Portrait Pop Art artwork: Firefly (Светлячок),80×80 cm original oil with fluo powder on canvas

Научится рисовать.
Original artwork, oil on canvas. Oil paint at some places mixed with a harmless fluorescent powder of different colors. When exposed in darkness under UV-lamp, the artwork changes spectacularly change colors.

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PHOTOSHOP: How to create Pop Art Portrait from Photos.

To make Pop Art Portrait from your Photo perform the following steps:-

Open your Image in the Photoshop and convert that image into a Smart Object.

Copy that layer two times by pressing CTRL + J .

Rename this 3 layer as 1.Stamp 2. Hardlight 3.Cutout.

Select Layer 1 and go to Filter Gallery—Sketch—–Stamp & adjust according to your requirement.

Select Layer 2 & switch the Layer to HardLight instead of Normal.

Select Layer 3 and go to Filter Gallery—-Artistic—–Cutout & adjust according to your requirement.

Switch Layer 3 to Multiply Instead of Normal.

To add Brightness and Highlights, Go to Image—-Adjustment—–Shadows/Highlights & adjust according to your requirement.

You have finally got your Pop Art Portrait !!


Robert Downey Jr.

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Philippe Halsman Artworks

Philippe Halsman (2 May 1906 – 25 June 1979) was an American portrait photographer. He was born in Riga in the part of the Russian Empire which later became Latvia, and died in New York City. Halsman’s prolific career in America included reportage and covers for every major American magazine. These assignments brought him face-to-face with many of the century’s leading statesmen, scientists, artists and entertainers.

1. Garters (1939) 00:00:00
2. Vivien Leigh (1946) 00:00:09
3. Dali Atomicus (1948) 00:00:16
4. Jean Cocteau with actress Ricki Soma and dancer Leo Coleman (1949) 00:00:24
5. Marlon Brando (1950) 00:00:31
6. Pregnant girl (1950) 00:00:39
7. Voluptas Mors (1951) 00:00:46
8. Salvador Dali (1953) 00:00:54
9. Ava Gardner (1954) 00:01:01
10. Marilyn Monroe (1954) 00:01:09
11. Selman Waksman (1954) 00:01:16
12. Marilyn Monroe (1959) 00:01:24
13. Richard Nixon (1959) 00:01:31
14. Edward Albee (1961) 00:01:39
15. Salvador Dali book signing (1963) 00:01:46
16. Salvador Dalí in bed (1964) 00:01:54
17. Sammy Davis Jr. (1965) 00:02:01
18. Anjelica Huston (1968) 00:02:09
19. Woody Allen (1969) 00:02:16
20. Self Portrait (1950) 00:02:24
21. Alfred Hitchcook (1963) 00:02:31
22. Andy Warhol (1968) 00:02:39
23. Dali and Rhinoceros (1956) 00:02:46
24. Albert Einstein (1947) 00:02:54
25. Self-Portrait (1950) 00:03:01


Photoshop Tutorial: Transform Portrait into Fast Easy Pop Art

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Transform Portrait into Fast Easy Pop Art
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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a Stylish Pop Art Portrait from a Photo

Photoshop CC 2017 tutorial showing how to create a stylish, pop art portrait from a photo and how to replace it with another without having to redo the effects.

Refine Edge tutorial: https://goo.gl/gGBaii

Select and Mask tutorial: https://goo.gl/9p9uar

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ScreenTest Warhol

The films were made between 1964 and 1966 at Warhol’s Factory studio in New York City. Subjects were captured in stark relief by a strong key light, and filmed by Warhol with his stationary 16mm Bolex camera on silent, black and white, 100-foot rolls of film at 24 frames per second. The resulting two-and-a-half-minute film reels were then screened in ‘slow motion’ at 16 frames per second.

Many of the Screen Tests were arranged in different compilations such as 13 Most Beautiful Women, 13 Most Beautiful Boys, and 50 Fantastics and 50 Personalities. This was done with the intention of pleasing certain audiences to whom Warhol was exhibiting his art.

Nearly 500 Screen Tests were made, but not all kept.


Portrait Study – Queen Elizabeth II

This is an iPad oil study using Procreate on the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. It is a study of a famous photograph by Yousef Karsh. This one took me 10.5 hours to get it to this stage.

Karsh (1908-2002) is a Canadian and has made some of the most iconic portraits in photography of all time, including the likes of Sir Winston Churchill, Einstein, Picasso, and Andy Warhol, to name a few.


Pop Art Photo Effect – Picsart Tutorial

Pop Art photo effect in picsart

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