime Green.

Urban Decay Electric eyeshadow palette: Slowburn, Jilted, and Thrash.

Makeup Geek Cosmetics eyeshadows: Jester and Cherry Cola.

NYX Cosmetics: Liquid Suede cream lipstick in Pink Lust.

E.L.F Cosmetics: Black Liquid Eyeliner

Funky Eyes Lenses: In White Block and Enchanted.

Wig and lashes were purchased at my local costume shop.

MUSIC: LEV3L ZERO – 2spooky



Halloween Comic Book Pop Art Makeup + Costume!

Hey guys! Im here today with a Halloween Comic Book Pop Art Makeup Look! This is my first Halloween look so I hope you guys enjoy it and find it helpful. Remember use what you have at home! I hope you get a chance to re-create this look hashtag #ilovejmarie on Instagram so I can feature your look. Thanks for watching, I will see you in the next one! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Instagram: Ilovejmarie
Twitter: Ilovejaymarie



Portofolio Shooting “Pop Art Zombie”

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