Photoshop Tutorial: Transform Portrait into Fast Easy Pop Art

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Transform Portrait into Fast Easy Pop Art
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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a Stylish Pop Art Portrait from a Photo

Photoshop CC 2017 tutorial showing how to create a stylish, pop art portrait from a photo and how to replace it with another without having to redo the effects.

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Speed Tutorial Gimp 2.8 (ITA) – Effetto Andy Warhol – Andy Warhol Effect

Gimp 2.8 Tutorial (ITA) | Photoshop Alternative | – In questo video tutorial ho trasformato un’immagine in stile pop art, simile alla famosissima opera di Andy Warhol, senza l’aiuto di un filtro specifico per ottenere questo effetto. un po’ di gnu/linux ubuntu e non solo…..

In this video tutorial I made an image in pop art style, similar to the famous work of Andy Warhol, without the help of a specific filter to achieve this effect.

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Andy Warhol Style Pop Art — Photoshop Tutorial

Everyone knows and loves Andy Warhol’s collection of Pop Art pictures, they are fun and stylish. So in this tutorial we’ll see how to create a Pop Art portrait in the style of Andy Warhol using Adobe Photoshop.

—Project file:


✖Before you start watching, notice that this tutorial was made using Windows OS, so for Mac users simply alter Ctrl with CMD, and Alt with the Opt key.

P.S. My English still sucks.

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Photoshop tutorial Ridley scott pop art basic how to

The origins of pop art in North America developed differently from Great Britain. In the United States, pop art was a response by artists; it marked a return to hard-edged composition and representational art. They used impersonal, mundane reality, irony, and parody to “defuse” the personal symbolism and “painterly looseness” of abstract expressionism. In the U.S., some artwork by Larry Rivers, Alex Katz and Man Ray anticipated pop art.

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