Legendary yachtsman’s funeral

1. Funeral cortege arrives at church
2. Blake’s widow Lady Pippa Blake and children arrive at church
3. New Zealand prime minister Helen Clarke outside church
4. Yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur outside church
5. Wide of crowds outside church
6. Lady Pippa Blake and children walk into church
7. Vicar outside church
8. Coffin hoisted onto pallbearers’ shoulders, draped in New Zealand flag
9. Canon Douglas Caiger, minister in charge of conducting the funeral service
10. Various of coffin taken into church
11. Various of mourners outside church listening to service
12. Wide shot inside church
13. SOUNDBITE: (English) Helen Clarke, New Zealand prime minister:
“Had Peter’s death occurred in heavy seas, we would all have understood it better. This violent death, at the hands of a fellow human being has been distressing beyond belief for his family, his country, and his friends and admirers around the world.”
14. Close of coffin
15. SOUNDBITE: (English) James Blake, son of Son Peter Blake (reading entry from Peter Blake’s ship’s log)
“We want to show people that we need to take better care of the environment. To win, you have to believe it. You have to be passionate. You have to really want the result. We want to make a difference.”
16. Various of coffin leaving church
17. Mourners enter cemetery
18. Various of sunset over Warblington


Sailing legend Sir Peter Blake was laid to rest in a tiny English churchyard on Friday, a week after he was murdered by river pirates in Brazil.

Hundreds of mourners from across the world, including New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark, attended the service.

Among those who spoke at the service was Blake’s 14 year old son James, who read a passage from his father’s last log, talking about the need to protect the environment.

Blake, a New Zealander had twice won the America’s Cup.

He was buried at the parish church of St Thomas-a-Becket in Warblington, Hampshire.

Knighted in 1995, Blake had made his home in Warblington, near Portsmouth.

About 300 people squeezed into the parish church and about 1,000 stood in the graveyard outside on a clear, frosty morning, listening to the service on loudspeakers.

He was eulogized on Friday as a “living legend” whose murder on the Amazon river had stunned New Zealand.

Blake’s wife Pippa, daughter Sarah-Jane, 18, and son James, 14, issued a statement saying they intended to personally answer each of the thousands of messages of condolence and support they had received.

Blake, 53, was shot to death on December 5 during a holdup aboard his 36-meter (119-foot) yacht, the Seamaster, anchored on the Amazon in the northern jungle state of Amapa, some 2,600 kilometers (1,600 miles) north of Sao Paulo.

Blake captained the America’s Cup winning yacht in 1995, sweeping his U.S. rival Dennis Conner 5-0.

Last year, he became the first non-American entry to retain the America’s Cup in 149 years with another 5-0 sweep, this time against the Italian challengers Prada.

Blake was appointed in July as a goodwill ambassador of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Last year, Blake embarked on a three-month study of wildlife in the South Pole region. He then traveled to the Amazon.

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WRAP Body of NZ sailing legend released

1. Pan of funeral car leaving the morgue
2. Travelling shot of funeral car
3. Funeral car arriving with coffin being removed
4. Close up of Sir Peter Blake’s face through glass topped coffin
5. Santa Rita funeral parlour
6. Sir Peter Blake’s coffin being carried from one room to another
7. Policeman guarding coffin
8. Ambassador Denise Almao arriving at funeral home
9. Various of coffin being put inside a box to be transported
10. Ambassador Denise Almao watching the box leave the funeral home
11. Blake’s remains being taken in a car to airport
12. Various of remains being loaded in plane
13. Ambassador Denise Almao hugging Sir Peter’s fellow crew members and saying good-bye.
14. Close up of ambassador Denise Almao crying
16. Air force plane taking off en route to London
17. Close up of ambassador Denise Almao crying
18. Federal police car taking last two bandits apprehended into custody
20. Boat used by bandits
21. Wide of motor engine stolen by bandits
22. Watch stolen from Sir Peter by bandits


The body of the slain yachtsman Sir Peter Blake was flown back to New Zealand after being released to his country’s ambassador Denise Almao in Macapa on Sunday.

His body was taken to a funeral home early on Sunday and later driven to a military air force base in Macapa.

