Game of Thrones Season 6: Art the Throne: The Artists- Pop Chart Lab (HBO)

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We’re seeing red with Brooklyn-based collective, Pop Chart Lab; watch as the team discusses the infamous Red Wedding and their illuminating interpretation.

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Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres April 24th at 9PM.

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Franko Artist – Urban Pop art – Live and raw painting

Subject : Urban pop Princess (Madonna from her “Celebration” cover)….this is a commissioned piece
190cm x 100cm
Urban Pop art

Thanks for looking in on me. In this clip, I have captured a small corner of a large urban pop piece being done. A piece like this takes about 20 hours of complete on canvas work time, plus stencil and graphics work. This clip is made by way of documentation, rather than creation… it is shot as raw as the actual painting itself. I also started shooting it at 3.40am….LOL… I was just coming up to this part, and thought Id rip out the camera.

If you are new to my art, my urban pop style is also done on textured canvases (thats the basis of almost all of my work) and I take care with some parts, and other parts I will do quite rough intentionally as I push some layers to the back, and draw others to the front. Its all about texture and layers. Layers in the background, layers in the imagery…….layers.

I like my Urban Pop to share similar DNA to a piece of street art, done on a wall with advertising, imagery and doodling. 🙂

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