[Spray Paint Pop Art] Kylo Ren from Star Wars! (Character Recreation #3)

Spray Paint Character Recreation #3 (Kylo Ren from Star Wars!)

Sadly due to school, I have to take a month long break from videos, due to not having access to all my spray paint tools. However I will be back in October with temporary WEEKLY videos to make up for it. Hope you enjoyed this quick video!

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“Rynos Theme” (Kevin MacLeod)


Inauguración “Rictus y Morisqueta” de Andrea Britto

Inauguración de la exposición “Rictus y Morisqueta” de Andrea Britto, producto de parte de su trabajo en la Residencia Artística del Museo Alejandro Otero 2018.

La exposición estará abierta al público en la Sala 6 del Museo Alejandro Otero (La Rinconada) hasta el 18 de septiembre del 2018.


SheldonAClarke -Museum Of Modern Art ( MoMA Music Video)

I believe Andy Warhol did the Cambell soup because it was apart of his daily life,he said he eat it everyday. In addition, it’s something that people can relate to and Jasper Johns did the same with the American flag and the American map and am therefore thinking like one of the great artist and doing the same With the a moma rap. Creating art with the art of music about a modern day institution.


Pop Art Lady // Watercolor // Time Lapse // The Tacky Painter

Hi guys! I’m Erin The Tacky Painter and this is some pop art in watercolor! I hope you enjoy this video! Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe! Thanks so much for watching and stay tacky, my friends!

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9×12 inch Mixed Media Paper from Bellofy
Watercolor Brushes
Micron Ink Pen 005
White Gellyroll Pen from Sakura
Prismacolor Col-Erase Pencil in red
Prismacolor Col-Erase Pencil in green
Gansai Tambi watercolor set
Pentel Ink brush pen

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*Note: Please use these videos for educational and inspirational purposes only. Do not sell paintings produced from these videos but feel free to gift them to family and friends! Thank you and stay tacky!



Andy Warhol is being interviewed on his creation process and aspects of his life. Here are some of his answers:

“I paint anybody, anybody that asks.”
“I try to make people look good, I try to make great simple designs, mostly”
“I always think that I don’t do the first one good so I try to do more, in portraits.”
“I got this great camera called Polaroid Big Shot, and it just takes the face of the person, I haven’t learned the body yet. Takes the picture just of the face and there’s something that makes the person look just right, takes their head shots.”
“I usually take at least 200 or maybe more.”
“It’s usually a colored picture and I turn it into a black and white photograph an then from there I blow it up to the size (40×40). And then I paint over in a silk screen and try to get the right colors.”
“I use mostly artificial color.”
“I like them (my pictures) in closets. Because people collect and then put them away. At least they have them.”
“I like doing the same thing over and over again.”
” always want somebody to do 30 or 40 pictures of them.”
” always liked opera, I used to go when I was really young.”
“Liza Minnelli (who he enjoyed painting the most), because I was able to do the painting the way I used to do years ago. Just had the right look and the right colors.”
“I don’t believe in feelings and emotions but I do have them.”
“The important thing in life is getting by.”
“Time goes by us. ”
“I’m old, they call me granny.”
“I like everybody, that’s affection.”
“I really try not to dislike people.”



Andy Warhol Eats a Burger King Whopper→ http://youtu.be/Dsmp5gwniuw
David Bowie on Andy Warhol → http://youtu.be/tXq372Mp9Tw
Warhol’s Screen Test of Bob Dylan → http://youtu.be/peEtStgHEXM
Andy Warhol Interview at Villa by Barton G. in Miami → http://youtu.be/6C3equa_kzs



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