The plane will land Sir Peter in London from where his body will be taken to Southern England. New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark said that Blake would be buried where his family had set up home, not far from the southern English port city of Southampton.

After searching the Amazon jungle, Federal Police in Macapa arrested the last two suspects involved in the killing of Blake after four men had allegedly already confessed to attacking his moored yacht.

Blake led New Zealand to America’s Cup victories in 1995 and 2000 and was feted as a national hero.

He was shot dead by masked pirates on Wednesday as they boarded his yacht “Seamaster” at its anchorage in the mouth of the Amazon River near Macapa, in Amapa state, two and a half thousand kilometres (18-hundred miles) northwest of Rio de Janeiro.

The 53-year-old yachtsman was on a worldwide expedition to monitor global warming and pollution when he died.

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Preparations for funeral of yachtsman Sir Peter Blake + arrival of NZ PM

Warblington, West Sussex
1. Various exteriors of Saint Thomas-A-Becket parish church
2. Marquee in church yard, erected for people who wish to attend the funeral but who cannot fit inside the church
3. Various of groundskeeper cutting grass, as part of preparations for funeral
4. Set up shot of Canon Douglas Caiger, who is conducting the funeral service
5. Stained glass window
6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Canon Douglas Caiger, Conducting service:
“Well the honour of being invited to do our best for this great occasion, you don’t get prime ministers ever day at services and that sort of thing. We love this church, it’s a thousand years old. Its walls are soaked in prayer, we shall be adding to those prayers tomorrow.”
7. Various of Louise, sister-in-law of Peter Blake, playing flute – she will be playing the same piece at the service

Emsworth, West Sussex
8. General view of village
9. Looking down street towards bay
10. Various set-up shots of Alan Sefton, Former crew mate of Blake and family spokesman – helping to organise funeral
11. SOUNDBITE: (English) Alan Sefton, Former crew mate of Peter Blake and family spokesman, speaking on behalf of Lady Pippa Blake, Peter Blake’s widow:
“The volume of message of condolences and so on that have been coming through have just got Pippa, to use that awful term, gob-smacked but she just can’t come to terms with it.”
12. Various exteriors of Emsworth sailing club
13. Various of Emsworth sailing club head, Rear Commodore John Cruickshank, looking at book of condolence set up in club (photograph of Peter Blake above book)
14. SOUNDBITE: (English) Rear Commodore John Cruickshank, Emsworth sailing club head:
“A huge loss, a big, big loss. Although he wasn’t here very much, one got the feeling they (Peter and Pippa Blake) would have retired to Emsworth, that is pretty categoric.”
15. Set up shot of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke
16. SOUNDBITE: (English) Helen Clarke, New Zealand Prime Minister:
“Sir Peter Blake is a national hero to New Zealanders. People are very, very distressed at what happened in the Amazon and it’s important that we mark his passing appropriately at the funeral here in England.”
17. Various of yachts in the bay


Sir Peter Blake, the New Zealand yachtsman killed last week by river pirates in Brazil, will be buried on Friday in the English coastal town he had made his home.

Blake, a hero in his native country, will be laid to rest at the thousand-year-old Saint Thomas-A-Becket parish church in Warblington, just outside of Emsworth in West Sussex on the English south coast.

He had lived in Emsworth for the past twenty years and had met his wife, Lady Pippa Blake, at the local sailing club, of which Peter was a member.

Her family live in the area and her sister will be playing the flute during the the service at the family’s church local church.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Helen Clark, flew to England on Thursday to attend the funeral.

She will give an address at the funeral.

Between eight hundred and a thousand people are expected to attend, including many big names from the yachting community.

Blake was shot dead last Wednesday during a robbery attempt by river pirates who boarded his yacht, the Seamaster, which was anchored near Macapa in the mouth of the Amazon River.

Blake and a crew of 10 were returning from a two-month stay in the upper reaches of the Amazon and Rio Negro rivers.

Blake, 53, who led New Zealand to America’s Cup victories in 1995 and 2000, was on a worldwide expedition to monitor global warming and pollution.

Earlier this year, he was named special envoy for the United Nations Environment Programme.

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