Romero Britto Receives Honorary Doctorate from Academy of Art University

Romero Britto was thrilled to learn he would receive a Honorary Doctorate from Academy of Art University for his body of work and contributions to the art world! Founded in 1929 and located in San Francisco the University is the largest private Art and Design school in the country with over 17,000 students enrolled. Britto gave a memorable speech to over 700 students and their families at the 2016 commencement ceremony. View the inspiring speech on our YouTube channel.

Commencement footage by Stagemedia; Video profile footage courtesy of Romero Britto and WPLG Channel 10, Florida; edited by David Pfeil | studioDP2 for Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Underscore by Paul Desmond (Embarcadero).


Romero Britto Paint Party

On February 22nd Romero Britto welcomed the Little Dreams Foundation to his Wynwood studio for a colorful paint party. Each ‘Little Dreamer’ not only had their very own personal canvas but they each had the once-in-a-lifetime experience to paint with the artist himself. Guests were also treated to energetic tunes with a special performance by WYK (What You Know). Founded in 2000 by Orianne and Phil Collins, its mission is to fulfill the dreams of young aspiring talents without financial means to achieve their goals.
Music by WYK (What You Know)


Pintura de Móvel Estilo Romero Britto – DIY

As pinturas do Artista Plástico Pernambucano Romero Britto Radicado em Miami ficaram conhecidas no mundo inteiro por seu estilo alegre e descontraído, e o estilo pop simplesmente saiu das telas e invadiu literalmente, móveis, roupas e acessórios e como aqui no ateliê gostamos muito do estilo Pop Art, resolvemos pintar nossa cômoda inspirada nas pinturas de Romero Britto!!!

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