“A forest” The CURE.


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Technodrome1: The Digital Pop Artist Taking Over the Internet And the Art Scene I Sharpmen.com

Technodrome1 art is now available on http://sharpmen.com Technodrome1 is a Digital Pop Artist whose unique art has gone viral on the internet and captured the hearts of thousands. Technodrome1’s unique combination of Acid style & Popular figures creates an end result that not only resonates with popular culture but also builds a universe that every soul craves to discover. A couple of his illustrations have been published and his work has already been showed in a Paris show. Now witness Technodrome1’s world expand from his original home of NJ to the Brooklyn Art scene and now the World.


“A horse with no name” America.


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NEW BH Cosmetics Pop Art Lipsticks Swatches + First Impression

►New BH Cosmetics Pop Art Lipsticks Swatches!

Hey all you beautiful awesome weird people you! Welcome back to my channel! Here’s an exciting new video over some new lippies! I’ve recently been getting into lipsticks more and as soon as I got the email about these, I immediately had to buy them! The colors are amazing and they’re so opaque! From light pastels to these rich deep colors, there’s something for everyone for every occasion!

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“In search of Space” Hawkwind.

this not a nightshot but I shot my garden marble table….


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Deep Hat / (Dance & Electronic ) * track – 11 / (pop artist)-(video art)

Welcome to the music channe!
Enjoy the good vibes and community ^-^
음악 채널에 오신 것을 환영합니다!
좋은 분위기와 커뮤니티를 즐겨보세요 ^ – ^
Music title : Deep Hat
/ Participating musicians : Vibe Tracks
/ Music video creator : Ks – o

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Dance & Electronic / music / hiphop / dance / Electronic / club music / compose music/ pop art / pop artist / video art



Brooklyn based artist Greg Frederick brings you his three-dimensional, unique style and vision into the very fabric of popular culture. His vinyl pop art are pieces are created with broken record vinyls, their sleeves and packaging, as well as, other recycled materials. Greg found his own inspiration through his first love of photography along with the public obsession of celebrities which he portrays as his subjects. He also notes inspiration from fellow modern-day street artists such as Banksy, Mr. Brainwash and Shepard Fairey.

In his first professional show, Greg’s work appeared next to Andy Warhol silkscreens at the “Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art”. Shortly thereafter, in January 2012, the influential design website, Fab.com, highlighted Greg as its featured artist. Just eight short months later, Greg graced us with his first solo display in Las Vegas, NV at the “Get Up Gallery.” The presentation lasted the entire month of August, 2012. Once again, this past June, Greg celebrated with his second solo jaunt at Orphic Gallery in Roxbury, NY. The show was such record breaker for the gallery, they have dedicated one room to Mr. Frederick, showing his work indefinitely.

Greg Frederick’s art, while concurrently being shown to a worldwide audience, caught the attention of Ms. Courtney Love. Mr. Frederick proposed designs and subsequently was asked to design shirts and limited edition prints for Ms. Love’s recent concert tour. During this concert tour and stop in Las Vegas, Greg hosted a second successful show at the “Get Up Gallery.” This presentation was based on the growth of his art through his adoration for Ms. Love, entitled, “For The Love of Courtney.”

Currently Greg is readying his art for display closer to home. He has officially announced his first solo gallery show in Manhattan, NY at MIDOMA. The gallery has committed to being an alternative exhibition space for fine artists such as Mr. Frederick. Midoma, located in Hell’s Kitchen, represent a new artist every month including a meet the artist reception being held December 5, 2013 from 6-8pm

Additionally, Greg is available for private commissions of a custom portraiture. You could have the opportunity to turn a loved one or your favorite icon into an original masterpiece. Each portrait takes 2-4 weeks to create depending on size. Greg is available to get started on your portraits for the next special event and person in your life. Please contact us with questions and please follow Greg Frederick on Facebook and Twitter.


Masada @JudaicaWebStore.com

A production of the History Channel’s prestigious Time
Machine series.
Approximate length – 60 minutes.
Language: English

Masada a mountain fortress and symbol of Jewish independence.
Set deep in the Judean Desert, it was here at Masada 2,000 years ago, that the survivors of the Jewish Revolt gathered after the destruction of Jerusalem’s Temple for a desperate last stand against the Roman Empire.
The Jewish rebels chose the ‘impregnable’ mountaintop palaces of Herod the Great as their refuge. But in 73 A.D. they watched as the mighty legions camped beneath them. Slowly the Romans built fierce siege engines and constructed a huge rampart that eventually bought them to the barricaded gates of the zealots’ retreat.
Having defied the forces of the mightiest army on earth for three years, in the end the zealots chose death by their own hands — rather than face Roman slaughter or slavery.
Today, Masada is a symbol of Israel’s struggle for freedom. This film travels back to the zenith of the Roman Empire to vividly bring its story to life.
Visit the zealots stronghold and Herod’s magnificent Hanging Palace.
See the Roman base camp and ‘walk’ the fateful ramp that brought Rome to the rebels’ doorstep.
Hear their leader’s words as he exhorted his followers to mass suicide rather that risk falling into Roman hands.
Explore the legendary story – and complex legacy — of MASADA.