Dominik Baer – CROWDFUND the Visual Album: Colliding in the Dark


Colliding in the Dark is a “Visual Album” by Indie-Pop artist Dominik Baer. It combines 12 original songs, 12 films and 12 abstract paintings which will be released over the course of 12 months starting January 2018.


What is this project all about?
12 songs in 12 months: “Colliding In The Dark”
I have never felt as alive as these past few months – and it’s because I am setting out on the adventure I have been dreaming of for so long: moving people with my music full-time.
I’m calling this project “Colliding In The Dark”. It is a VISUAL ALBUM and combines 12 songs, 12 films and 12 large-scale abstract paintings by OliveGreenAnna.
I will release the songs monthly starting January 2018 – the songs and artwork go exclusively to my supporters (DIGITAL ALBUM) before I post each film online 4 weeks later.
While focused on biographical snippets and personal stories, my songs tackle everyday topics such as digitalization, poverty and the urge to live free, exploring and enjoying our beautiful planet.
Join me and enjoy a full year of beautiful artistic content while kicking off my career as a full-time independent musician!


What is the project goal and who is the project for?

-Produce and share 12 songs, 12 films and 12 abstract paintings
– Produce a beautiful physical album on both CD and 12” VINYL
– Kick off Dominik Baer’s career as a full-time independent musician

YOU: my amazing supporters
But also: musicians and music lovers, artists and art-endorsers, filmmakers and film enthusiasts and everyone interested in supporting, promoting and nurturing fresh cultural projects.


Why would you support this project?

Here are 3 good reasons to support my project
1. PLEASURE – Make your new year a creative one, enjoy a quality fresh new song, video and original painting every month!

2.ADVENTURE – Be one of the first to support a budding new artist as he breaks into the music world. Water the seed and watch it GROW!

3. GIVE BACK – Be a patron of real hand-made, do-it-yourself creativity (we recorded most of this album in my living room and kitchen!) and support a young artist family as they take their first steps.
How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?
Here are our benchmarks:
2500 (under)payment of my musicians for their work on 12 tracks
3000 professional audio-mastering
4000 CD production
6000 12” vinyl production
8000 5x film production
9000 art-supplies and production of merchandise
9500 shipping
10000 digital distribution & mini-promotion
11 500 7x low-budget film production
12 500 extensive promotion web & media

Any surplus funding will go into further financing of the project & to make EVEN BETTER FILMS!


Who are the people behind the project?

My name is Dominik Baer. I am an Indie-Pop adventurer and musician based in Heidelberg, Germany. Since writing my first songs at age 12, I have been drawn to music as a way to process and enjoy life. A nomadic lifestyle brought me to Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan,Thailand & the Congo. These places have given me a host of cross-cultural experiences to draw from. I’ve spent the last 10 years studying and teaching music in Heidelberg Germany. Although it’s daunting, I am finally taking the leap, tackling life as full-time independent musician.

Unlike my extensive array of cultural experiences, my musical education was far from extensive – spotty at best. A conservative religious upbringing in such remote locations as Afghanistan put a gaping hole where my knowledge of pop-culture would have been. But ignorance in a certain area only opens new creative avenues, and so I just started making. Forming a 6-piece band, I recorded my debut-album “Pixels & Molecules” in 2012. During the making of the Cinematic EP “On our Own” in 2015, I discovered my love for the medium of film. Together with my wife, the artist OliveGreenAnna and baby Vigo, I spent part of 2017 exploring Europe in our self-built van. On the road, I began producing songs for this the new visual album “Colliding in the Dark”.