2017-12 – Painting – Pop Art Owl Face 1 – 1min

Memories of childhood, owl used to be easier to see when we were growing up in Northern BC. I consider myself very lucky to have seen them as well as other wildlife such as bears, moose, rabbits, and deer when living in a subdivision outside of the small city of Fort St. John.

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Jennifer Mawby Studio Visit

Jennifer Mawby Studio Visit

I popped in on Jenn Mawby this week preppin "The Sun, The Moon & The Stars" show at Grace Gallery: vantageartprojects.com/jennifermawby.com/wordpress/artwor…

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Barrie J Davies Is An Artist

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Mickey Painter Romero Britto

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Prachtig beeldje van Mickey en Minnie met de Nederlandse vlag. Gemaakt door Jim Shore. Mooi afgewerkt. Ook aan de onderkant. Leuk voor bij u in huis als decoratie.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse met Nederlandse vlag!
Hoog: 23 cm.
Breed: 15 cm.
Polystone. Handbeschilderd.
Gratis bezorgd zoals alle andere beeldjes van onze collecties.

U kunt dit artikel bekijken en kopen in onze winkel:
De wereld van Haddon Hall
Voor meer informatie kunt u ons bellen:
077 390 5049
We helpen u graag
U bent van harte welkom op:
Kaldenkerkerweg 3, Venlo (5913 AB) (voor navigatie: niet Tegelen)
Grote showroom (1200m2) Gratis parkeren op eigen terrein
Dinsdag t/m zaterdag: 10.00 17.00 uur
Eerste zondag van de maand: 12.00 17.00 uur

Ik heb deze video gemaakt met het videobewerkingsprogramma van YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/editor)


Andy Warhol – Pop art et soupe populaire

En 1962 à New York, Andy Warhol participe avec Roy Lichtenstein à la première manifestation majeure du Pop Art aux États Unis.
Intitulée The New Realists, cette exposition Pop Art était organisée en commun avec le Nouveau réalisme des Français Yves Klein et Niki de Saint Phalle, entre autres artistes européens. Andy Warhol a été surnommé “The Pope of the Pop”, le pape du pop art.

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Jean Mineraud – Les dessous du visible


Romero Britto Inspired Nail Art

Remero Britto Inspired Nail Art! Hey guys ! In today’s nail art tutorial , i’m going to be showing you how to create a really easy nail art design.

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Young Prodigies Dazzle The Art World

Meet art prodigies Victoria Yin, age 14, and her younger sister Zoe, age 11, who were painting before they could walk. Both sisters have created hundreds of paintings, exhibited their artwork internationally, and have sold their pieces for tens of thousands of dollars. In this episode of PRODIGIES, Victoria and Zoe attend a gallery show celebrating their work, share the inspiration behind their unique and prolific paintings, and discuss the challenges they face as artists.

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THIERRY DUSSAC • The Artist at Work

As a modern dandy with an expressionist touch, it is paradoxically with much modesty that Thierry Dussac shows the pain, either physical or mental, as well as expressing eroticism and death. What stands out in Thierry’s artwork is a kind of familiarity with what we could call the body’s expressivity, in a pictorial form and an emotional language. Sometimes the artist even exaggerates and distorts the features to highlight what is obvious. Thierry works with drawing and painting and presents himself as an heir of the classical processes of previous generations such as Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud or Jenny Saville. Nudity, in its weakness, is the heart of his plastic obsessions. His work is a long journey through the human, its short life, its misery, its weirdness, its eroticism, and its death… His language is pure, sharp and precise. Thierry sketches then extracts the quintessence of forms and human beings. His spontaneity and his strength in his work make his art the most obvious. In his universe life is the anthem and sensibility is the expression. Expositions: 2015 Hotel de l’Industrie, St Germain des Prés, Paris PDP, Londres 2014 Solo show, Galerie Bartoux, Paris 2013 Group show, Galerie Guigon, Paris Solo show, Galerie Guigon, Paris 2009 Solo show “Portraits travestis”, Centre de Culture et de Congrès, Montceau Solo show “La vie en plus”, Institut de Cancérologie Gustave Roussy et au Printemps Nation, Paris 2008 Art fair Puls’Art, Le Mans 2007 Solo show, Salon d’Art Contemporain MAC, Paris.

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Young Artist Was Compared to Picasso and Dali

Aelita Andre is a 3 year painter who have amazed and attracted attentions of many painting artists and painting lovers for her amazing abstract paintings. At her very young age, Aelita Andre has exhibited in many countries for a number of occasions, including live pantings, making her as the youngest professional painting artist ever in the world. Aelita Andre is an abstract style painter and with her little fingers, you can see wonderful and vivid abstract paintings are produced. Aelita Andre has produced hundreds of abstract paintings and those have been sold around the world. Aelita Andre is a Russian born and now is living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with her parent. Here you can see some of Aelita Andre photos and videos as well as samples of her beautiful paintings.