nico discusses andy warhol…

…among other things, while severely intimidating this interviewer, lol.

interviewer (I): ahh…do you think, do do ah andy warhol do you think that he was responsible for setting up your career as a musician or…? do…with the ahh Exploding Plastic Inevitable…do you think he was uhh do do you still think he was responsible for setting up your settin’ you up in a musical career or…?
nico (N): ahhhhh yes.
(I): yeah *laughs* ahh what was ah your major influences in music?
(N): well he’s uh mainly responsible that i started writing my songs because i didn’t want to be in his movies anymore.
(I): ah what would you say were your major musical influences? if any…
(N): pure music?
(I): ah well no just tell me any influences..
(N): well it’s a range from classical to oper..opera or and uh………… to free jazz.
(I) yeah..uh.. on “Chelsea Girls” you did uh “Keep You In Mind,” it was said that Dylan wrote it for you, i don’t know if that’s true… uh did you ever do any other work with Dylan or…?
(N): no he just sang me a few songs that i could pick from…
(I): …yeah…
(N) demos…
(I): …yeah…
(N): ..then he sent me a demo with just him on piano fo..for me to know it.
(I) uh did did you teach yourself…piano? or do they…
(N) ohh i don’t know how to play piano.
(I) well you know, your…harmonium.
(N) yeah, and harpsicord. no i just, taught myself.
(I) yeah. apparently it was stolen several times…
(N) two times.
(I) two times? uhh…and do you plan on doing any more work with Brian Eno, who did uh “June 1st” and uh “The End”…was involved with “The End,” wasn’t he? do you intend to…
(N): possibly. i wouldn’t be on his coming one though.
(I) yeah. okay then, and you’ve got a new LP coming out. uhh…we know you’ve got “Drama in… Of Exile” *mumbling* …opera (?)… ton of things more…
(N) sure.
(I): okay, right. those are all the questions covered. alright thanks very much for your time.
(N) thank you… *giggles as interviewer stands up*
(man off-camera): see…what occurs to you now.
(I) *taps own forehead, mumbles again* …right, thanks very much. ‘k see ‘ya again…
(N) byebye.
(man off-camera): see ‘ya.
(I): see ‘ya next time you’re tourin’


Andy Warhol Superstar Eric Emerson Sings! Jackie Curtis Vain Victory 1971

Wearing leather chaps and completely covered in glitter, Eric Emerson (b. 1945, died May 28, 1975) sings two songs in Jackie Curtis’ “Vain Victory: the Vicissitudes of the Damned” at La Mama Experimental Theater Club in May 1971 on opening night! Restored from 1/2″ B&W videotape. This was the original counter-culture hit play starring Curtis and Candy Darling, Paul Ambrose, Agosto Machado, et al More to come! For a great tribute to Eric, see website


Andy Warhol | Artist Spotlight

Andy Warhol: Businessman, con artist, hypochondriac, shooting victim, awesome.

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Edie Sedgwick ConVersation w/ Andy Warhol

More on my work:
The introduction of this News audio speaks about Andy Warhols style of Film making & Edie Sedgwick’s method of Non-acting. Edie Sedgwick & Andy Warhol have a conversation about filming the next day with Ondine & Don Don (Donald Lyons). I’ve added all the clips and photos for the audio. Later you hear how they are on the streets of New York in front of the factory , then they arrive at a Cafeteria. Edie & Andy comment on the hour that they will show up & how Edie is always Late…..Edie asks Andy for Gravy on her noodles, Warhol asks the waitress for Gravy on the Noodles for Edie..Edie laughs.