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Pop Art Gallery Introduction

The new Pop Art Gallery, with its new interpretation of POP (Paint On Print), offers a completely new kind of pop art. Artists such as Warhol and Lichtenstein picked up industrial production and printing processes and caricatured them by creating industrial advertising as individual art, or they reduced the technique of four-color printing to their very own presentation of the image pixels.

Paint on Print now reverses this path: industrially manufactured products are subsequently customized and perfected in elaborate handwork. Also in contrast to the industrial methods, the artwork is limited, each artwork title and size is used only 500 times,. Each work of art is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist, and each work is hand signed and numbered, and thus a unique one. In addition to that both work and certificate are secured by a hologram security sticker.


Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a Pop Art Portrait!

Photoshop tutorial showing how to create your own Andy Warhol pop art portrait of Lady Gaga.

NOTE: I revised this tutorial to make it simpler and quicker. Turn on your YouTube annotations. After my into animation, you’ll see a clickable link to bring you to the revised tutorial.

You can also go to my YouTube channel & click on the magnifying glass icon (next to “About”). In the “Search Channel” field, type in, “pop art portrait”.

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Jasper Johns. Pop Art Forerunner. The Art of America Documentary clip

Jasper Johns. Pop Art Forerunner. The Art of America Documentary clip.

American painter and printmaker, forerunner of Pop art, who uses commonplace emblematic images such as flags or numbers as the starting-point for works of great richness and complexity.
Andrew Graham-Dixon charts the history of American art on a coast-to-coast journey.

In the final part of his United States odyssey, Andrew Graham-Dixon feels the pulse of contemporary America.

In the final part of his United States odyssey, Andrew Graham-Dixon feels the pulse of contemporary America. Beginning in Levittown – the first mass-produced suburb – Andrew uncovers the dark side of post-war consumerism and the role artists have played in challenging the status quo.
He visits New York’s Metropolitan Museum to see the most subversive artwork of 1950s America, Jasper Johns’s White Flag. Pop art defined the 1960s and Andy Warhol was its greatest artist. Andrew examines Warhol’s soup can paintings, meets his former lover Billy Name and interviews one of the last great surviving pop artists, James Rosenquist.
He travels west down the open road, exploring its art, arriving in Los Angeles, an artificial dream world that has inspired the graphic style of Ed Ruscha and the city’s own unique contribution to 20th century design – Googie architecture.
Back east, Andrew visits the home of one of his favourite 20th century artists, the late Philip Guston, and gets a private view of his work. He drops into the studio of Jeff Koons to learn how the enfant terrible of contemporary art continues to challenge the boundaries of American taste. Finally, he explores the impact 9/11 has had on America and how a new generation of artists, such as Matthew Day Jackson, have made sense of this tragic event.

Brian Sewell Big Art Challenge UK Art Prize Full Series:

Understanding Contemporary Art Full Course:

Art After Metaphysics:

Naked Emperors: Criticisms of English Contemporary Art:



Sharing Art: Pop Art

Through visits to northeast Ohio art museums and schools and conversations with local artists, Sharing Art demonstrates real-world applications of techniques taught in middle and high school art classes.

Pop Art: Chris Yambar uses photographs, copy machines, transparencies, glass, acrylic paints, and spray paints for his tools. He uses reverse painting, blotting and scratching techniques to produce his art. The school project uses the computer lab and similar techniques to make student portraits. Produced in 2001.

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Közeledik a Halloween/Farsang így eljött az idő, hogy kreatívkodjak egy kicsit, és elkészítettem nektek ezt az egyszerű Pop Art sminket.



Használt termékek
Tusok: NYX Super Skinny Marker, she dip eyeliner, L’Oréal super liner perfect slim
Ceruza: aden matic eyesharpener – black
L’Oréal Hippies szempillaspirál
essence eyebrow stylist set
essence szemöldökceruza – blonde
NYX dream catcher paletta
NYX Mat Rouge á Lévres MLS10 perfect red rouge parfait
Maybelline master ink white
NYX jumbo eye pencil

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[MAKEUP “ARTIST”] POP ART / Déguisement ORGINAL de dernière minute

AVANT TOUT: je vois bien que mes yeux sont un carnage, mais je suis pas forcément équipée, et pas douée non plus =)
Mais le rendu final en face to face claque bien =)
Lance-toi !!!

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