How to create GTA style art using Photoshop (EASY)

How to make GTA style vector portrait – [Android / IOS]
GTA Style Speed Art [Ps] Photoshop
Creating Vector Portraits GTA Style | Illustrator Tutorial
Grand Theft Photoshop Action Tutorial
Create Andy Warhol Style Pop Art Portrait using Photoshop – NowPhotoshop

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Make it your own! [DIY Pop Art Scarf]

My drawing skills are rusty and this isn’t perfect, but I love it anyways! It took a looooooong time to create, and now I have a unique piece of “art” to wear and show others. Hope I’ve inspired some of you! I used cotton, silk is also a good fabric to use, but it may cause more bleeding. Your scarf shouldn’t get too dirty, but I would suggest using a Tide pen on any stains as opposed to washing it. (If you want an easier/less time consuming process, try buying paper that can make transfers. Alls you would have to do it print the images you want and then iron them onto the scarf.)

Music under the Creative Commons Attribution License: Smurd “Candy”

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Textured Hair for Summer 2018 | Best Men’s Hairstyles Inspiration

Hey guys! Are ready for Summer 2018? Check out that Textured hairstyle that Csobán has created! Do you like it?

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Sides & Backhead: 4-5 mm
Down Sides & Low Backhead: 1 mm
Top front: 60 mm
Top back: 30 mm

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What’s happening in fashion? 5.7.18

Today we discuss the brand with the most counterfeit views online, Visvim’s newest dissertation, as well as look at lookbooks from Awake NY, Stampd, Primitive, and more!

Video breakdown:

Headlines – 0:33
Art – 4:47
Fashion – 6:27
Articles – 13:45

All articles discussed today:

Visvim: *

Most counterfeit viewed brand:

Kinda Khalidy: *

Koralie: *

Jacob Brostrups: *

Joana Choumalis: *

Primitive x DBZ: *

Awake NY:

Adidas x Beyond the streets:



Chris Gibbs:


Andy Warhol: *

McQueen x Puma history: *


Rock Angel by Joakim Karud
Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0…
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Life Is by Cosimo Fogg (201)
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0…
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Pop Art Makeup Tutorial

So for today’s video I have some Pop Art! This face and body painting was inspired by a self portrait that I did that was inspired by Lichtenstein’s art, which was inspired by comic books. The circle of life is complete. 😀 Anyways, so if you happen to see me looking off to the side a lot, it’s because I was looking at my drawing for a reference, which is completely okay. Every great artist knows to use a reference, and silly ones don’t. You won’t believe how much it helps out when you’re drawing, painting, or building anything really. Well I hope that y’all have a wonderful and safe Halloween! Any questions that can be answered by reading the description box, or by watching the FULL video will be answered as such. “Please read the description box or watch the entire video.” Thank you.

The paint that I use in this tutorial in cream body paint, it’s cheap and not that good. If I were to suggest a better face paint, I would get Snazaroo, which I purchased at my local Michaels Craft Store. I only use this paint because I hate wasting anything so that’s why I use it in my paintings.

Products Used to Make this Video Happen
– Sony Handicam & Windows Movie Maker
– Listening to Offenbach while editing 😀 Couldn’t help but use this music in the video.
– PAINTS: Red, White, and Black Cream face paints
-POWDER: NYC Translucent face powder and powder puff from my local beauty supply store
– BRUSHES: Black handle brushes from ELF, colorful handled brushes are crummy ole cheap craft paint brushes, Bamboo Handle Brushes from Precision Beauty
– EXTRAS: MYX Matte Black Liquid Liner, Rimmel London White Pencil, NYX Jumbo Eye Crayon on Milk, CoverGirl Clump Crusher Waterproof Black Mascara (Love all of these products!!!)
– WIG from:

I take requests INTO CONSIDERATION, but only for MAKEUP and NOTHING ELSE. Please don’t be upset if I take my time getting around to doing it, or decide NOT to do it, because of constant begging or harassing.

Any rude/mean comments or people will be removed/blocked. Please think before you type and be kind to one another.

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Romero Britto Prints I FRAMED ART TV

Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist ( ), best known for his exuberant pop art. His fun and vibrant imagery draws Inspiration from graffiti and cubist works. Romeo moved to Miami in 1989 where he lives and runs a gallery in South Beach. His pop art is filled with pets, pals, and pure joy. It’s one big happy party!

Learn more about Romeo and check out the growing collection of his prints at

Featured artwork:

* “Swing”
* “Cheers”
* “Happy Cat and Snob Dog”
* “Butterfly”
* “Best Friends”


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