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Discover the lithograph “Sweet dreams” by the polish artist, Sainer edited by Print Them All :

Member of the “ETAM cru” co-operative that combines the two Polish artists Sainer and Bezt. Sainer especially works with the human representation with a particular ability that only reveals certain features of his characters’ faces. However these features are enough to collide and communicate in an original way.

Master of the monumental, his formats invade the walls and spread to a brand new scale. The colours play with the blazing tones and the poetic pastel. His works are always tinged with dreams and take the viewer in some unconfessed and infinites spheres.

As “Sweet Dream” lithograph, Stainer’s atwork is illustrative, in a way that everyone can interpret it by himself and turn on his imagination to create his own stories about it.

Print Them All is a publishing house online, which collaborates with the most famous contemporary street artists from all over the world to offer amazing artworks thanks to lithograph technique.

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Monsters of Creativity

In this video I created for my sub to use over the course of a couple of days, my students will be inspired by the street artist Phetus to create monsters. He calls his work “monstrous expressionism”…I think the kids will have fun coming up with their own monsters. Feel free to use the video in your classrooms!


Painting a GIANT paper cut with Poppys Papercuts

Hand-painted mural artists Graffiti Life have collaborated with papercut artist Poppy Chancellor for the first time to create London’s largest paper cut. The team transformed a new Poppy’s Papercut design into a mural in Shoreditch with the aim of encouraging people to volunteer in their community.


Do It For Others





Last year we were fortunate to collaborate with some amazing artists and creators for Art Week, and develop augmented reality solutions to enhance the impact of their art and brand. We made a video to showcase their work, as well as the work of many other street artists who make this event into the unique experience that it is.
Watching the streets come alive, seeing (LuisValles)’s AR El Shamansito emerge into our world from posters and stickers, and walking past (RHouse)’s Kobra Mural while Dali, Basquiat, Frida, and Warhol turned their eyes to face us made this Art Week unforgettable.
From all of us at Mussa, a big thank you, and we wish you all a joyous and fulfilling 2018!