Paolo Coen – Storia e Teoria del Museo, DAMS, Università di Teramo

– ENGLISH BELOW – Video pilota del Corso di Storia e Teoria del Museo, tenuto dal prof. Paolo Coen nel Corso di Laurea in DAMS presso l’Università degli Studi di Teramo. Il video, prodotto nell’ambito di ‘Obiettivo DAMS’, è un sussidio didattico per gli studenti. Esso introduce varie unità didattiche: esse includono fra l’altro i Musei Capitolini di Roma, il Musée Napoleon a Parigi – una delle molte fasi del Louvre -, il complesso di Santa Maria di Bominaco, vicino L’Aquila. La parte conclusiva del video guarda decisamente verso il contemporaneo e dunque verso i temi di museologia gettati per esempio da Andy Warhol e da Francesco Vezzoli. Il video, scritto e diretto da Paolo Coen, è girato e montato da Sergio De Angelis. Main tutorial video of the ‘Museum Studies’ course held by prof. Paolo Coen in the DAMS degree course at the University of Teramo. The video, produced as part of the project ‘Obiettivo DAMS’, is an educational aid for the students. It introduces various teaching units, which include he Capitoline Museums of Rome, the Musée Napoleon in Paris – one of the many phases of the Louvre – the monastical complex of Santa Maria di Bominaco, near L’Aquila. The final part of the video looks decidedly towards the contemporary and therefore towards the themes of museology suggested for example by Andy Warhol and Francesco Vezzoli. The video was written and directed by Paolo Coen; it was shot and edited by Sergio De Angelis.


Andy Warhol Estrella Oscura

Hemos visto obras de Andy Warhol: una por aquí, otra por allá. Pero nunca antes tantas reunidas en una sala de museo de la Ciudad de México.

La selección de Andy Warhol. Estrella oscura incluye las que hemos visto muchas veces pero en los libros –no el boceto, no la réplica, no las menos famosas–. Por eso quizás te sentirás sorprendido cuando te encuentres frente a Mao Tse Tung (Mao, 1973) enorme e imponente, o la repetición de Elvis con pistola en mano (Elvis I and II [Elvis I y II], 1963-1964).

Es emocionante.


LaChapelle: Good News for Modern Man, Groninger Museum

Verwacht spectaculaire portretten – van Andy Warhol tot Miley Cyrus – maar ook sterke composities, sprekende kleuren en wonderschoon naakt in de tentoonstelling ‘LaChapelle: Good News for Modern Man’. Voor het eerst toont de wereldberoemde fotograaf David LaChapelle zijn werk in Nederland en dat met maar liefst ruim 70 werken. Het Groninger Museum laat de diversiteit van LaChapelle zien, door in elke ruimte een andere periode uit zijn carrière uit te lichten. LaChapelle’s foto’s vertellen verhalen, die hij op een unieke manier creëert. Zo is bijvoorbeeld alles wat je op de foto’s ziet door de kunstenaar in scene gezet; er komt geen Photoshop aan te pas. En wist je dat LaChapelle de negatieven van zijn foto’s met de hand bewerkt? Als je goed kijkt, kan je hier en daar zelfs zijn vingerafdrukken zien zitten!

De tentoonstelling ‘LaChapelle: Good News for Modern Man’ is te zien t/m 28 oktober 2018 in het Groninger Museum.

Expect spectacular portraits – from Andy Warhol to Miley Cyrus – but also strong compositions, powerful colors and beautiful nude in the exhibition ‘LaChapelle: Good News for Modern Man’. For the first time, the world-famous photographer David LaChapelle shows his work in the Netherlands, with more than 70 works! The Groninger Museum shows the diversity of LaChapelle as an artist, highlighting a different period in his career in every room. LaChapelle’s photographs tell stories, and he creates them in a unique way. For example, every detail in the scenes you see on the photographs is constructed by the artist; no Photoshop is involved. And did you know that LaChapelle enhances the negatives of his photographs by hand? If you look closely, you can even see his fingerprints!

The exhibition ‘LaChapelle: Good News for Modern Man’ is on show until 28 October 2018 in the Groninger Museum.


Teaser The American Dream Drents Museum en Kunsthalle Emden

The American Dream was te zien van 17 november 2017 t/m 27 mei 2018 in het Drents Museum en Kunsthalle Emden.

Om de Amerikaanse droom te beleven, hoef je geen oceaan meer over te steken: het Drents Museum en de Kunsthalle Emden slaan de handen ineen voor de internationale dubbeltentoonstelling The American Dream. In Assen (Nederland) en Emden (Duitsland) is gelijktijdig een spectaculair overzicht te zien van Amerikaans realisme van 1945 tot heden. Topkunstenaars als Edward Hopper, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein en Chuck Close voeren je mee langs de kunst, cultuur en geschiedenis van het naoorlogse Amerika. De tentoonstelling is een primeur: nooit eerder werd in Europa zo’n uitgebreid overzicht getoond van het Amerikaanse realisme.

You no longer need to cross the ocean to experience the American Dream: the Drents Museum and the Kunsthalle Emden have joined forced to mount the international double exhibition The American Dream. This spectacular survey of American Realism from 1945 to the present is on view simultaneously in Assen (The Netherlands) and Emden (Germany). Leading artists including Edward Hopper, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Chuck Close guide your journey through the art, culture, and history of post-war America. This is an exclusive for the museums: such an extensive survey of American Realism has never before been shown in Europe.


Andy Warhol | Artist Spotlight

Andy Warhol: Businessman, con artist, hypochondriac, shooting victim, awesome.

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Andy Warhol’s “The Chelsea Girls” | HOW TO SEE Double-Screen Films

There are quotes by Andy Warhol stating, “I’ve stopped painting. I’m now making movies.” Explore the pop artist’s 1966 double-screen film “The Chelsea Girls” with Greg Pierce, Associate Curator of Film and Video at The Andy Warhol Museum.

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Peter Blake – The collages of Under Milk Wood | Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales

‘Llareggub: Peter Blake illustrates Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood’ was an exhbition that was held at Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales between 23 November 2013 – 16th March 2014.

The exhibition featured portraits drawn in black and white pencil on tinted paper, watercolors illustrating the dream sequences in the play, ‘narratives and locations’ in a mix of media including collage, and photographs that Blake took himself in Laugharne in the 1970s.

‘Llareggub: Darluniau Peter Blake ar gyfer Under Milk Wood’ oedd arddangosfa a gynhaliwyd yn Amgueddfa Cymru rhwng 23 Tachwedd 2013 – 16 Mawrth 2014.

Roedd yr arddangosfa’n cynnwys portreadau mewn pensil du a gwyn ar bapur arlliwiedig, lluniau dyfrlliw o olygfeydd breuddwydiol y ddrama, darluniau ‘naratif a lleoliadol’ mewn amrywiol gyfryngau gan gynnwys collage, a ffotograffau a dynnwyd gan Blake ei hun yn Nhalacharn yn y 1970au.