Painting Andy Warhol – Contemporary Modern Pop Art Style

Painting Andy Warhol in a contemporary modern pop art style.

Materials used: Acrylic paints on 16 x 20 stretched canvas.

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Pop Art Make-up for men (with spanish subs) || Biromsmakeup

Hola chiquillos

Les dejos mi primer tutorial en inglés. Para los que no saben inglés no se preocupen porque tiene subtitulos en español. Debo confesar que hice un esfuerzo mayor porque poner subtitulos es una lata, pero todo por ustedes!!


Hi guys

I hope you like my video. If I made a mistake with the pronunciation or grammar please correct me, I’ll be very thankful and If you haven’t watched my other videos please check them out, I know they’re in spanish but you only have to follow step by step what I

Pop Art makeup for women:

Products // Productos:

– Kryolan Supracolor foundation.
– Kryolan Anti-shine powder.
– Kryolan Supracolor in red and white.
– Maybelline black gel liner.

Espero sus opiniones y comentarios, quiero saber que les pareció, si les gustó o no etc…

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Pop Art – Step by Step Tutorial (HD)

& Thanks to RoseGivesALilly for the idea, I hope this video helps 🙂
Oh, and I’m a bad teacher.. I did some word/grammar mistakes, but I hope you can understand it as easy as possible ^^


Pop Art Enhancement

A quick example of what you can achieve by messing around with the color panel in Psykopaint.
How to achieve a pop art style painting from of a city photo.


Tutorial WPAP Pop Art

This is a short video tutorial making Pop Art WPAP (Wedha’s Pop Art Portrait)
Case: Teuku Umar Painting

Sori yang ini cuma pamer kemampuan doang. Tutorial bikin WPAPnya ada di sini:


Culture Chatter: Pop Art (Part One)

This is my first episode of what I hope to be a New Ongoing Series called Culture Chatter, where I discuss some sort of subject in Art or Media that I find interesting with my personal semi-intellectual internet-addled nerdspective.

This is part one of Two, covering Pop Artists from the late 50s into the early 70s

This first episode doesn’t use any background music, mainly because I don’t have anything Royalty-Free that seemed to fit the vibe of this particular narration.

Also I apologize for the inconsistent audio quality, I recorded this episode on an improvised system, and I’ve already ordered a nicer quality micorphone for future episodes.

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This Video Contains a Ton of Copyrighted images of works by famous artists, all being used under Fair Use, as this is supposed to be some sort of journalistic effort. All copyrighted materials belong to their respective parties.

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