Learn to paint a picture with the Britto technique

In this course I will teach you how to paint a beautiful picture with the Britto style using a pop art technique and a gouache technique. I will show you the elements that are used to outline a design. You can see the full course visiting our site www.linacrafts.com


Pop Art COMIC Fasching Make up-LAST MINUTE IDEEN

Heute zeige ich euch ein ganz einfaches und schnelles Faschingsmake up. Noch eine knallige Perücke dazu, knallige bunte Kleidung- und ihr seid komplett für Fasching eingekleidet.

Wenn euch die Idee gefallen hat, lasst mir gerne ein Daumen nach oben da und abonniert meinen Kanal für weitere Beautytipps,

ich freue mich auf Euch


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Eure Tascha 🙂


Pop Art | Halloween Tutorial

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5 MINUTE ART: Pop Abstract Watercolor Tutorial (SUPER EASY for beginners!)

Hey guys!
If you need some SUPER EASY art to frame and hang in your room, give this one a try!

It’s such an affordable way to add a little colour or interest to a space. Choose colours that match your decor, think about composition, and you’ll have guests wondering if it’s a legit Kandinsky 😉 haha.

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xo Dana

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A Lady With Flowers

This video is about A Lady With Flowers by AJFen
Part of the After Hours Series
Acrylic on Canvas

The After Hours Series that was done from the eyes of the character Julie from the movie After Hours and contains; My Name In Bob (Bob Dylan), Soup Can Man (Andy Warhol), VampEinstein (Albert Einstein), A Lady With Flowers and others.

Music by Hagen Fenstermaker



Lil’ Timmy Rose looks at Alice Neel

In “ARTWORLDGEEK’s INSPIRED BY…,” Lil’ Timmy Rose (avatar for artist Tim Roseborough) discusses a work that inspires his art practice.

In this episode, we’ll look at the 1970 painting, “Andy Warhol,” by the artist Alice Neel.

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Salvador Dali Was Born In Spain In 1904 | Painter | Episode 21

“Sal Vadore Dal!
Annie Leibovitz
Andy Warhol
Vivienne Westwood
Frida Kahlo
Salvador Dali Was Born In Spain In 1904 And From A Young Age Was Dedicated To Painting. In 1920 He Travelled To Paris Where He Joined The Surrealist Movement Led By Andre Breton, Which Attempts To Express The Workings Of The Subconscious And Is Characterized By Fantastic Imagery. Since The Early 1970’s, Annie Leibovitz Has Been Capturing Powerful Images, And Documenting American Popular Culture. By 1970 Leibovitz Had Her First Assignment With The Newly Created Rolling Stone Magazine, And Was To Photograph John Lennon. Two Years Later She Was Named Chief Photographer. Best Remembered For A Series Of Paintings Depicting A Can Of Campbell’s Soup, Andy Warhol Launched The ‘pop Art’ Movement During The Psychedelic Era Of The Early 1960’s. Dame Vivienne Westwood’s Clothes Have Been Described As Irrelevant And Unwearable. Her Creations Have Also Been Noted As Brilliant, Rebellious And Influential! The Queen Of Punk Style, She Is Unquestionably Among The Most Important Fashion Designers Of The 20th Century. Frida Kahlo Was A Mexican Artist Known For Her Emotionally Raw Paintings, Producing A Number Of Self Portraits Over The Course Of Her Life, All With Her Trademark Unibrow! ”

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Pop Art is something i was always fasniated about. So much color and dynamics into painting i just had to do this tutorial. i hope you guys like my Pop Art Makeup Tutorial!!

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