Pop art? The curators at Canterbury’s municipal museum have some sort of humour, since they hanged these torso-less legs up there, as if the rest of the girls’ bodies was to be seen on the 2nd floor…

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PESCORAN – Surreal Pop Art Portrait Paintings – Series 1

16″x20″ Acrylic on Canvas Surreal Pop Portrait Paintings: Series 1
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Music: Haujobb – Sub Unit 1 – Solutions for a Small Planet


Young Prodigies Dazzle The Art World

Meet art prodigies Victoria Yin, age 14, and her younger sister Zoe, age 11, who were painting before they could walk. Both sisters have created hundreds of paintings, exhibited their artwork internationally, and have sold their pieces for tens of thousands of dollars. In this episode of PRODIGIES, Victoria and Zoe attend a gallery show celebrating their work, share the inspiration behind their unique and prolific paintings, and discuss the challenges they face as artists.

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Oldcastle pop up Art Gallery

Oldcastle pop up Art Gallery , Featuring artwork by , David gavin , Margaret dunne , Bernard reynolds …

Please watch: “Singing Priest Fr Ray’s amazing Version of eagles wings..”
→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lr_KkvPqxx4