Pandamonium Sir Peter Blake

WWF’s Pandamonium project, in collaboration with Artwise Curators, invited top British artists and designers to create innovative and memorable artworks out of old panda collection boxes – helping spread WWF’s message that the worlds rapidly changing climate affects people, wildlife and the natural world.

Sir Peter Blake’s piece is titled ‘World Wrestling Federation’. Blake says: “I think I’ve made the piece with a sense of humour and jest, and in a way re-airing the question: ‘What does WWF stand for?’. What my little bear is doing is making a mistake…. thinking that it means World Wrestling Federation, whereas the big ‘WWF’ certainly implies it’s not that.”


The Legacy of Sir Peter Blake | Volvo Ocean Race


The legacy of Kiwi, Sir Peter Blake, lives on through his son who is a reporter for the Volvo Ocean Race. Blake is the only skipper to have one every leg back to back during the 1989/1990 Around the World Race. A record that still stands today.

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Sir Peter Blake Torbay Regatta 2015 – The Briefing


The regatta takes on more than just a name from Sir Peter Blake. It also embraces his values, including the environment, leadership and fair play. The desire is for this to be the leading national event for centreboard classes and the highlight of the sailing calendar every year (particularly for young sailors, many of whom will never have been to an event with an atmosphere like this one).


Sir Peter Blake takes a ride on the Art Bus

Sir Peter Blake at his latest exhibition at GXgallery in South London. Since becoming one of the leading figures in the UK pop art scene in the 50s Sir Peter Blake has done it all – from being celebrated with a career retrospective at the Tate Liverpool to designing iconic album covers, most notably The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. We speak with the 79-year-old artist about his all-encompassing career and why he’d like to wrestle a certain supermodel. GXgallery: 43 Denmark Hill, London, SE5 8SR,


2/2 Sir Peter Blake – What Do Artists Do All Day ?

First broadcast: Aug 2015.
Episode 21/22 Often described as the godfather of British pop art, over the past sixty years artist Sir Peter Blake has enjoyed a celebrated career. Famous for his Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s album cover, he has produced a vast body of paintings, collages and album covers. In 2015, aged 82, Peter was commissioned to produce his largest work to date, the re-design of a Mersey ferry. In this film, we spend time with Peter at work in his studio and follow the process of the ferry’s pop art makeover, from Peter’s early drawings to the launch in Liverpool, revealing an iconic British artist still as active today as he ever was.